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Grupo deviantArt Chile
2,648 Watchers
Created Feb 2010
Este es un grupo de amantes del arte, en este grupo ustedes podrán mostrar, intercambiar y ver trabajos realizados por chileno y para chilenos, sin embargo si no eres chileno no te sientas fuera de este proyecto porque dA-chile es para todos los artista de DA.
Recent Blog: Galerias libres de AI o NFT. , submitted 5 weeks ago
For All Who Love Inuyasha!
3,846 Watchers
Created Feb 2010
A group for artists and fans of inuyasha. Cosplays are very welcome. Please feel free to join
Recent Blog: New Inuyasha Contest, submitted 293 weeks ago
fantasy art tutorial stock
5,529 Watchers
Created Feb 2010
Generally everyone loves fantasy, right? Well, here is the place to find resources, tutorials, and art involving fantasy! We have stock, tutorials, fantasy art, and friendly members. Please, feel free to join if you are interested in providing stock, using our resources, or entering your art.

(Please check out our rules by clicking more info)


To join Members:
Anyone is automatically accepted. However, we are planning to have a certain standard to our art that is in our galleries. IF your art is not accepted, please do not feel hurt, simply feel as if you need improvement and I am sure anyone here would be willng to answer a question or two. We will have MANY tutorials in the collections and galleries to aid you in improving!

To join Contributors:
Please put in the notes a link to at least one thing you can contribute from your own art. I just need to know that you are indeed helping us out!

To watch:
Well, shoot! You know! Please feel free to watch us and encourage your friends to check us out as well!


Submission Guidelines/Rules

1. Put things into the correct folder. If you don't, they will be declined, no questions asked. It will be up to you to resubmit if you really want it in the gallery.

2. Artwork must be well presented. We won't be accepting pieces that are displayed poorly. i.e. - No notebook paper (sorry, its just not a fully developed piece of art, it's a beginning), no crooked camera shots with nonsense in the background. It is all about intentionality. If it is part of your presentation, that will be obvious, if it is apparent that you just took a picture of it and didn't put any thought into how it would be presented, then it isn't fully realized.

3. No pornographic material. Artistic nudity is absolutely welcomed and enjoyed, but pornographic maerial will be rejected.

4. The caliber of your work is going to be considered. We are pretty open about what we consider good enough, but some things just don't make the cut. If that is why your work is denied, don't feel discouraged. Take it as an opportunity to grow.



1. Do NOT put down anyone's art or questions. Just because you don't like it or know the answer already doesn't mean it is not good.

2. Always encourage others to join. If you don't want the group to grow, then why would you be here anyways? :D

3. Check out our affiliates and see what they have to offer. This doesn't mean you have to join but if they are of interest to you, you should SURELY check them out!

4. Please PLEASE adhere to submission rules. If this isn't done I will have to put limits on the number of submissions each day because it just isn't easy to rearrange the contents of SO many deviations! Thanks!

5. Please try to get new members to join! We want this group to GROW! :D

6. Last, but CERTAINLY not least, HAVE FUN!!!!
Impractical Science!
9,889 Watchers
Created Apr 2002
Steampunk is a group dedicated to just that... Steampunk! A one-stop channel for all things steampunk, be they works of traditional or digital media! Give us your photographs, drawings, fabrications, writings, and inventions!
Deviants Brasileiros!
12,120 Watchers
Created Nov 2002
O brasil representa a comunidade brasileira no deviantART. É onde brasileiros e amigos do nosso Brasil podem interagir, participar, fazer novas amizades e acima de tudo: expor seus diversos talentos artístico.

brasil is home to the Brazilian community on deviantART. It is a place where Brazilians and friends of Brazil can interact, participate, make new friends, and above all: expose their diverse artistic talents.
Recent Blog: O Melhor do Grupo BrasilART #160, submitted 185 weeks ago
Kingdom Hearts Club
8,111 Watchers
Created Mar 2003

Kingdom Hearts is a club celebrating the incredible masterpiece created by Square Enix and Disney and a tribute to it's characters, story, and artwork. Everyone is welcome to join and participate in our activities and spread the love of the game.
sonic-club Super
:: Sonic Fans United
11,017 Watchers
Created Apr 2003
Recent Blog: Vaporwave Event [Round Up], submitted 89 weeks ago
First and Oldest Naruto Fanclub!
7,178 Watchers
Created Apr 2003
The longest running and an active place for all Naruto fans to enjoy, join contests, hang out and get to know other fans!~
Recent Blog: Happy New Year!! Welcome 2021!, submitted 124 weeks ago
Anthro Club
10,616 Watchers
Created Apr 2003
We support Human like Animals/Creatures, Plants, and Inanimate objects known as anthropomorphism!
As a group, we collect this art here for you and everyone to see and enjoy.
Recent Blog: Re post - Reminding the Group Rules, submitted 26 weeks ago
Spyro Fan Club
3,089 Watchers
Created Apr 2003
A club dedicated to Spyro and everything Spyro related.
Recent Blog: Legend Spyro News: DOTD Resin Statues Interest, submitted 6 weeks ago

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