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I need a Scooby-Doo writer to, possibly finish a commission for me or, just write based on this sheet. 
Velma's Big Gentle Giant!Summary: Velma would find herself in this other world and has to solve the mystery of how she got here and how to return home. To Do that she Must learn to trust this giant she meets who, in turn, must keep her safe from the other giants whose main goal is to Eat her. The default name for the giant is "Hagrid" as of now... It Is sorta like the "BFG" Except well, the giant's bigger and middle-aged. Lots of giant hand handling and fluff between her and the giant Hagrid.
story plot! 
The Scooby gang would be on vacation on some seamlessly innocent town, (I don't know where, what town ha

I've three chapters already finished by JesusFreakBlue, but she told me that she was leaving DeviantArt. Finished Chapters...
[Comm] [Velma's Gentle Giant] Chapter One
[Comm] [Velma's Gentle Giant] Chapter Two
[Comm] [Velma's Gentle Giant] Chapter Three

(Comission) [Velma's Gentle Giant] [Chapter Four] Was done by Shadowdoggy, but I don't think she'd mind If you did your own take on chapter 4 although now I've thought about going back to the Scooby gang for a bit while Velma's with Hagrid. 

I was gonna have ten chapters. She said I could ask her friend to finish it up, the only thing is that I already commissioned him for a SpongeBob fanfic so, I don't know about asking him or not. But I figured I would make this journal so potential commissioners would notice.

I can pay in points, only. I can't pay with paypal, just to let you know. As to what amount, I'm not entirely sure. The details can be further discussed through a note if you'd like. 

Thanks for reading. 

I keep coming up with more ideas for Scooby-Doo recently, so I figured I'd share them.

Big Trouble In Little Tokyo What If:  What If Shaggy really was cursed? What if he does actually grow into a monster everytime he sleeps? And, what If he tries to eat his friends? Can Mystery Inc avoid both Shaggy and the police? Could real friends overcome a curse?

(I'll give you the original synopsis of this episode in a Featured comment)

Vision Vista: Fed up with always losing her glasses, Velma participates in a new correction laser eye procedure. Unfortunately this is ran by some supernatural force, not only does Velma get crystal clear vision, she also gets unwanted glimpses into the future. Allowing her to see events before they happen, rather awake or asleep. This soon becomes overwhelming, as she begins to have terrible visions of her friends getting into life threatening accidents whilst solving mysteries. She now wishes she never had that procedure done but, she can't undo what she's done with her vision. Or can she?

Dinktilda: After listening to Biokinesis videos (she's on their version of YouTube.) promising better vision and Telekinesis, (Just to prove they don't work.) Velma would wake up every morning with her vision slowly clearing up, (at the pace of a snail.) til coming to a realization during the gang's usual mystery routine where she loses her glasses. In a state of speechlessness, Velma gets her glasses. Once away from the suppose phantom, she'd find them and tells them what she may have discovered about solving the mystery whilst also explaining what had happened to her in such a haste that the gang have to get Velma to explain alittle slower. Then acouple of days later she'd wake up with unknowingly gained telekinetic powers, Yet would find it odd when random objects begin to move on their own. Upon figuring it out she was causing the phenomenon, Velma experiments and trains her mind.Yet she can't make up her mind in deciding If those Biokinesis videos were where this whole phenomenon started. 

If you haven't seen "Krabby Patty Creature Feature" yet, you should. I was dreading watching this episode but, it wasn't as bad as I first thought. And I think maybe because of it being another gross out, yet it wasn't as bad plus this episode has a good lesson too. Again, SpongeBob's the sane one, basically trying to explain the whole, "If its not Broken, Don't fix it!" I'm calling out those two fish in the beginning for demanding something new. Just eat your Patties, and shaddap.

I do, however, kinda feel that we should've gotten a SpongeBob/Squidward team up. Because, you'd think that Squidward wouldn't eat that radioactive patty. And it didn't show it being shoved down his throat so, what was up with that? Did we miss something? Perhaps this should've been longer too, maybe like a special since I feel like it went by to fast to fill 11minutes. 

