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Royalty Free Stock Photos
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Created Oct 2010
Welcome to #StockProject, deviantART's official group focused on community dialogue about commercial stock offerings!
Xnalara-Customized Super
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Created Dec 2010
This group is for any artists that have and want to display their xnalara custom models. Recolors, retextures, original, anything goes. If you made it and want to share it, please join. We also welcome people who just want to use the models. If you use Xnalara and are on the hunt for some new models to use, this is the club for you. We welcome all kinds of models. Items, sceneries, characters, animals. We want to spread the 3D love!
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background stock and resources
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Created Jan 2010
BACKGROUND STOCK HEAVEN is a place for anyone to list ANY background stock they have.

The only requirement is that stock needs to be able to be used as a background :-)

Here are our other groups that might be of interest to you:

:iconstockandresources: :iconhorse-stock-heaven: :iconanimal-stock-heaven: :iconimaginative-equine:
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Created Jan 2010
Manga Applications and Resources! Your one-stop resources for manga article, resources, and tutorials!
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Learn Art with us :D
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Created Jan 2010
HELP for the new Artist to improve in the Art.

Everything about drawing and painting in Traditional media and Digital media.

A place for rookie Artist, where You can share tutorials, hints and tips with fellow novice artist or professional ones.
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We help you improve your art!
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Created Apr 2010
If you need some tips, resources, redlines and corrections on your art, or if you want to share your knowledge about drawing, this is the right place! Show off your progress with before-and-afters, give and receive valuable critique and feedback, and meet some amazing artists.
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Quality Stock and Resources
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Created Jul 2003
Resurgere is a group that shares the resources of its team on Deviant Art, our focus is on producing stock which is unique and of high quality. Our resources are distributed under Resurgere's Terms of Use in convenient Packages, and is freely given for the noncommercial use of all artists.
color-me-club Super
The dA Coloring Book
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Created Nov 2003
Founded in 2003, the Color-Me-Club has grown to the largest free resource for line and color artists on DeviantArt. Posting hundreds of new images every week, throwing annual monthly contests, and orchestrating thousands of collaborative efforts between line and color artists, the Color-Me-Club continues expanding to act as a nexus between line and color artists.

Putting its focus on features, contest prizes, and emphasizing teamwork, the Color-Me-Club is one of the best free resources for artists on the net!
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~ tutorials for everyone ~
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Created Apr 2005
photoshop-tutorials has been around for quite some time, trying to bring great tutorials to the attention of our watchers. We try to hold ourselves to a certain standard, not only when it comes to the quality of techniques taught, but also on their presentation.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE read our Submission Guidelines before you submit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quality over Quantity!
There are what feels like thousands of groups on dA that accept a broad range of resources and quality levels, but this is not one of these groups.
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A hospital for the artists
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Created Nov 2005
The Artists' Hospital's mission is to make basic art skills freely available to everyone who wants them. Visit our Tutorial Index! We collect tutorials and reference materials to help beginners get started and intermediate artists improve. We offer one-on-one help for dealing with specific art problems and situations. It doesn't matter what your favorite style is or how recently you began drawing; we're here to help you.
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