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Furry bases fur all
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Created Mar 2021
Welcome to Furry-Bases-R-Us we are a group dedicated to collection furry bases for everyone

1. No stealing
2. Be respectful do not bully people for their style,skill level,or the species they make we all start somewhere
3. Please summit your work where it belongs
4. 1 submission to feature a month so submit your best work
5. no humans,cat girls,ect only ferals and anthros

~Folder guide~
Are group focuses on anthro but we are feral friendly
-Ptu and Ftu- these mean Pay to use and Free to use if you are charging for your base it it belongs in a Ptu folder
-Feral bases- This is where all feral bases belong unless they are an original species
-Bases- This is where any anthro base that doesn't fit elsewhere belongs
-Icon Bases- This is where anthro icon bases belong
-Ref Sheet Bases- This is where anthro ref bases belong please note to qualify as a ref it must have at least two full body views of the character *Front and back,Front and Side,both sides,ect*
-Original Species Bases- This is where all original species bases belong do not steal anyone's species.
-Completed Folders- this is where filled out bases belong
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Created Mar 2021
scratch's PFP only
no spam
and no PFP request
Recent Blog: make your own your scratch's PFP, submitted 3 weeks ago
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Created Apr 2021
Proper anatomy, human, animal or other. Only the best.
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Created Mar 2021
An art resource page meant to capture the lore and details of a fantasy world.
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Created Apr 2021
You may use these stock photos for making your own art.
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Created Mar 2021
Hello! You must be a student or a teacher, there's different teachers for different species you can teach and learn any amount and any kind! Just request help and someone that teaches that will reply.

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