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So this is my First idea of bringing back Ben Ravencroft, which the beginning ark involves time travel by a mysterious witch who prevents him from getting dragged into the book. Resulting, for the Scooby gang, a sorta Mandela effect where they claim/falsely remember that he was dragged in. Velma would investigate this, as she knows something isn't correct with her friend's inability to recall the exact truth. Especially when she has a dream relating to the incident years ago, this other witch would be in the background, fuzzy and out of focus. Then something happens, something just happened that she felt was definitely impossible that she couldn't even begin explaining if she tried. To her disbelief, she sees the scene of what she Knew occurred, which was Ben Ravencroft being dragged into the book by Sarah Ravencroft. However she, from what Velma saw, suddenly fizzled out of existence and a puzzled Ben was scrambling to shaky feet. And he's staring at the book with, wide eyes. Hardly any triumph was visible on his face, it was almost like he was denying that, what had just occurred, shouldn't be real. Especially upon turning to come face to face with, himself, a Ben Ravencroft doppelganger. And even this second Ben seemed just as surprised as his twin. Their shared expressions of shock only lasted about a few seconds before, to Velma's astonishment, the two Bens suddenly morph into one being. Even now, as everyone's asleep in their temporary hotel, she laid awake in the darkness wondering which Ben Ravencroft was the real one. She liked to believe that all that crazy stuff she had witnessed in her dream was just that, a dream. And that two separate realities didn't just fuse into one, and that there was still a existing reality where Ben Ravencroft was still trapped in that accursed book. Yet, before she had awoken, she had seen Ben Ravencroft acting as if all that strangeness that had occurred hadn't even happened. And though Velma could see that mysterious blurred out witch, no one acknowledged her presence.

Not even her because it seemed as if she was an observer simply watching the events unfold before her eyes. As If this mysterious witch wasn't there, Ben Ravencroft apparently tricks the Scooby gang so to have them off his radar until learning how to become more powerful without Sarah. Velma tries to convince her friends that her dream was trying to warn her of Ben's possible threat, but it seemed like they've forgot about him or, they think its just a dream brought on by the fact that the day Ben Ravencroft did get dragged into the book by Sarah Ravencroft was just next week. For a while they wouldn't hear anything from him, till that day comes where something gets stolen and they're investigating.

That's kinda the ark I have for this time travel plot I've thought of. Ben Ravencroft gets new powers and I have some Harry Potter things thrown in. Like with this witch having no relation to Ravencroft, and solely based on Bellatrix Lestrange, her actions would slowly reform Ben Ravencroft and eventually help the Scooby gang destroy the book which, 

(like Voldemort) 

would be her first Horcrux like....thing. And we Still don't know What steps are taken to make one!

It would be a case of deja vu, with the gang having to deal with Ben's new powers 

(which I don't know what they all are yet.)

While trying to get a mythical dark scroll this time away from him. Which has him be more powerful than he was with the book. Ben Ravencroft also would have a small, ruby gem glowing on his forehead that, intensifies its glow whenever he uses his dark magic or powers. Velma theorized that the gem was the true source of Ben's frightening powers, not just the scroll they were after. It glows brighter when he collapses the abandoned building they're in when the gang's close to getting the scroll, they would all escape except Ben who had decided to take it a step farther and test his new powers. The Scooby gang would escape the collapse then wonder what happened to Ben, knowing he wasn't dead, that would be too easy. Then all the debris would explored along with bright green fog covering the entire area where they're at as well as a large shadow. Turning out to be an alive Ben Ravencroft, but now he's 12 times his size. He chases after Mystery Inc gang in their Mystery Machine,

(I love chase scenes involving the Mystery Machine.)

They're all confused and frightened, no more than Velma though who's in the back clinging to Shaggy as he and Scooby try to comfort her. 
Ben uses all the tactics he had done before, one of which would be blasting green energy at them. Even shooting a barrage of huge black spikes from his palms, side-swiping one of the tires yet Fred keeps going eventually making it to a bridge which Ben blows half of it up. Fred keeps going, not stopping despite Daphne's plea and drives the Mystery Machine over the bridge into the water below. Sacrificing the van because he plans to hide in the water. Ben is surprised to see the van go over and investigates, meanwhile the gang escape the sinking van and hide away from it underwater under some thick branches to hide their bubbles. After a few moments of fishing out the Mystery Machine, Ben tosses it away and leaves moments before the gang come up for air. Without the Mystery Machine, the gang would have to walk (as well as hide...) to the nearest town to use a phone. As theirs would be useless now thanks to the water, with Daphne claiming that hers Was Believed to be water proof. Yet it had died long before the tussle with Ben, she hoped she'd have time to charge it when reaching town. Velma sorta lags behind, still shook from their previous event. The gang take notice after awhile and, letting her catch up they gathered around her to comfort her as they continue on. When reaching the small town, they head into the diner, turning heads as they enter. As they're all alittle wet from the river. Fred would ask to use their phone, with the guy behind the counter telling them that their phones haven't worked for a long time. But they could use the payphone around the corner, so they do. Using Daphne's many quarters the gang would try to get ahold of Thorn whom,

