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Drawtober prompt : Treats ( story in description ) by UchihaSama224
TG TF: Me to mermaid Misty,When I had my 31st birthday I had to think about using the wish granting website that I used to become a sumo version of Candace Gertrude Flynn last year. I thought carefully and typed into the box "I wish to become a mermaid version of Misty from Pokemon".My computer screen really got bright and my clothes disappeared. My feet stretched out turning into turquoise fins. My legs merged together and were covered with shiny turquoise scales. As my hips got scaled they widened and my penis and testes shrank inside of me and a tight vagina replaced them and my backside grew bigger. My legs had been replaced by a turquoise mermaid tail. I got a yellow star on my left hip. As my belly lost hair I seemed to lose some fat and my stomach thinned into a sexy core so I had an hourglass figure. I got shorter again and grew 2 breasts and my nipples grew a bit longer and harder. My lungs modified for underwater breathing and pink seashells were placed over my breasts and tied around my back. My shoulders cracked inwards and my arms shortened and thinned out as they lost hair. My hands shrank and became very feminine. My neck thinned as I lost my facial hair and my Adam's Apple disappeared. I won a purple seashell necklace. My face softened drastically and my lips puffed out a bit and became more feminine and my nose shrank becoming so cute and dainty. My eyes went from Hazel to green, My ears got pierced, and I won some pale red dangle earrings. The hair on my head went from dark brown to orange and grew down to my waist. Finally I won a pink pearl hairband round the back of my head.I had been completely transformed into a Mermaid Misty. Then I felt like I was being sucked into the screen of my computer. I was underwater again. I saw a good amount of water Pokemon. It included Goldeen, Seaking, Horsea, Seadra, and Magikarp. I tried making friends with them. I felt I was getting on well as a mermaid Misty.
Romeo and Juliet: Sonadow Style! Chap. 9 At the Capulet Tomb It was nightfall, and Shadow sneaked back into Mobiona, Tails following closely. The cousins slowly made their way to the Capulet family tomb, which was a short distance from Ava Maria Cathedral and right next to a regular graveyard. Upon arriving at the cathedral, they knew there were close. Shadow picked up his pace, anxious to arrive at his deceased husband’s side. At last, he arrived at the front entrance of the Capulet tomb. There were a couple torches on each side of the door. Shadow grabbed one of the torches, and told Tails “Stay out here! Go to the other side of the graveyard, and no matter what, don’t come in!”Before Tails could protest, the hedgehog quickly disappeared inside the tomb. He sighed heavily and retreated to the opposite side of the graveyard. But he kept watching the sepulcher. Shadow slowly made his way through the dark crypt. Finally, he saw Sonic’s body laying on a slab. His mate was covered with a thin layer of transparent gauze, and surrounded by lovely flowers. There was a large candle at each end of the slab. “Sonic…”, the grieving hedgie whispered, approaching his love’s body. When the mournful hedgehog reached Sonic’s side, he placed the torch on a nearby handle. Then Shadow knelt beside his mate and pulled back the sheet of gauze. “Sonic, my love, my dearest husband. Death has had no impact on your manly beauty. You’re not damaged.” The mourning hedgie kissed Sonic’s lips and ran his fingers through the blue fur and quills. “Could it be that death itself is enamored with you, and keeps you in this wretched crypt to be its mate?” Shadow broke down sobbing, and buried his face in Sonic’s chest. Meanwhile, Tails was keeping an eye on the tomb. Just then, he noticed a figure approaching the sepulcher. He spun his tails and quickly flew over. It was Friar Antoine! “Hey, Friar Antoine!”, the kit exclaimed. The startled coyote jumped and turned toward him. “Tails Montague, what are you doing here at this time of night?” Tails said sadly “Today I saw the funeral procession for Sonic. I hurried back to Mobua to notify Shadow. He’s in the tomb right now…” To his surprise, the friar let out a sigh of relief. “Then fate is still working in our favor!” Now the fox was confused. “What do you mean?” “Just wait here young one, and I’ll explain soon,” Friar Antoine replied before rushing inside the crypt. “Shadow!”, he called out once inside. Shadow nearly screamed and jumped up. He spun around. “Who’s