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First Person Story chapter 2
I finally went inside to the building, that building with that strange feeling around it, I really don't like this, there's so many strange markings around here, on the walls, the floor and even the ceiling. I think it may be some kind of language or something. All I know, those big cats out there, won't come in here so I'm safe for now, hopefully. Maybe I can find some sort of, I don't know, translator device or something, maybe, I mean, come on, this place is so, epic and creepy, I don't know what to think right now.
I think I found something, it looks like a computer desk or something, it looks like it has the normal input output stuff so, worth a shot.....Alright, maybe this'll work, if I remember correctly, maybe the keys are different or something, I'm not sure, but, here goes nothing........I think I did it, it's not spouting jibberish at me, it looks more like, fractured english. Something about last entry log, and now it's asking display, yes no? let's go with, a
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First Person Story
Swimming in the depths is relaxing, yet, every time I do it, it fills me with such dread, such, fear. Of something that might get me, like, some one I don't want to find me is down in the depths, just waitng for me to swim too deeply. I finaly make it back to shore, the sun shines down on me as I walk back to my towel. I dry off, sit down and look out at the ocean, Thinking to myself, I've been on this island for years, I don't even remember what it's supposed tobe like on the main lands. I mean, sure, living on this island is pretty great, no one to boss me around or rules to follow, well, I follow my own rules. I don't have to follow anyone elses. Every once in a while, I remember something from before I ended up here, but, those memories are just about as useful to meas getting a splinter. I can get rid of it, but, it'll still sting for a while even afterward. Anywho, I've lived here on this island for as long as I can remember, before the 'Big Event' I don't remember what that even
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Use 2.0 Chapter 2
IREC halted his analyses of the Professor, "Counter Query: If I were to accept this 'offer' that you have presented me, what would be the down side to it?" "IREC, according to what the Professor and the General have told me, they are still missing a few vital components to the Professor's device...." "Query: From what I have processed from this conversation, I am to gather the 'few vital components' for the Professor so that he may finish his device and allow me to leave this place, for, 'greener pastures', correct?" "Actually, yes IREC, you are to gather the missing components that I am missing. After which, you will test out my invention and be allowed to journey to a new world." "After, you report back to us with your findings that is." IREC looked at the three biologic beings and then thought about his choice. (Query: Do I really want to leave this all behind? Reference to previous Query: Is this all to existence or is there more? Response to Query 1 & Query 2: Yes, there is more a
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In the darkness came no noise, but the unfathomable silence.
There should be sound, yet there was none to be heard.
In the darkness came his woe, his wrath been recompense.
He should have known, into this trap he had been lured.
In the light came not silence, but noise abound.
The cheers and cries of hope and glee.
In the light came her happiness, her wish come round.
Her people were happy, not having anymore to flee.
In the darkness his fury was leashed.
The wraiths, they did feast upon his soul.
In the darkness his evil reign was ceased.
But in his mind, he still reaches for his goal.
In the light she left her people to make merry.
Her mind dwelled upon her vanquished foe.
In the light she went to a place that was not anymore scary.
this place no more gave out woe.
In the darkness his flesh was rend.
He smelled death and decay that reek.
In the darkness his tormentors jeers never end.
"You lose because you still fight for the weak!"
In the light she entered his throne room.
This plac
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Mature content
USE 2.0 :icongroxdevlin:GroxDevlin 0 4
Call it what you will
"Just One more time, please, just once more and I can do it." Was the only thought on his mind. There he sat, a barely grown man, He had no idea what he was doing in this day and age. How he came to be, was a simple story enough, but how he perceived the world around him. The world that perceived him as, unadjusted, challenged with the normal every day things, different. Yes he works around many others like himself, but, those weak minded fools, they had no idea what was happening around them. They went along for the ride so to speak. Yes, he wanted to go along for the ride, but, He had seen the scenery pass by his window one time to many, He wanted to ride, yes, but he wanted to be riding in the drivers seat. He wanted to be leading the way, the only problem he had with that was, he had no idea how to lead. He could see other mistakes that people had made, he could go over battles that had happened and provide other ways the losing side could have won. But he had in no way, the skills
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Mature content
The Beast chap. 2 :icongroxdevlin:GroxDevlin 0 0
Mature content
The beast :icongroxdevlin:GroxDevlin 0 0
The day started so well....
"Let's go." Said a fully clothed Raccoon as he burst forward charging for the door. He was sent sprawling backwards by a backhanded swing, "You can't leave yet, the party is just getting started." Said a voice in the shadows. "I aint going to give you squat, So you can just sit on it and rotate!" Yelled the Raccoon as he again charged forward for the door. Yet again, he was sent tumbling backwards by the door man. "Give it up Mr. Jones, just give us what we want and you can leave the party, but, Boys, show Mr. Jones what this 'party' can do." Said the shadowed voice. Two humans stepped out of the darkness, one of them held a batton while the other had a pair of brass knuckles. "Oh, this is so not good." Said Mr. Jones as he proceded to recieve a class a beating. He put up a fight, but he still took a beating for not giving them what they wanted. After recieving a boot to the face Mr. Jones rolled on his back, still groping his face in pain. "Are you ready to cooperate Mr. Jones?" Said
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Something for DA 2
The james in this story is not Jimmy_o's, this is an entirely different James, if any one can pick out any similarities then that's all it is, similarities. If I have offended any one before editing this, then I am sorry for offending them, I modified this story on the day of Sept. 2 2007 at 6:00 pm.
"Let's try this, again." James readied his gun. He checked around the corner, there were the two guards at that door. Both could as easily get help via radio if the other got injured, damaged, or destroyed. James checked his clip one last time, five plus the shell in the chamber made six. He would only have enough for 2 shots for each guard, then he would either have to find more ammo for his pp7 silenced, or get a bigger and more prone to alerting the guards, gun. James checked one more time on the guards. (Shit, where'd they go?) thought James as he heard a click from a gun, right behind him. "You lose, player 1." Said the guard as he added one more orifice to James's head. James fell fo
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The Exclusive
"Where the hell am I?" Said a voice in a darkened swamp. "I don't know where I'm at, but I at least still have my clothes, cards, and rings, That's a plus." Said the voice, the voice belonged to the author of this story. "The only thing I know right now is how the hell I got here, where ever here is any way. Recap, I was writing a story for DA, cause I forgot that I put the other stories on the forums on SVT. So, I needed to write an exclusive story for DA. Which during the writing of I started messing with my MTG cards, then a power surge, blinding light, and the next thing I know, I'm knee deep in swamp sludge." I said, I looked around seeing that there was nothing around other than swamp land. "Well, no use for me standing around, I need to get out of here, just to at least see if anything is noticable." I said to myself, as I walked through, well, actually it was more of sloshing through the swamplands. After a good while of sloshing, I reached what seemed like the edge of a forest
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Model Sheet: Venus type-69 (2019) by ZzVinniezZ
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According to the State of Missouri(And my Psychologist and Psychiatrist) I'm Mentally Challenged. What does that mean, it means, I have ADD, Aspergers Autism.

I Write some things, but, I don't think anyone even reads them. [points to the stories and stuff over in the gallery.] Please take a look, and leave a comment, Even if it's a single sentence comment of 'I like this.' or 'You suck, I could write better than this.' or anything, please, one comment is all I ask.

If anyone ever needs someone to write something up for them, like a backstory for a character, or something that needs something written up for it, I'll do it, Even if I'm not getting paid for it. Just note me or go to the chat room, we'll talk.

I am currently 29 years old(30 come 6/30), working a 4-10:30 job(Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.) earning minimum wage. If you want some one to talk to, I'm usually around late at night after work.

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