(the lead singer of the Hex Girls who helped them defeat Sarah Ravencroft.)

had done research about her ancestry and how she's able to seal away Sarah Ravencroft in hopes she could help them again. Unfortunately, they're unable to reach her so they left a brief message to give a summary of what was going on, but not one where there would be worry. All of them were unsure who to turn to, who would believe them? Unless Ben Ravencroft suddenly showed up, but they doubted it. Fred said their best best would be keep moving and stay alert. After Daphne had gotten her battery to 50%, the gang left the diner and kept to the wooded area where the trees were the thickest, to better hide themselves in case Ben was nearby. They didn't except him to give up that easily, yet it had been eerily quiet since they've pulled themselves out of the river. Velma stuck to her friends like glue, still haven't recovered 100% but was feeling better with her friends close and neither made a sound except for the crunching leaves under foot. Eventually they reach a brook and a bridge/tunnel, Fred directs the gang towards it. The coast was clear so they hurried towards the tunnel, though they aren't sheltered for long before feeling tremors. The Scooby gang fell silent, with Shaggy placing a hand on Velma's shoulder as she had faintly whimpered. Sure enough, the once eerily peaceful night was interrupted by loud ravens and crows. The tunnel grew darker, so dark that it was enough to hide Fred's white jacket and Velma's orange sweater. Obviously, Ben Ravencroft was searching for them, not so easily fooled by Fred's cleverness. They did wonder why he was still looking for them at that size, it would much more convenient to do it as a normal sized human. But they didn't know, they just knew they had to keep quiet. 

Dispite his new height, he had heard the leaves crunched, though he questioned how he had heard. He was behind the tall mountains when he heard it, and had seen a glimpse of orange among the trees. Upon seeing the tunnel, he was sure that's where they were hiding. Mystery Inc were clever, but not clever enough. Keeling over the tunnel, he slowly works his way closer towards the ground to peer inside to see nothing but the pitch darkness due to his shadow. He couldn't see them, yet the gang could see him and Velma hide her face in Shaggy’s chest. While he couldn’t see them, he could smell both Daphne's perfume and Fred's cologne. Lips forming a wicked grin, he raised back up. Commenting to himself, as well as the meddling kids inside, that he guessed they got away and leaves. Hiding himself behind the mountains to wait for Mystery Inc to foolishly come out of hiding, then he'll get them. Because it had been so dark, Fred and the others had been silently sneaking away towards the other exit. Ben had not seen them because it was soo dark. Fred would be first to check when reaching the exit, making sure it was clear before fleeing towards the trees. Moments later, he motions for the others to follow. Which they do but, Velma lingers at the exit, shaking and reluctant to follow. Quietly Daphne encourages her to stay with them, with Shaggy telling her to make a run for it. Those trees weren't too far, she could make it. So she does, she ran quickly beside Daphne and Shaggy. She was almost there, till some roots suddenly sprung up unexpectedly and wrapped around her legs and lower torso. Stopping her in her tracks, controlled by dark magic these roots held a panic-strickened Velma in place. The rest of the gang stop and turn back, then a dark shadow engulfs them followed by laughter resembling loud thunder. Fred and Daphne rush to help Velma, only for pillars of stone to spring up and block their way. At the sametime, Shaggy and Scooby are bravely racing towards Velma also, only for them to immediately run the other way as a massive tidal wave of water was rushing towards them. 

Velma's completely on her own struggling to free herself from the roots, left vulnerable and open to Ben Ravencroft who would waste no time in snatching her up. Both Fred and Daphne race around the huge stone pillars as she's screaming, shocked with what they've saw when coming around the corner. Shaggy and Scooby too, when they raced back once escaping the large mass of water. Ben Ravencroft had Velma, and she was crying out, while struggling in his grasp.
That's the title, right now. 

This is the Big one! It should be saved as my last Scooby-Doo October ideas, but the final one I'm doing... maybe.... will be or might be not as Big as this. Eh...

I shared this with a friend through notes, now it'll be for everyone. 

So Ben Ravencroft returns with the help of a mysterious witch that causes a Mandela effect for the Scooby gang where they think one thing but only Velma would still know the truth of what had truly happened long ago. During this time Ben Ravencroft would grow more powerful as each month flies by. By the time the rest of Mystery Inc become aware, it's already too late. 

Story theme:…

Mystery Machine Chase:…
Hiding In The Tunnel:…

If you're interested.
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