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Art, Code, Sleep Repeat..
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Created Nov 2020

Official Group for the Opensource project
Which is hosted on Github, Created With Node.Js & various other technologies.
If you like our groups or the project,
Please consider donating a few
:points: to help boost the community.

Join our discord server here:


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Practice Makes Interesting!!
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Created Jan 2016
We are a community focused on providing constructive criticism to all of our artistic peers, regardless of their style or skill level.

Our fullest intention is to develop a global community of artists to offer constructive peer criticism in all relevant styles of visual art. That being said, we ask all members to understand that nudity and the like may be present - as human anatomy is one of the key developments of most learning artists. Essentially, we ask that you remain open-minded and try to give criticisms based on technique and its proper uses rather than the content of an artists' work, since art is often a form of personal expression.

In the meantime, we have a few openings for moderators so that we can have at least one or two online at any given time throughout the day.
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Created Feb 2017
Welcome to our group!
What is MikuMikuDance? It's a free 3D animation programm. Here you can download 3D models for MMD and sumbit your MLP stuff.
A class you might not hate
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Created May 2018
Welcome to Blackburn High, Art Class! What the heck are we doing here?

I love helping people and collecting resources for learning when it comes to art, I'm often on the forums here answering questions and chatting with other artists and I wanted to make a space where I could put together all the amazing resources I've found over the years, but not only that make it a fun, educational place for those who want to pursue this crazy craft!

We'll constantly be adding tutorials to the gallery, but not only that I want to do monthly challenges where we can participate and compete for prizes, all with a bit of a high school theme. A lot of this is still under construction but feel free to hang out

And if you have some tutorials to submit here are some quick guidelines!
Rules for Submissions
-Please submit to the correct folder
-Tutorials must include clear visual progressions and/or text/verbal explanations.
-Tutorials cannot be behind a pay wall (exception being if the preview has usable resources)
-If tutorials are a link to another website, the tutorial must be clear about what the tutorial supports

Blackburn High is a fictional highschool in a webcomic I'm developing where monsters and humans live alongside each other. For more information on that, check this out
Technical Lettering Illustration
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Created Feb 2014
Typography, Photoshop Brushes, Fonts and more... a great source of resources and network for Professionals.

dove :frail:
SCI-FI 3d meshes for FREE!
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Created Dec 2018
Group UNDER CONSTRUCTION, stay tuned
This group is focused on sharing FREE 3D resources for sci-fi addicted 3d modellers, animators and artists. We also share 3d renderings, tutorials, 2D reference sheets and concept art, but the main focus is on sharing FREE 3d models for sci-fi addicted fans.
This is not a showcase where to sell models and assets. Only freely downloadable resources can be posted here.

Also, please try to submit models in "popular" formats, keeping an eye on easy portability and conversion issues. It's not strictly required but appreciated if you share your models in easely reuseable formats (like OBJ, FBX and LWO), regardless of what is your favourite 3d software.
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Best resources packs !
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Created Sep 2014
A group made to gather resources for artists, again... Yep ! But you will find only packs of resources, here ! By dowloading a pack proposed in StockerJoe group, you multiply your chances to find exactly what you're looking for !
Welcome to kingdom of textures, architectures, skies, clouds, models, trees, forests, nature, and all things that you need !
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For helping YOU improve.
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Created Jan 2017
This community is all about using help from fellow artists to improve your work. This may include tutorials, group feedbacks, monthly/weekly exercises to have a go at, contests and more! Here, its all about boosting your confidence and helping you improve.

This is for all artists, old and new, and whatever your level of art.
Chastity Is a Cottage Industry
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Created May 2017
Where chastity device designers, engineers, makers & crafters share their original work. Submit your concept art, renderings, sketches, bespoke jewelry & metalwork, 3D renders, 3D prints, hardware/software accessories, and good-old after-market hacks.
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Created Oct 2013

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