there?”, he demanded. “It’s just me, Friar Antoine,” the voice replied. Then Shadow saw the friar coming towards him. The hedgehog was about to hug the coyote and continue weeping, when Friar Antoine then said, “Let me explain.” “Explain? Explain what?”, Shadow asked, now confused. Friar Antoine responded, “Sonic isn’t really dead, he’s just in a temporary deep sleep which looks like death. The morning you left for Mobua, Sonic’s parents tried to force him into a marriage with Amy Rose. To help him escape, I gave him a potion from some of the plants and herbs I gathered, which puts one into a temporary deep slumber imitating death. I sent a messenger with a message to you, but the messenger was delayed due to an urgent matter he encountered en route to Mobua. I hurried over here to the Capulet tomb, and…well, I’m just so glad you still made it here!” Shadow was beaming with joy! “Thank you so much!”, he exclaimed, and threw his arms around the coyote. “Anytime,” the friar replied, smiling. Just then, as if on cue, Sonic let out a soft groan. Shadow and the friar quickly turned back toward him. Shadow watched with delight as his husband’s hands unfolded and moved to each respective side. Sonic’s eyes slowly opened and closed as he recovered from the concoction’s effects. “I’ll leave you two alone now,” Friar Antoine whispered, and winked. Shadow gave a thankful smile as the coyote left and exited the tomb. Then he took Sonic’s hands and tenderly caressed them. This did the trick of catching the blue hedgehog’s attention, because Sonic’s still sleepy eyes met with Shadow’s. He smiled weakly and whispered “Hi Shadow.” Tears of joy forming in the other hedgie’s eyes, Shadow covered Sonic’s body with his own, embracing his husband tightly and claiming his lips with a passionate kiss. The Feud is Over! Outside, Tails was happy and relieved when Friar Antoine notified him of the real situation. He hugged the coyote, who smiled and hugged the kit back. Suddenly, they heard footsteps approaching. There was definitely more than one pair too! The fox and coyote began glancing around. To their surprise, Lord Silver and Lady Maria Montague were approaching, and with them was…Knuckles?! And behind Knuckles was…King Acorn! “Knuckles, is that really you?!”, Tails exclaimed in awe and disbelief. He then noticed that the echidna had thick bandages on his side. Knuckles snickered and said “Yep, that’s me. Good thing my wound was treated as thoroughly as it was!”, but then he turned solemn and continued “I heard about poor Sonic though. I wanted to come and pay my respects. It’s the least I can do.” Tails and the friar exchanged glances. Before anyone could say anything else, Lord Jules and Lady Aleena Capulet appeared as well! They were accompanied by Bunnie, Manic, Sonia, Count Adrian and Amy Rose, and Scourge. What, Scourge?! The kit’s eyes widened. “Scourge…how?”, he stammered. The green hedgehog chuckled. “I’m too stubborn to die that easily, don’t you know?” Then he pointed out his bandages. The hedgie then let out a sad sigh, and said “I was devastated when I heard about Sonic, though. I wanted to come to the tomb as soon as possible.” Finally, King Acorn spoke up. “Upon learning of these recoveries, I was going to announce Shadow’s pardon to the public tomorrow. But then I received word of Sonic’s passing, and I became busy with offering condolences and informing my kinsman Knuckles, since he and Sonic were so close.” Suddenly, everyone screamed! Friar Antoine and Tails quickly turned around. There in the entrance of the sepulcher stood Shadow, carrying a drowsy but alive Sonic in his arms! The more alert hedgehog smiled sheepishly, then stammered “This isn’t what it looks like…” “Well no kidding!”, Amy Rose shouted. “Sonic Capulet, how could you scare me like that?!” “And how could you scare and trick us?!”, his parents, siblings, and nurse all yelled at the same time. Scourge merely gawked, his mouth agape. Friar Antoine cleared his throat, then said “I guess I’ll be explaining for a third time this night. Sonic and Shadow are…mates! They met and fell in love at the Capulet party. The following day, I officially joined them together. Soon after came the brawl with Knuckles and Scourge. Sonic was shocked, but he also grieved for Shadow’s banishment. To escape from violation of his vows, I gave him a sleeping potion which creates an imitation of death. I sent a messenger to Mobua with a message explaining everything, but the messenger was delayed due to an urgent matter he encountered en route to Mobua. I hurried over