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Everything stock!
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Created May 2010
This is a group for those people who want to have their stock images,brushes and textures to be used and recognized. It is for all skill levels. :)
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Providing facts for your fiction
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Created Dec 2009
"Publish-Write" is a group dedicated to providing accurate and helpful advice, tips, and help to all the deviants who write, and are thinking of being published. Not sure how to format a manuscript? Want to know if you need an agent or not? From helpful links to lengthy tutorials, Publish-Write can help any writer or poet to get their foot in the door of the publishing world - or at least tell them how.

#Publish-Write, aka "publish right," is basically just a resource for any and all writers to look for all those helpful links and tutorials that help us to get ready for publishing, and take us through the process.
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Learn Photoshop on dA
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Created Apr 2004
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Paganly Stockolicious
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Created Oct 2007
dAPaganStock was created to assist Pagan artists and photo manipulators find resources for their artworks pertaining to Paganism, and also to provide a place for Pagan stock providers to contribute their Pagan stock.
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Created Feb 2011
Dedicated to compiling a library of tutorials, and reference materials for visual artists.
Digital. Create. Learn.
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Created Oct 2013
Become a part of a brand new experience!

Are you someone that naturally likes teaching others school subjects ranging from K-Collegiate level. Do you love to digitally paint...are you willing to improve if you feel your lacking in digitally painting. Then Join my group.
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Created Mar 2006
Gurukitty is the combined stock account for jeriweaver and Marker-Guru. Converting to a group will make it easier to display and promote the artists that use our stock, as well as easier to post new stock more frequently :)
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Created Apr 2012
Grupo, de recursos
Aqui pueden encontrar:
*Actions, psd
* Patterns
* Png
y muchas cosas
Group resource
Here you can find:
* Textures
* Actions, psd
* Patterns
* Png
and much
Learn · Grow · Write
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Created Dec 2013
We are here to help you become a better writer. Let us nurture your craft and make you the best you can be.
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Created Jan 2015
Hi. This group is for people that make costumes. Any costume is welcome. Anime, comic book, Movie replicas, Or original costumes. The goal of this group is to allow people to post work in progress pictures. Most of the cosplay groups on deviant art want you to submit finished pictures or professional photos. This group focuses on crafting and creation of costumes.
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