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- TWWM Growlipsis Player Tracker -

Tue Jun 5, 2018, 2:06 PM

[i]: sprout pixel  G R O W L I P S I S [i]: sprout pixel 

[i]: sprout pixel 9 - Nature Spirit[i]: sprout pixel 

- Able to participate in activities and earn AP in order to advance to the Seed ranking
- First-time-owners can unlock a Starter Esk
- Eligible to be a Featured Artist
- Eligible to have their Esk as a Featured Character
- Unlock Uncommon Traits in the Energy Exchange
- Unlock Nature Features in the Energy Exchange
- Unlock Accessories in the Energy Exchange
- Unlock one Transformation (+1 MYO slot) 
- Unlock Familiars in the Energy Exchange
- Unlock rare traits and enchantments in the Energy Exchange
- Unlock Mutations and Elementals in the Energy Exchange
- Unlock one Transformation (+1 MYO slot)
- Unlock Abnormal Transformations
- Unlock 1 Transformation (+1 MYO slot)
- Unlock 1 additional Transformation MYO for every additional 1000AP earned

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[i]: sprout pixelTransformation Slots[i]: sprout pixel
Creator Achievement Badge by Esk-Masterlist  Creator Achievement Badge by Esk-Masterlist
Available - 0
Used - 2
Total - 3

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[i]: sprout pixel Characters [i]: sprout pixel 
TWWM: Lookin up by Growlipsis
- TWWM 597 Pik Tracker -
 597 - Pik

(current / lifetime)
 127 / 127 GP 
Origin Traveler   Nature Scheming   Size Smallish
Species Esk   Collection Prize  Designer witherlings 
Uncommon Traits Socks, eye spots
Rare Traits Flexible tail
Nature Features Mossy rocks, strangler fig leaf

Biome Fresh

645 - Pip
TWWM: Update by Growlipsis
- TWWM 645 Pip Tracker -
 645 - Pip

(current / lifetime)
 78 / 303 GP 
Origin Traveler   Nature Merry   Size Full
Species Esk   Collection MYO  Designer Growlipsis
Uncommon Traits Stripes, flecks, false ears
Rare Traits None
Nature Features Pigsqueak (Bergenia 'Oeschberg'), mallow

932 - Prim
TWWM: Prim fullbody by Growlipsis
- TWWM 932 Prim Tracker -
 932 - Prim

(current / lifetime)
 045 / 245 GP 
Origin Abnormal   Nature Secretive   Size Prim
Species Esk   Collection MYO  Designer Growlipsis
Uncommon Traits Tail tip, foot tufts, claws
Rare Traits Flexible tail, unusual markings
Mutations Bioluminescence, Inversion (hides inside self)
Nature Features Spotted Saxifrage

1163 - Pascal
- TWWM 1163 Pascal Tracker -
 1163 - Pascal

(current / lifetime)
 10 / 10 GP 
Origin Trespasser   Nature Subdued   Size Miniature
Species Esk   Collection MYO  Designer Growlipsis 
Uncommon Traits Eye spots, flecks, unique markings, spots, bold markings,  socks, cropped tail
Rare Traits Bright coloration, unusual markings, overgrowth
Nature Features Dogwood stem (cornus florida), pincushion moss (leucobryum glaucum

Made by Martith for lovely ThoseWhoWentMissing members

I'm currently trying to raise points in order to get sagesteppe to a supergroup (fundraising here: sagesteppe-bank) and as a result I've decided to open up point commissions! This is a limited offer, since usually I only offer paypal, but I figured this would be a good option as well as allowing people without paypal or people who only have access to points a go at getting art :>

TWWM: 510 by Growlipsis TWWM: Prune by Growlipsis TWWM: 854 by Growlipsis
TWWM: 911 by Growlipsis TWWM: Daikon Head by Growlipsis TWWM: Papina by Growlipsis

Comment below if you're interested! You can order multiple if you'd like.

I'm offering batch commissions containing 5 shaded fullbodies for $12. The usual price of one of these is $3, so you'd get one of these for free.

They'll be like this and will contain a link of each drawing by itself in case you want to use it for decoration.
TWWM: Yara by GrowlipsisTWWM: Prim Batch by Growlipsis
TWWM: Sh batch by Growlipsis

Please comment below if you're interested! These will be through paypal only, via invoice.

