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TWWM: Onerous Stone 1 by Growlipsis TWWM: Onerous Stone 1 by Growlipsis
Pip narrowed his eyes at the boisterous, mossy stone that he had been pursuing through the woods. It was, once again, caught on an obstacle, but this time the esk was hesitant to free it. He had begun following the strange, scrappy rock initially under the impression that it was a game, hopping after it and trying to catch it and curious as to where it would lead him. But it didn't take long for the journey to lose its appeal.

Caked in mud, the peach colored esk growled inwardly, running his eyes over the moss-covered stone. He shook his pelt, trying to dislodge the leaf litter and mud from his fur to no avail. He was frustrated - this was never a problem. Things wouldn't get caught in his fur unless he willed it usually, but for whatever reason the muck seemed to be glued to him. While he could clean himself off, it just lead him to getting more annoyed. He didn't stay clean for long, following this weird rock.

He considered leaving the rock and making his way back to his field, but he'd been following the stone so long at this point that he was reluctant to stop. He didn't want this to have been for nothing, and even more resented the idea of having gone through all this only to give up. No, he'd continue following this rock wherever it went and find out just what made it so lively.

A spot of movement caught Pip's eye and he flicked his gaze up and away from the stone. Embarrassment washed over him as he noticed that another esk had come to see what the commotion was about. It was a small little thing, with pale fur and a leaf on its head that was almost like a hat. It observed Pip curiously, to which Pip could only lower his head and let out a sheepish chirp.

Normally he would be all for making new friends, but this situation seemed to be an exception. He was filled with uncharacteristic rage and anger and didn't want to take it out on someone who didn't deserve it. But also, he felt humiliated. He didn't want others to see him in this state, angrily chasing some weird stone that he'd come across by chance. The idea made him shrivel up inside and he wanted to just run away and hide in a hole. He liked holes. He didn't like this rock.

He padded slowly over to the rock, wanting more than anything to move on and out of sight. He nudged it with his snout, but jerked back with a startled yip as it shuddered again and bopped him on the noise. He restrained a growl, not wanting to frighten the esk, and shoved it more forcefully, over the log where it once more zipped off. Pip turned his head to the esk that was still watching on the log, nodded his head to it, and bounded off in pursuit of the stone while hoping that the stranger didn't think he was too weird.

(514 words)


My first submission for the onerous stone pathway! I plan to post another showing the conclusion of the pathway, so that should be up soon.

This features my own Esk, Pip (645) and nyabula 's sweet little Esk, Áine (592). She's super precious and I loved drawing her!


Shaded Illustration - 10
Fullbody - 5
Scenic Background - 20
Personal Work - 5
Other Esk - 10
Other Esk Interaction - 10
Event - 10

Writing (500 words) - 10

= 80 AP

Shaded Illustration - 4
Fullbody - 2
Scenic Background - 6
Event - 5

Writing (500 words) - 5

= 22 GP

Áine belongs to nyabula
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Grapevie Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018
This is absolutely amazing and it is extremely scenic. I love how the background fades off into the dark murky forest. Just wow 
Growlipsis Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
norree Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Student General Artist
Wow this is really cool, I love the dark atmosphere.
Growlipsis Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
nyabula Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
oh my god this turned out so beautiful ;0; thank you for including my sweet angel and the writing that goes with it is so lovely!!! you did such a fantastic job! the adorable interaction you wrote with Áine is so sweet and ahhh it is the best you are great thank you so much!!
Growlipsis Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Im super glad you like it!! :D 
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