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Published: July 3, 2010
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Can be taken several ways, and here are two:

1) I don't get why just because manga artists AREN'T Japanese, they have to be called pseudomanga artists, or their art is only 'manga-style'... Why can't everyone fall under the SAME title?

2) Just because a manga/anime artist isn't Japanese doesn't mean they aren't as GOOD as a lot of Japanese artists.

I have nothing against Japanese manga artists. (I actually really like a lot of them, i.e. *gofu-web) I'm also not racist, if you happen to get that idea -_-"

If lots of flaming starts, I WILL disable comments. And that does NOT give you permission to flame my page. I just wanted to speak one of my issues.

Stamp base= [link]

EDIT: It looks pretty now C:
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LanaOnTheRoadHobbyist General Artist
Honkai Impact isn’t Japanese, yet its animation is actually better than a lot of anime. No offense to Japanese media, of course xD
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MatthewDaAnimeFanboyHobbyist General Artist
I plan to draw manga for Kodansha, Takeshobo, Shogakukan and much more. I might also draw for Marvel.
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DrawmanUniverseHobbyist Artist
I'm American and i'm planning to make manga-influenced series' in the future and have a lot of ideas. Thank you for this stamp. ;) By the way, I like both manga and western cartoons.
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mangagurl712Student Traditional Artist
I feel the same way. I live in Canada and I know a few people that want to be manga artists and not manga-STYLE artists!!!
TheDarkHeretic's avatar
Totally agree with that, nice stamp ^^ !
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SayuriLapisStudent Writer
they act like weaboos
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YourSaviorGale-ChanHobbyist Digital Artist
If it's not made originally in Japanese, then it's a comic, not a manga. Manga are Japanese comics. The art style has nothing to do with it.
Daughter-of-Kabegami's avatar
Daughter-of-KabegamiHobbyist General Artist
Yes! And this applies for so many other styles as well!
You don't have to be American to draw in the American comic style.
You don't have to be French to draw in a French style.

I love when people try styles of art that are from another country.
WintersWhite's avatar
WintersWhiteStudent General Artist
I like drawing in manga style because I adore cute things and manga is cute. Plus it's not too simple, yet not too complicated (for me). I'm also not Japanese. Why does my blood have to determine what kind of artist I am?  If a job making mangas was available to me, I'd take it.
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DaHanciStudent Writer
Okay, no flames here, just going to point out that manga is what now again?

Japanese comics.

Japanese comics.

Now, you could argue that there are plenty of comics by American authors that are incredible and look just like Japanese ones and feauture Japanese characters in Japan, but that doesn't mean anything.

Because what is Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)?

A comic about Englishmen in Victorian England, with very, very few mentions of Japan at all. 

And yet it is considered manga. 

Why? Because the artist is Japanese, and it is published in Japan, and it is originally published in Japanese.

If a comic does not have one of those elements, it is not manga by definition.

It just isn't. 

And I hope I didn't offend anyone, but I'm confused why this is a question. I love American artists, I enjoy reading manga-style comics from them all the time! But it just isn't manga if it isn't Japanese in some manner, and these comics aren't.

TL;DR- Answer to your question: Because manga=Japanese comics.
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Alice319Student Digital Artist
Some animes/mangas tend to take place in some part of Europe or fictional counterpart of Western countries. 
Ex: Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa and D Gray Man by Katsura Hoshino.
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LunarSpoonHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't think it's a matter of the creator or elements being Japanese that makes manga. It's just the art style and method of creation that makes it manga. Its roots will always be Japanese. I am also a graphic novelist who is inspired by a lot of manga, but I wouldn't call it manga because my style feels so derailed from the traditional style. Why call it "manga" anyway? If you're in the west and you don't speak Japanese, "graphic novel" is the same thing.
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Miss-Gravillian1992Hobbyist Digital Artist
This makes me feel a lot better ♥
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PinkSpace101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm currently working on a manga influence comic series. It might come real soon after so much hard work put into my story.
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kelzpooHobbyist Writer
I should know! I am one! :)  
ScarletGangsterGirl's avatar
100% agree!

I hate it when people say that just because you're not Japanese and you draw manga, you're automatically not a mangaka. WHY CAN'T ALL MANGAKAS, NO MATTER THEIR NATIONALITY, BE REGARDED AS MANGAKAS?? WHY??? Because only the Japanese can be considered mangakas because manga originated from their country? Makes no sense.
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ysaneStudent Traditional Artist
i agree with you a hundred percent 
JWthaMajestic's avatar
JWthaMajesticStudent Filmographer
I totally agree with this. I'm currently making a few Manga comic books, and yet some of my comics are Manga influenced.
NINJAWERETIGERHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep I agree XD (I am even making my own manga called Tenshi Denwa and I am from Canada XD) Oh yeah if you are curious here is the info on it XD… (It is very long so I understand if you don't want to read it XD)
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pokemontrainergirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm Canadian too...
and I'm making a manga series too...
NINJAWERETIGERHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh cool
pokemontrainergirl's avatar
pokemontrainergirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
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KuroCurseShadowHobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree. My friend draws and makes manga though she's American. She hesitates to call herself a Mangaka because of stuff people say to her.=^= But Marc her editor finally got it through her head she is one, like this stamp says.^^ I'm showing her this stamp so she can fav it too and put it on her journal. 
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