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RSC: Territory Map by Growlipsis RSC: Territory Map by Growlipsis

Map Flat by Growlipsis

Gathering Island

Gatherings are held on an unclaimed island that is disconnected from all other territories. The only way to cross onto it besides swimming is via some stepping stones on PetalClan territory, and as a result cats are granted safe travel around the edge of the territories in order to reach them. The island itself is ringed by trees and vegetation, with a couple of rocks dotted around. The leaders speak from the top of the largest rock and cats gather in the clearing underneath.

Moon Cave

The moon cave is a small spherical cave dug into cliff below ValleyClan territory, containing a beautiful tangle of glowing moss. Cats going to the moon cave are granted safe passage across the territories . This place has huge significance to the Clan medicine cats, and is where they head to on the half moon to speak to StarClan.
The moss itself cannot be removed from the cave, as when cut off from the rest of the supply it loses its glowing properties and withers within hours.


A birch forest, flush with plantlife and prey. Dense foliage paves the way for stealthy hunting. BirchClan's diet mostly contains small land prey such as mice and shrews, but the occasional bird may be involved.

Camp -
BirchClan camp is crisscrossed with fallen trees and dotted with rocks. Most of the dens lay hidden below a huge, dense bush, providing shelter from rain and weather.

1) Frog Bog
A pool of stagnant, algae-covered water filled with frogs. No fish are able to survive in this pond, and cats are warned not to drink from it as it can cause illnesses and even death in extreme cases. It doesn't have much of a purpose, but the area is rife with moss which makes it a common place for bedding collection.

2) Training Hollow
A sandy clearing where apprentices are trained in combat and tree climbing. The sand provides a soft landing, should someone fall.

3) Bramblewood
Dense, interlocked brambles that span several foxlengths. Few plants survive here beyond the choking brambles, but lots of prey hides in the thick foliage which can provide an easy catch for any warriors willing to brave some scratches.

4) Ring Of Stones
A decrepit ring of stacked, mossy stones encompassing a deep hole with water at the bottom, crafted by twolegs. Apprentices are warned to stay off it, but beyond that it mostly just a landmark.


A mix of open plain, forest and the beginnings of a mountain, StoneClan has made their home in one of the most diverse territories besides PetalClan. Their territory is the smallest and as a result StoneClan will eat virtually anything that's safe in order to make the most of it.

Camp -
StoneClan camp is built into a natural cave opening within a dense cave system. The tunnels are small, but any cat can comfortably fit within them when crouching. There is only one true entrance, but there a other ways to get out: a small hole in the warrior's den that leads to an overhang about the camp entrance, and a hole in the ceiling that provides rain water for the medicine cat den. Inside, the tunnel widens out into a large cave that dips down into a small crater. Dens are semi-sphere shaped constructs held together with thick clay with woven brambles providing as a roof, and each entrance is guarded with soft ivy to retain warmth in the colder seasons.

1) Goat Grotto
The goat grotto is a small clearing full of lush grass that the mountain goats spend a majority of their time in when they aren't scaling the rock walls of the mountain. Due to them eating virtually anything, StoneClan cats will use them as a sort of disposal system and feed them things they cannot consume themselves. A common passtime for cats who aren't on duty is to bait the goats into attacking and then climbing a tree. Several cats have been injured this way leading to leaders discouraging it, but it's a leisure they just can't give up. However, there are courses for apprentices to learn how to be safe even when playing around to avoid incidents.

2) Hot Rocks
On sunny days, a certain cluster of rocks on the mountain absorb heat suitable for relaxation. Cats can often be found basking there, but its not uncommon for the medicine cat to use these rocks when their patients have injuries requiring rehabilitation. Elders, queens and caregivers spend a lot of their time here.

3) Forest
The forest, though small, is lush and full of prey. It provides shelter outside of the camp during the warmer months, and is a favourite hunting spot in greenleaf. This is where the medicine cat gets a majority of their resources, including herbs, moss, sticks and cobwebs.

