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Created Jan 2016
A group dedicated to providing its members with regular art challenges, lasting two weeks at a time. Each challenge will have one or two distinct themes, and will focus on either Pokémon or human characters from the games.
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100 Themes Challenge
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Created Jul 2007
The 100 Themes Challenge club aims to inspire people with a challenge. We all know people suffer from art block every now and then, and by human nature, we all like a challenge, combine the two and what do we have? The 100 Themes Challenge. We simply give artists a starting point... and we go from there!
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Challenge Yourself!
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Created May 2010
We are a group dedicated to fanart for every fandom available. Members are encouraged to participate in a bi-weekly challenge to draw a piece of fanart (or write a blurb of fan fiction) for an administrator-chosen fandom. Subjects may include: Anime, Television Shows, Movies, Books, Video Games, Board Games, Celebrities or any other fandom.

There will most likely be no contests and no piece of fanart will be judged or declined (as long as it is submitted in the correct, corresponding folder). Entries for the challenge do not have to be finished pieces, but we encourage our members to push themselves to finish something new every time a new challenge is presented.

This group was made as a tribute to and continuation of the club fanart-challenge run by MegziePegzie.
Next Challenge is in May!
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Created May 2015
Hey there! This the Character Design challenge where we pick a specific month of the year for participants to join a great challenge- to produce a single character design every single day of the month without skipping and no mess-ups.
Winners complete the challenge and gather 20+ new designs and recognition.
Losers are knocked out immediately and may not compete for the rest of the month. Booooo!!
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Join the challenge
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Created Jul 2010
This group is to challenge people to create great pieces

Anyone that creates their own list and gets it placed on here can become a co-founder and those that complete a challenge or more than one can become a contributor.
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What is the Challenge Box?
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Created Jan 2018
A box appears in the middle of the forest out of nowhere...

What is the challenge box?
A challenge to write!
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Created Dec 2011
Welcome to #A-Challenge-to-Write!

Here we all have a passion for writing.

If you have a passion for writing you’ll know that creative blocks can be an issue. Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to give you a kick-start.

The aim of this group is to break those blocks by challenging everyday deviants and members of the group alike to write something new.

For this, each month a new challenge will be posted to tantalise the imagination and get writers thinking.

At some point I (Temisolia) will need people to give me a helping hand with the challenges and the submissions. When I do I’ll put up a call for help. If I need help choosing the best submission for the months best challenge piece I will mention it in a blog and have the challengers vote. If I need help with anything else, I may call in a co-founder and I’ll let one or two people have a bit of power in the group so long as you are sensible.

I have created a blog to run alongside this group!
Please take a look, as I will be featuring the most creative reposes to the challenges on here as well as in the featured folder of this group!
Thanks for visiting,

PS. I'm always open to suggestions.

1.Please submit all challenges pieces to the appropriate folder.
2. Do not try and submit anything to the featured folder as that is reserved for challenge bests only.
3. Be kind to other group members.
4. Enjoy yourself
50 Mythical Creatures Challenge
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Created May 2011
The official 50 Mythical Creatures Challenge made by: hopeakorento, Tankero and Agina

Let's collect all artworks which are themed by this Challenge!

Submit on right folders! Your submission request is denied if you try to submit wrong folder! We are not accepting deviations to FEATURED folder, sorry!

And we only accept creatures of this challenge - not any other creatures!
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The one hour art challenge
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Created Jul 2013
one hour challenge using a generator of idea all art style
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Created Jun 2014
Welcome to Clashix Club Challenge! If you want to enter, just note the group. I will invite you as a member. ONLY FIVE PEOPLE CAN ENTER. However, you may get eliminated. YOU CANNOT DROP OUT. Then, you link your entree in the comments. I will put it in the group gallery. There will be five challenges each month. Each month, new people can enter. If you want to enter again, you can. A winner will be announced for each challenge. I will try to do prizes if I can. Also, for each challenge, there will be a different thing you have to draw that has to do with the Clashix Club. That's all! Hope you consider joining!
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