What I found cool though, I seriously did have a fan idea "Almost" similar to this where something causes Krabby Patties to create Zombies. Granted, they weren't monstrosities like this where they're half sea creature half Patties, but they would force you to eat Krabby Patties. So this is almost like seeing one of my ideas coming to life. Which is cool. I might have to summarize this idea, over all, this was bizarre yet not terrible.  
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Just as I've requested before on an old journal. Design me a Poster for my fanfic? I've sketched a kinda scene/base for what I'd want the characters to look in said poster. With Squilliam, again, taking up the majority of the spotlight.
  20170804 145516 by Growlie26Basically, Squilliam Fancyson is a 
colossus, with an either civilization living on his back. A huge pile of conveniently placed rocks allow access onto his nose, which is where a tiny Squidward Tentacles would talk with his old highschool rival. I don't have Squidward on his nose because, drawing tiny characters was difficult, perhaps you could put Squidward on his nose? He would be sitting on his knees facing Squilliam's eyes. Also the environment around them would be dark, with Squilliam's eyes Illuminating a warm amber glow that makes Squidward visable to the darkness surrounding them. 

Either a request, or commission, I guess that depends. As a commission, how much do you want to be paid? As long as it's not over 100points, I might be able to pay. I guess that can be discussed. The concept for Stories of Time is linked below. 
This scene is from my concept, and current commission, Stories Of Time.  Stories Of Time Squidward stood frozen, mouth agape with utter disbelief from the realization that the entire time that small village he had been imprisoned in... had been entirely on the back of... a seamlessly huge gargantuan super colossus. Although Squidward figured that out already when he took a secret passage way and discovered it was simply a series of pipes running throughout the giant's very body, even with a solid, thick glass window allowing a sneak peek at the giant's internal organs. Yet as if this haven't been enough of a shock to Squidward, the moment he's racing down some strangely placed stairs, he only had to cast a glance sideways to discover why he had been forced to stay in that accursed village... as this super colossus was his one and only rival. Squilliam Fancyson. When he and Squilliam were captured and Separated three years ago, Squidward felt certain that he'd never see the pain in the neck millionaire again, considering he's never imprisoned along side him. From the
Starting now! If you want to be featured, donate Any amount! You'll remain forever Featured, until you request to be no longer featured. 50points or 100points will eventually add up to the amount needed to continue my commission. Please and thank you. 
Would anyone like to take on my scrapped fanfic, The Darkest Hour? I don't think I'll ever get back to it?
It's free, unless you want to pay for it, both are fine.
SpongeBob: The Darkest Hour *prologue* A loud bellowing roar, similar to a freight train, echoed all throughout Bikini Bottom as a lone octopus was running as fast as his legs could manage. No matter where he went, all he could see was debris, lifeless bodies and mess destruction. While the stench coming from the bodies were absolutely putrid, so much that he was literary gagging as he jumping over them. The sky above his head was an evil red color while the clouds were black and gray, lightning flashed while thunder rumbled ominously. The wind howled around him while the thunder and lightning rolled and flashed overhead, alone and afraid, he truly felt that he was in danger. He then cried out in pain as he then stepped on the glass that littered the empty streets due to shattered windows. Falling onto the ground, the octopus moaned as he pulled himself to his knees and, grabbing one of his four feet, begins picking and pulling the pieces of glass from each one. The sight of blood made him cringed, as he's
SpongeBob: The Darkest Hour! Another Nightmare!Squilliam arrived at the museum the next morning, emerging from his limo with the usual grin on his face, putting all traces of his dream out of his mind as he's met with the curater. Simply because he was to thrilled that he got to get a glimpse at a rare ancient painting, before anybody else got a chance. It had been discovered just a few days ago by some squids who, had been strangely reluctant to show their faces, and simply had the painting sent to their museum. Their reason alone baffled Squilliam, since he'd want everyone to know If he had found an item so rare that it was worth something. 'Their lost I suppose!' Squilliam thought as the curater led him into the museum's storage room where he saw something large being hidden under, from what he could tell in the low light, a thick sheet. "Is-is that it?"
"It is sir." The curater replied as he switches on the light, which blinded Squilliam for a second, until his vision cleared up. "Should we bring it out first or?"
"No" The

This was my Status update about animals I'd like to see as Pokémon. Most of my older status updates will be deleted since they're just getting pushed down out of sight of visitors. 

(1) A Thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger. There are extinct Pokémon, but I don't believe we have a Pokémon for, the most well-known or, little known of animals that are gone. I'd love to see any concept for a Thylacine Pokémon. Like, appearance, abilities and or moves. Or rather it's a normal type or ground, grass ect.

This could be a Poka-dex entry. (make-up a name for it.) A Pokémon, believed to have been killed off by humans several years ago! It can open it's mouth really wide, emitting foul breath that paralyzes foes! Make that what you will.

