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Intercorstal Page 01

Page one of my new comic series -- 'Intercorstal' is its temporary name, until I can think of a better one. It's an attempt to tell a narrative set in 'the space between spaces' -- so it's nonsense, basically. But worthy, avant garde nonsense.
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ok, so, i am starting on the first page now, and really looking forward to checking this comic out.
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I'm actually preparing a minicomic of the first 33 pages at the moment -- Note me your address if you want a copy (totally Free Of Charge).
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I'll definitely note you later on that! Wow! Thanx!

I've actually also got some stuff to show. Nothing like thirty three pages of comic, but stuff nevertheless. Note me back your address if you want in on the action.
watermelonwigwam's avatar
You're what I've been looking for since I signed up on this website. Check out my comics and give me some feedback if you like, too. I love this concept. Awesome. You'll find I do meaningfull avant garde nonsense, too. Awsome picture!
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Thanks -- I really like your comics.
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I don't know, I go away for the best part of a year and you go producing stuff like this, very intriguing and is making me reflect on my own style, I experimented with separation of content with white (well, my whole gallery of drawings is themed on it!!)

In a word, NOICE!
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Thanks -- I'm really proud of this, and I get the feeling as I do more of these I'm going to be less in control of my style, which I'm really looking forward to. Thanks for the nice comments.
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It's funny you say that as most of my drawings are done without pre-meditation, without thought, without drive, and it leads me to the pieces I create..
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Whereas I'm usually the opposite: I usually set down some kind of frame, or keep a specific concept in my mind, or both, when I start a picture. As I continue to produce these pages, it's becoming increasingly difficult not to make up a story to go with the pictures, which although I want them to tell a story, I don't want it to be pre-meditated, if that makes sense.
Veganvictim's avatar
It makes total sense dude, totally..

I find however that i start with a blank page, with no preconceptions but a shape, that first shape, then build on it.. Hence why my works start usually in the middle and expand out..
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chaos theory: this is bullshit. but I do love the idea!

and it looks very african.
grthink's avatar
Thanks: It is certainly bullshit. Or do you mean that chaos theory is bullshit? Because I really don't have the academic chops to make that kinda call.

As for it looking African: I can dig that. When I started it (the bottom panel first, before I even realsied it was a comic) I was trying to do some sort of Mayan/Aztec thing. Which I haven't been able to carry through.
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I love it, but it also makes me feel dizzy and nauseous...

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Great success!
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Wow, such pathos, such depth in the main character arc!
The bit where the turkey tells the guy that he doesn't like his hat? GENIUS. Man I never laughed so hard at a comic ever.
grthink's avatar
Yeah, the bit with the turkey and the hat was okay, but to be honest a lot of the plot hinges around the shower scene in the second panel -- the one with the garden furniture and David Icke. And laughing's cool, as long as you promise to try and look past the jokes to the emotional core underneath -- like in a Martin Lawrence film.
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nonsense is always worthy, my friend ;)
grthink's avatar
As long as it pretends to make sense...

Um, yeah...that's didn't make sense either.
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