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A Group Dedicated to MME!
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Created Jan 2020
This group is dedicated to celebrating MikuMikuDance effects, whether you're a producer, modder or user!
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Decorate and personalize your DA
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Created Nov 2012

Where members can submit items that deviants can use to customize their DA pages whether for point downloads or for free. Anything and everything from avatars, custom backgrounds, dividers, pixel gifs and more. Also accepting commission information from those who sell related items for customization.
For all your male parts needs!
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Created Oct 2011
Find all the male model parts you need here for MMD!
lets push those boundaries
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Created Jan 2010
This group is a place for like minded people to meet, exchange ideas, theorise, and generally raise our aesthetic awareness. The last few years has seen an explosion of interest in digital art. Much of this has been driven by huge growth in the computer games industry. An inevitable consequence of this has been that games and mass media in general has been a huge influence on the style of artists; professional and amateur alike.

Where else do we look for inspiration? How can we put a proud stamp of distinctness and dare I say, originality on our work? In order for our work to stand out from the crowd, I would argue that we need as broad a range of source material as possible.

I've been in the games business for about 14 years, and have seen many portfolios that are indistinguishable from each other. Art directors invariably dismiss these out of hand, and employ the artists who draw inspiration from a variety of unexpected sources.
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Collection of free 3D Models
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Created Jan 2011
This group acts as a directory of free 3d models on deviantART. Join to contribute your models or watch to get updates when new models are added.
Hetalia gaming around the world~
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Created Mar 2014
:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletpurple:Welcome to Hetalia-Games:bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletblue:

Membership is automatically accepted; please feel free to join the group! If you have a submission but are not sure which folder it should go to (or do not want to wait for acceptance into a folder) you may submit to the Pending folder and it will be moved to the proper folder ASAP.

This group is a Hetalia game compilation group that gathers all (Or as many as possible) Hetalia Videogames together for easy searching!

We also promote games people make and have a folder for Hetalia Resources if you plan to make your own game.

To submit a deviation to us, please join the group as a member or recommend the deviation to the group.

We can also provide you with RPG Maker help! Just leave a comment or send the group a note and we will get back to you ASAP.
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We ♥ Game Icons
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Created Jan 2010
GameIcons aims to feature the best high quality and high resolution customized icons for videogames from all deaviantART.

There are several categories in which you can also upload your icons, if they meet our quality standards.

Greetings from the admin board.
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Created Dec 2016
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reference for pop culture!
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Created Feb 2010
Art Reference Vault is for all artists looking to find or share reference pictures of known and established characters from comics/cartoons/t.v./movies/video games/toys.
if you're tired of wasting time searching the net for a certain character only to find a pixelated blob...then Art Reference Vault is for you!
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For A World With Much To Explore
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Created Jul 2016
Welcome to PARC (Paleo Artists Resource Center). A DA Group dedicated to providing up to date information and resources to users who wish to reconstruct the lives, anatomies and behaviors of extinct organisms. We provide everything from skeletal diagrams to examples of the practice by some of the best talent on the site. We hope this library can prove useful to you in anyway.

- Paleontography (or PARC) is a group focused at providing a starting point to young or otherwise beginning paleoartists with various resources and tutorials to help them on their way. Submitting a skeletal reconstruction, a tutorial or a finalized artwork means that you allow it to be used as a resource or as inspiration by other people. This does not mean that PARC encourages art-theft - copying art by other people is not allowed.

- Artwork submitted to the group should be scientifically accurate. This means that nothing in the artwork should contradict the fossil record. Speculation is allowed and welcomed and there are several folders in the gallery for varying degrees of speculation. Artwork that does contradict the fossil record will be removed and the artist will be given an explanation of the problems and what to improve in terms of accuracy.

- It is encouraged to submit artwork (or other submissions) to the relevant and correct folders within the group. Artwork not submitted correctly will be moved to its correct place when noticed by one of our admins.

- Artwork deemed unrelated to the group will lead to an admin removing said artwork from the group and providing an explanation of why to the artist.

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