(2) A Kookaburra. Perhaps my favorite thus far. True, we have many bird Pokemon already, but we don't have a Kookaburra. Kookaburras are one of my favorite birds living in Australia, or is it Tasmania? Kookaburras aren't pretty nor colorful in appearance, but if made into a Pokémon it could be. Maybe a flying grass type? With lots of colors? This bird is unique because Kookaburras are laughing birds. Imagine having a Pokémon companion who you can share a laugh with. 

This could be a Poka-dex entry. Kooktagious: The laughing bird Pokémon, it's said that this Pokémon's laughter is so contagious, that when heard, however far you are, will make you laugh to exhaustion. 

I like this one, like, alot! And, have you ever laughed soo hard that your stomach hurt? Yeah. So now.. just think about not being to stop laughing then, even when your stomach is sore. That would suck! This needs to be used, seriously. I like this one, like, alot! Guess you'll need earmuffs,  or earplugs if by chance you encounter this Pokémon in the wild. 

Anyways, those are my two animals that'd be cool as Pokémon, which were not featured (At least, I don't think they were.) in any video. Share your thoughts on this. There are many more animals I'd like to see as Pokémon eventhough they've been featured already like...llamas, dolphins, sabertooth tigers ect. I just haven't seen a Thylacine or Kookaburra. 

Posting this in journal from now to keepit up longer. Link details here.

I can't believe that I've Never told you about something that happened to me when I was...probably in my teenage years. So, it's hard for me to find pictures of this juicebar table, especially the exact one I used to have in our living room which was converted from a garage. But the juicebar table had, really bumpy glass, like it wasn't the smooth kind of glass. That's the best way to describe it, if you can find a picture matching the description I'd be thrilled because it'll bring back memories and I can somewhat post it on another site I have an account on. 

Note: We Don't have that table anymore. Here's why. 

So, our parents had a juicebar table in our living room, my mom's living room is movie theater themed, which also has the movie theater plates you get at Hobby Lobby as well as popcorn machine. So we had a juicebar table to, and it's the kind with the bumpy glass as I said, not smooth. Now, here's the scenario that happened to our juicebar table. I don't remember the date, the year or how Old I was when it happened. I just know, or guess, that I was a teenager. Me and my younger sister were on our family's computer. My sister was looking for strange videos and such and I was standing behind her, it was just something we used to do. And I believe that we had a movie in the living room at the sametime, background noise. But the movie that was on was "The Road To Eldorado." 

It's a childhood movie for me growing up, I loved that movie alot, in fact my disc needs to be replaced. But childhood alone, isn't the Main reason I'll always remember that movie. As I said, my younger sister's on the computer, I'm standing behind her, the movie's on in the living room. If you've seen the movie, then you know Tuilo gets frustrated, like Squidward level frustrated where he yells or has an outburst. Where by this point Tuilo is panicked ontop of being irritated because he can't focus. So when he can't take it anymore, he yells "Stop!" 

On this particular day, when he yelled "Stop!" in the movie the glass on our juicebar, and I'm serious, just shattered. Me and my younger sister literally frozed, and stared at each other in shock before going into the living room (note our computer's not in the living room, it's in the dining room close to where you go to get into the living room.) and saw the shattered glass on the floor. Then we immediately got our parents to tell them what happened, while also being sure they didn't think we did it. Of course we're both freaked out. The glass on our table was gone, like there was nothing Left of it, the glass got cleaned up and, I think we put a table cloth on the juicebar table to cover it. Then moved outside, but as or today, it's loooong gone. 

Looking back at it, mostly because I watched a video on YouTube where someone's glass shattered to, so it brought it back and made me realize that I've never shared it, so here it is. If Only that moment had been captured, if Only we had a camera or something on the wall when it happened. So there's only my memory, or maybe my parents and sister if they still remembered it. When thinking about it again, it still makes me laugh to think Tuilo broke the forth wall and shattered the glass on our juicebar table. 

So, have anyone here had any experience, similar to this where, something happened and it freaked you out? 
I'm sure there's a explanation as to why the glass shattered on our table, but still it Would freak you out if something just shattered unexpectedly wouldn't it? 
Has anyone who has watched SpongeBob and paid real close attention to the Bikini Bottom police. Have you ever stopped and wondered, do they just clubs? Or do they have actual guns? Yes, SpongeBob isn't a show where you'd see that sort of thing. I wouldn't say SpongeBob is a kid's show, because even adults watch it to. But the last question you'd ever ask someone who watches SpongeBob, is why don't the Bikini Bottom police have guns and don't they use guns?