4) Dragonfly Slope
On the far edge of their territory right next to the river edging the gathering place, is a small slope devoid of any grass. Instead, it harbours a collection of pebbles, strange weeds and mud. When the air is moist, the ground is slippery, but brings the promise of dragonflies which are a snack that StoneClan enjoys. It also lures in frogs and lizards looking for a meal. 



Camp -

1) xxx

2) xxx

3) xxx

4) xxx


ReedClan territory is riddled with small streams, linking various ponds together. Its almost necessary to swim to navigate their land, making ReedClan incredibly skilled at it. ReedClan mostly consumes fish and water-based prey.

Camp -
A lesson was learned from the floods that ravaged their previous camp. In recent years, ReedClan has moved to a hillock in the south-western part of their territory, high enough that the flood waters cannot reach them. Thick tree cover grants more protection than any other part of their territory, and the vegetation provides shelter, shielding them from the elements. The leader uses a fallen tree trunk to call for Clan meetings, a callback to their old camp in which a log provided the same purpose.

1) Sun-dried Water
A small pond. In greenleaf, its not uncommon for it to begin to dry up and in some cases it dries up entirely due to it being cut off from the water source. Cats often use this location to bask in the sun, especially queens. Apprentices and warriors who relax there often do so as a way to watch the bridges that connect to their neighbouring Clans to ensure that nobody crosses them.

2) The Old Camp
Abandoned from heavy floods that washed away everything, including lives, the old camp is in a state of disrepair. Not suitable for living, the area is instead now used for burying deceased Clanmates after their vigil.

3) Training Stones
Apprentices are taken here to practice their skills. The stones are perfect for practising climbing, and heavy, tufty grass provides a soft landing that lessens the risk of apprentices getting hurt when they inevitably slip and fall. Two big puddles allow for mastering swimming, each with different properties: one shallow with a weak current, and a deeper one with a stronger current. The shallow one is used to teach the basics of swimming and fishing, while the deeper one is for strengthening their swimming ability and learning how to dive.

4) Herb Patch
A large patch of marshy grass that is perfect for growing herbs. Chosen by the first medicine cats, it has long since been maintained by their successors and its upkeep is necessary. This is usually the first place a medicine cat apprentice is taken after their ceremony, and are taught how to keep the plants safe and healthy. Other cats are expected to stay away unless sent by the medicine cat in an emergency, as they do not want to risk their precious plants trampled and destroyed.


PetalClan has one of the most inconsistent terrains, with forests, flower fields and grassland. It provides many different opportunities for hunting, making the PetalClan diet the most widespread of all the clans besides StoneClan.

Camp -
The forest houses PetalClan's camp. Bushes are the main source of shelter here, providing dens for the warriors, elders and apprentices. The nursery is located in a hollow tree, lined with moss and feathers. 
The leaders den is a small, well maintained cave in a crack in a rock. Within the same rock, but in a separate cave, houses the medicine den - more spacious than the leaders, it provides space for both sick cats and a herb storage.

1) Forest
A forest of birch trees, spanning the northern side of PetalClan territory along BirchClan's border. Rife with prey, the forest is one of the best hunting places in PetalClan territory.

2) Meadow
A forest of birch trees, spanning the northern side of PetalClan territory along BirchClan's border. Rife with prey, the forest is one of the best hunting places in PetalClan territory.

3) Abandoned Twoleg Nest
Long abandoned by twolegs, the twoleg nest is something that is largely avoided by most warriors. Apprentices are not to enter this location, and only the bravest warriors venture inside on the hunt for prey or nest making materials.
The medicine cat is the only cat that visits regularly due to the garden outside, providing many helpful herbs used for treatments such as marigold, chervil, but most importantly catmint. Due to the large amount of herbs here, the PetalClan medicine cat is often the most willing of all to share resources with other medicine cats.

4) Crosspath
The crosspath is more of a landmark than anything, not providing much prey or herbs. It leads to both of PetalClan's bridges, and is often patrolled as a result. While not advised, cats brave enough to climb the tree here have a good view of any visitors who enter the territory via the bridges.

5) Clearing
The clearing is a location filled with soft grass, and is often used as a place to train apprentices battle moves due to the space and gentle landings. 

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