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We: the creative, intelligent, self-confident, and eclectic, ...are tired of the "mature content" police. We believe that part of living in the real world is going to be offensive. And, when we are offended, we are brave enough when sufficiently offended, to peacefully and courteously confront that which offends us and try to resolve it on our own; it is our responsibility as human beings to do so. Furthermore, when it comes to art, we are perfectly capable of picking and choosing what we will look at, and do not need a third party to "help" by enforcing a ridiculous system of scoring images as "mature" or "ideologically sensitive" or "viol
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I have to agree with this movement. If DeviantArt wishes to censor its content then it needs to change its name to "PuritanArt" and show some truth in advertising. However I suspect they'll see a LOT LESS traffic if they cave to the activist few.

Warning (And then labelling) about a content for possible viewers is different than censorship.
Warning is OK. Censorship is not.
Problem is too many "sensitive" people don't want to understand the difference : warning allows you to watch and read if you want, censorship just forbids and indeed doesn't allow to think by yourself.
 I fully agree 1,000% and as a Libertarian Republican I also total support the amazing founders who gave us the Constitution!! The greatest rules/laws/guidance for a country ever!! Bless out Freedom of Speech and Thought!!
DeviantArt +fav  NOCensored  United States of America United States of America United States of America United States of America boobs 
Was the maturity filter there from the inception of the site or was it added in response to people complaining there was none? 
The problem is that while the human body is natural, so is a need for privacy. Especially in terms of intimacy. It is a form of respect towards oneself and towards others. Appearance also is mostly coincidental, which makes the act of intentionally reducing oneself to sexuality one of pretentious grandstanding. As much as some may try to convince themselves, there is no way to deny that exhibitionism hints at unsightly imbalances.
Freedom of association, my friend.  You're free to take your art to whomever you like, place whatever restrictions you wish upon it, and content companies like DeviantArt are free to build whatever restrictions they wish into the platform they developed.  If you want a content platform tailored specifically to your wishes, "Grow the F*CK" up and build one yourself.  In the same way that other people don't have a right to your hard work, you don't have a right to theirs.  DeviantArt is under no obligation to do anything for anybody, and you use their platform under their terms, and at their pleasure.  If you don't like it, nobody is forcing you to stay.