And that thought probably wouldn't cross your mind either if you've watch another innocent movie. Like say, Toy Story? But! Someone made a video about Woody not having a gun either, eventhough he Has a Holster.

So, going back to SpongeBob, do you think Guns are Nonexistent in their underwater world? What do you suppose their laws would be involving those sorts of things? And what are your thoughts on the video to? 

Give full, meaningful thoughts!
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TLG Poster 001 by Growlie26

Rather a request, or a commission? I haven't worked it all out yet. But I sketched this as a kinda base for what I'd want the characters to look in said poster. With Squilliam taking up the majority of the spotlight since he's a giant, while Squidward gets what he's able to get. The hand and arm look all weird. I did my best, my arm was hurting when I finished. Let me know if you'd like to re-design this for me.
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Screenshot 2016-08-03-23-50-00-1 by Growlie26

Who here have seen this movie?  I wouldn't blame anyone if you don't like or care for it, I don't either. But I do wonder though, would this movie have been better off being a Horror movie instead of a comedy? If you think about it, everything comes to life at night... (no SpongeBob, At Night reference.) so there was potential for horror. How would you imagine this movie as a horror movie instead? Let's discuss it.

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Here's a unique question, that hit me last night, What aliens, from Oddworld, could fit into the Star Wars universe. I suppose they all could work really, but I'm curious as to what you think. Now what would you choose? We have Glukkons, always fancy dressed... they could be in the presence of the Huts at all times. Sligs...who could work with the battle droids, Mudokons...some of, or all of them, could be jedi. And Scrabs and Paramites who could work as the random creatures. 

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Moved here permanently because the forum was closed due to no activity! Grrrrrr!!! Another reason for never making topics in the forums. So the topic in that forum has been moved to here.

Anyone want to discuss ideas they may have made an, already existing episode, more interesting? 

Right now, I have one for SpongeBob's paranoia in KrabBorg. I've thought about a what-if plot similar to SonicSatAM's where Robotnik turns the citizens into mindless robotic slaves.

So, what-if there's this new antagonist (playing a professor) claiming his new invention (which Squilliam funded because he believed the professor intentions were good) will have the solution to everyone's problems. Such as illnesses, injuries ect... when really he's just creating a mindless robotic army to take full control of Bikini Bottom. 

《Here's how it goes.》

While showing off his invention, the professor (who doesn't have a name yet.) needs a volunteer, and since Squidward is there with two broken legs, Squilliam talks him into it so Squidward accepts. Halfway into it the people realize something is wrong when Squidward screams, then comes out as a mindless, robotic slave. When Squilliam confronts him about it, the professor thanks him for funding his project, making the Bottomites turn against Squilliam. 

Later he'd have Squidward attack the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob is too afraid to even do anything (he's petrified and not listening to Krabs) so Mr.Krabs has to step in and save him, resulting in him getting kidnapped by the robotic Squidward and turned into a robot by the evil professor. Later in SpongeBob has to face his boss/father figure as an evil robot, making a heart-wrenching moment where SpongeBob, in tears, tries to bring Mr.Krabs back. Eventually succeeding and creating an emotional moment between them. 

The remainder of the plot would involve them, including Sandy and Squilliam, trying to save the people of Bikini Bottom. With Sandy trying to reverse the process and turn the roboticized Bottomites back to normal, while SpongeBob, the roboticized Mr.Krabs and Squilliam try to save Squidward, stop the professor, and save Bikini Bottom. 

I get that this probably wouldn't work, but because of the paranoia SpongeBob had in KrabBorg, I thought this would make for an interesting plot, sorta like a sequel to KrabBorg or something made into a special. I do wonder if it could work as a giant reference to Satam, intend of it being accuse of being a rip-off. If it couldn't work, it would have to be a fanfic. It would never work as a special, I kinda already know that, but I like moment's like... the moment between SpongeBob and roboticized Krabs I made.

So, thoughts? Got any that are deep?
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I might as well just stick to Journals because, even when I post Literature SUGGESTIONS in a forum about LITERATURE!!! It's not the correct topic and it gets closed down!…
For the record, I wasn't asking for CRITIQUES!!! Just SUGGESTIONS!!!! Suggestions! That's all! Needless to say, I won't post topics in the forums again. 
Just please, someone read those chapters and give me ideas for the next chapters in development, that's all I want. 
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I guess this will be my *Drop in and say HI!* journal. Or, *Ask how I'm doing!* journal. Status updates just get pushed aside whenever I post or upload something new so, yeah...
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