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For your Oc's!
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Created Jun 2011
O-Over 10000 members?! Woah, you guys are amazing~! :iconasdfghplz: <333333
:bulletgreen: ~ Hi and Welcome to the group OC-Corner :iconbunnyloveplz: ~ :bulletblue:
~ :heart: :bulletpink: The group focuses around Original Characters(shortened OC's) :bulletpink: :heart: ~
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Kawaii World for you!
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Created Jul 2010
You can find here photos of Kawaii Anime girls, onigiri, vectors and vexels, pixels, polymer clay, photoshoots, plush and more!
Naruto Awesomeness!!
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Created Jul 2010

HOW TO SUBMIT TO THE GROUP (1)(<---press this)

HOW TO SUBMIT TO THE GROUP (2)(<----press this)

:below::star:RULES AND SUBMITION GUIDANCE:star::below:
:bulletgreen:First be nice to others
:bulletgreen:Second submit your art to the right folder ,If a member submit to the wrong folder,will get informed,{ so please keep the correspondence items(art/gallery requests)} and have to resubmit their own deviation to the right folder
:bulletblue:Admins of the group should let the members know why their deviation got rejected (usually wrong folder) and tell them where to submit if there is a wrong submition
:bulletblue:IF you want to join as an admin please contact with the founder.If admins are needed you will probably be accepted , if no more admins are needed you will be rejected.However we will be glad to join as a member.
:bulletgreen: You can submit to this group only if you are a member.
:bulletgreen:No porn, hard sexual deviations,nudity deviations
:bulletgreen: Cosplays are welcome
:bulletgreen: Have FUN
:bulletgreen: There is a limit on deviations (1 per week!)
:bulletgreen: You allowed to submit only your own work here
:bulletgreen: If you have any questions you can note the group

Right Submission's Journal(<-----press this)

Group-characters folder 2
Team 7
Team 7 folder 2
Team Gai
Team 8
Team 10
Sand Village
7 Legendery Swordman
3 Legendery Sannin
Your Own Characters -OC Naruto
10 tailed-beasts
Other chars-stuff

The Founder: :iconinsolem:
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Spread the cuteness~~ (=^__^=)V
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Created Oct 2010
Share your cute/kawaii works and stuff!~~ *.*
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Get your new friend here!
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Created Jul 2010
Here you can adopt all kinds of animals. Wolf, dogs, cats, pigs, cows, horses - everything!
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Otherwise why bother
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Created Jul 2010
Photographs will be accepted and featured which meet the following criteria:

High Resolution: A minimum of 1280x1920 (or 1920x1080 if landscape), or 1600x2400 for monochrome, not counting borders, preferably larger. Full, sharp image quality that shows off the resolution: no upscaling, blurry photos, edge "enhancement" or obvious smoothing or other digital processing. The model herself should be reasonably high-res: 800 pixels or more in dimension. A distant model in a landscape shot will require a much larger resolution to make her hi-res. The photo must be downloadable OR have a large view which meets the minimum size, and no center watermark.

Nude: Female model. The occasional male may be accepted if the photo is unusually artful and pleasing, like a Greek statue. All (or most) of the model must be shown. No hiding. This includes hands, convenient clothing/props, unnatural hunching and leg-crossing positions, black shadows, blurring and other intentional obscuring of "naughty bits." It also means (but not limited to) no waist-up shots, no close-ups of body parts, no limbless, headless torsos, or cropped-off or obviously hidden heads/faces. Brave and proud models only.

Quantity of featured photos by a single artist will be limited, since a large collection of one artist's work here would be redundant. The goal is a large diversity of artists, showing the best representative work of each.

Contributors will consist of deviant photographers and models who have a significant gallery of quality photography which meets the above qualifications. Contributors will be able to submit photos without my approval; please observe the above qualifications and don't abuse the privilege.

Anyone can become a member who is willing to behave in an adult manner. Disrespecting or objectifying models is not behaving in an adult manner.
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Ayuda y Soporte en Español!
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Created Jul 2010
#Ayu-dA es el primer grupo lanzado en Español con el fin y el propósito de brindar Ayuda, Soporte y todo tipo de asistencia a los usuarios que desconocen o desean mejorar el uso y aprovechar óptimamente DeviantArt.

#Ayu-dA is the first group released in Spanish with the purpose of providing help, support and any assistance to users who want to improve the use and optimization of DeviantArt.

Tags: Spanish, Ayuda, Help, Tutorial, Hispano, Español, Espaniol, Espanol, Soporte, Asistencia, DeviantArt, dA, Latino, Tips, Consejos, Tutoriales, Guías, Opinión, Arte, Comunidad, Club, Usuarios, Preguntas, Respuestas, Noticias, Novedades, Chat, Línea, Canal, Literatura, Debate, Cultura, Comentarios, Críticas Constructivas, Mensajes, Notas, dAmn, Concursos, Participación, Foros, Contest, Feature, Promoción, Reconocimientos, Castellano...
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A Watercolor Wonderland
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Created Jul 2010
This group is dedicated to the promotion of exemplary watercolor paintings. Watercolor is a frequently used, but often underrated and misunderstood painting medium. Join our group to enjoy and contribute to the best watercolors on DA!
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Created Aug 2010
We try of dignify Cosplay Art but at same time we want to refresh concept of erotism. Our members are older than 18, but we want to get young people with a with a healthy vision of true beauty, capturing moments of fantasy and inspiration.
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To all the Lovely Ladies.
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Created Jun 2011
A group that goes out to all the Lovely Ladies out there. From any and every possible movie, game, manga, and OC, all are welcome. ♥
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