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To all who’ve lost and bore much sorrow:
What’s here today is gone tomorrow

An existence can pass in a twitch of the eye
But let us not dwell, for life’s parade may pass us by

A song’s melody, so exquisite and fine
Is inevitably short-lived when heard in real time

Even the most brilliant of stars is not immune
To that curtain call, always coming too soon

As its blazing spark lingers for years on end
So too, through us, shall our dearly departed friends

That beautiful melody, once vanished in the air
Lives on, in our hearts, when its song is shared

Dear souls, do not lose sight of what‘s in plain view
Our own songs, still being written with melodies brand new

Without that first step, untraveled the path lies
A dahlia remains unseen without open eyes

Life’s purpose, to live beautifully with no fear of the end
For the departed live through us and ache to transcend

Today will not wait; the unfailing sun will set soon
So laugh, love, and cry; then dance under the moon

Time, so cherished and finite, cannot be borrowed
What’s here today is gone tomorrow
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Submitted on
January 24, 2016