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Let's go TeamFroakie!
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Created Jun 2017
Which one of you love Froakie and join us.

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AshGreninjaGirl AshKetchum8992 TMPS13709A ThePrismOwl TheNeonUmbreon TheLatiosMaster Mr Anthony EEVEE SenchTheFlareon MickeyMario
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Created Aug 2015

Heyy, We are a group of yaoi fanfiction writers. We're mostly Fujoshis and Crazy Otakus but you don't have to be either of those two just be a yaoi writer and get in here *opens a brown sack and fills it with all-thing-yaoi* ٩(•౪•٩)三

JOIN US !!! ⸜(ّᶿॕധّᶿॕ)⸝ WE ARE A FAMILY!!!!
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Created Mar 2021
Hi! Welcome to my Studio!

Put only popeexsakura posts only!
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Created Dec 2019
My Grand uncle, Abbot Jukai ,a.k.a Edachi Jukai, is the host of Kirin Temple. Because he is talented in multi fields.
Therefore, he has been always very busying with many stuffs.
Thus, me, Enno Chiaki, as his grand-niece and his first female disciple, have been asked to be the hostess of Kirin Temple in order to release the burden of some administration works with him(Jukai).

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