You can buy singular ones here: $3 esk commissions (OPEN)
Wanted to make a guide of my characters in case anyone wanted their esk to be transformed by mine c:

Prim - Abnormal
932 by Esk-Masterlist
Prim is a snobby esk with limited respect for anyone. She believes she's better than anyone else, and it takes a lot to earn her respect. To most, she's secretive and is likely to flat out ignore esk who bother her should she deem they aren't worthy of her attention, and should they ask her any questions she doesn't want to answer she would likely curl into a tight ball not unlike a hedgehog and pretend they aren't there. However, if they are able to prove themselves and earn their respect then Prim is likely to hear them out. She rarely gets annoyed by others, and instead feels impassive to their existence, similarly to how a human would feel about an ant. She's a fickle being, typically acting on whims rather than connections and her allegiances can change rather suddenly, but once her trust and respect in you is solid enough it can be difficult to shake her. She isn't particularly attached to her biome, but does find peace in the trees.
Personality: Snobbish, secretive, holier-than-thou, dismissive, egotistical, fickle, possessive

Origin: Prim, previously, was an ornately decorated jewellery box that was lost in a forest. She was transformed by Ikkit to be one of his playmates, but eventually Ikkit's attention shifted elsewhere. She typically hangs around in the town near her boundary, feeling a connection to the man-made nature of everything around it due to her history as a jewellery box, but isn't unknown to wander.

Transformation Criteria: Prim is most likely to transform on a whim, not really caring for the esk she creates and rather doing it just because she felt like it. She's unlikely to have any connection with the esk she transforms, and won't feel any strong emotions towards it. She does not transform out of kindness, but more likely boredom, and isn't likely to help the newly transformed esk to adjust to their new life. The esk can be a traveller or trespasser, but will have to prove themselves to Prim before she decides they're worthy of her attention. The transformed esk may come to resent her for this, depending on their personality, as she sort of just left them to fend for themself.

Pip - Traveller
645 by Esk-Masterlist

Pip is a joyous bundle of energy, ceaselessly cheerful and playful. He can be a little dumb, and doesn't always pick up on hints or cruelty, but he truly loves everyone he meets and aspires to bring them joy. He loves to play games, and is very easily excited. Return Pip's happiness, and you can guarantee a friend for life. He has minimal lows and many highs, and just lives his life as cheerfully as he can.

Personality: Relentlessly cheerful, excitable, playful, naive

Origin: In his old life, Pip was an elderly golden retriever known as Piggy. His owner, an elderly woman, died before he did, and Pip left to wander after paying his respects. He came to a warm, sunny field and died in the caress of a pigsqueak bush - his owners favourite flower. His biome is Plains.

Transformation Criteria: Pip is likely to transform any being that is lost or suffering greatly, hoping to put a stop to their fear or pain and bring them back to happiness instead. He is unlikely to transform a trespasser, as he would hate to create an esk who resented their existence, and instead wants to bring joy to those who have lost it. He isn't likely to transform a being that is dying of old age, but desperately wants to help those who have begun dying of tragic or especially painful causes, or those who are in emotional turmoil.

The resulting esk must be a neighbouring boundary to his field, and must have the plains biome.

Pik - Traveller
597 by Esk-Masterlist

One may compare Pik to a comically bad cartoon villain. They are a very, very possessive esk, and extremely territorial. Their boundary is their home, and they despise sharing by all means. Any who intrude in their boundary are likely to become victims of their pranks, and while these are typically harmless, will usually continue until the invader leaves his boundary.
Their pranks are often planned thoroughly, although they tend to go wrong. Imagine a villain from a cartoon who proclaims that the protagonist will suffer for their transgressions against them, but all they end up doing is something harmless before claiming that they are simply going easy on them and that the protagonist should be thankful that they are sparing them. This, in essence, is Pik.
Pik talks exclusively in first person, referring only to himself by name and others as "(adjective) ones". Some name examples include: "intruding one", "annoying one", "beguiling one", etc.

"Pik demands that you get out of Pik's territory, intruding one! Intruding one will not like the consequences if intruding one does not listen to Pik!"

Personality: Scheming, impish, egotistical, territorial

Origin: Pik doesn't have a solid backstory yet.

Transformation Criteria: Pik is severely unlikely to transform any esk inside of their boundary, as they wouldn't want another creature to settle inside of it. They may transform someone nearby his boundary though.
Pik would most likely transform an esk as a punishment, or a prank, hoping that it will make them suffer in some way. However, this doesn't have to be the case and your character may enjoy becoming an esk. Pik is by no means good at what they do, and thus you are free to go against what they planned.

The resulting esk must be a neighbouring boundary to Pik's cenote, and must have the fresh water biome.

I'm in need of a little bit of money, so I figured I'd offer some quick esk commissions. I'm offering shaded fullbodies for $3 per character! 


Please comment below if you're interested with your character(s) of choice. This is paypal only and will be paid via invoice.

I've been having a lot of fun with these pixel-style esk drawings, and so I've decided to open commissions for them! It'll cost $3 per esk, although I may have to add a little extra to the price if it's a particularly detailed and complicated design.

TWWM: Cygni by Growlipsis  TWWM: Miri by Growlipsis TWWM: Chubby boi by Growlipsis TWWM: Mother Kettle by Growlipsis Pixel Parchment by Growlipsis Pipxel by Growlipsis

Please comment if you're interested! 
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