here to the Capulet tomb to be here when Sonic awoke, but thankfully Shadow was here after receiving news from Tails. And here we all are.” Everyone was stunned. Finally, Lord Jules spoke up. “I…don’t know what to say. I’m very upset about this trickery, yet…” Then King Acorn spoke to everyone. “Capulet, Montague…if ever there was a reason to stop your foolish rivalry, this is it! Your sons wouldn’t have had to keep their love and marriage a secret, and there never would’ve been a need to deceive everyone.” After exchanging glances, everybody nodded. Then Lord Jules and Lady Aleena approached Lord Silver and Lady Maria. “Shake my hand, brother Montague,” said Jules as he extended his hand. Silver smiled and accepted. Lady Aleena and Lady Maria embraced. “At last, there won’t be anymore useless fighting!”, Maria exclaimed. Aleena nodded in agreement, tears of happiness in her eyes. Shadow and Sonic were filled with joy at this sight. “We did it, my love. We stopped the hatred between our households,” the blue hedgehog said softly. “We sure did, sweetie,” said Shadow, “now kiss me again!” Sonic gladly obliged. Everyone cheered upon seeing the hedgehogs kiss. “Sonic loves Shadow! Sonic loves Shadow!”, Manic and Sonia chanted, but their brother paid no attention. Bunnie scolded them, however. Amy Rose stared, then squealed. “They’re so adorable together!” Her father laughed and patted her back. Just then, someone tapped the pink hedgie’s shoulder. She turned, and there stood Scourge. The green hedgehog raised his eyebrows and gave a mischievous smile. “Hello, gorgeous,” he flirted. Amy Rose grinned, and took his hand in hers. Count Adrian smiled warmly. King Acorn was delighted with this turn of events. He walked over to Shadow and Sonic, and said “Shadow, you are pardoned and may return to Mobiona if you wish!” “Thank you, your Highness,” the black and red hedgehog replied, and bowed. The king continued “And may you both be blessed forever.” Then Sonic bowed to the king and said “Thank you very much, your Majesty.” The squirrel stated “This is the greatest occasion I’ve ever beheld. A long-time hatred permanently halted, by the love and union of Sonic Capulet and his Shadow Montague.”
Romeo and Juliet: Sonadow Style! Chap. 8 Necessary Deception At the Capulet household, Lord Jules and Lady Aleena were making plans with their servants. Bunnie was taking part in planning the wedding as well. They noticed Sonic enter, and Jules asked “Where were you, my headstrong boy?” Sonic took a deep breath, and said “Making confessions to Friar Antoine. I’ve learned from my foolishness and disobedience. Please forgive me, I’ll go ahead and marry Amy Rose.” Jules smiled with delight and hugged Sonic. “This is how it should be!” Then Aleena kissed Sonic on the forehead and said “I knew you’d come to your senses, sweetie.” Bunnie smiled warmly at the young hedgehog, who smiled back. Afterward, she helped Sonic select his best outfit for the wedding. Next thing Sonic knew, Wednesday night arrived. The moon was up, and his family was finalizing the remaining plans. He closed his bedroom door, and took the vial from its hiding place. The hedgehog was nervous. “What if something goes wrong?”, he said whispered quietly. “What if this concoction doesn’t work? Nah, Friar Antoine is an expert in herbs and potions. He’s a holy man too. What if I awaken too early in the tomb? What if someone sees Shadow in the city? No, I’m fretting too much.” Then Sonic put the vial to his lips, and said “To you, Shadow. We’ll be together soon!” Then he quickly chugged down the concoction. Before laying on the bed, Sonic hurried out to the balcony and tossed the vial outside into the garden. Then he laid on his bed, the potion already making him drowsy. Sonic is Discovered The next morning, Bunnie entered Sonic’s chamber. “Sonic, sugar-hog; time to get up! Your bride is waiting!” She walked up to his bed and began to pull back the covers. “Come on, sleepy head.” But Sonic still didn’t stir. “Sonic, today’s the big day. Time to get up! Or should I have Amy Rose come and get you out of bed?”, she chuckled before shaking Sonic’s shoulder. Bunnie gasped after doing so. “Sonic? Sugar-hog?” She shook him again, and touched his forehead before screaming. “He’s dead! My little sugar-hog is dead!” The rabbit ran toward the door and continued screaming. Lord Jules, Lady Aleena, Manic, and Sonia all rushed over immediately. “Why are you screaming, Bunnie?”, the younger hedgehogs asked. Sobbing, their nurse pointed toward Sonic’s body. “Sonic is dead!” “What?! No!”, Jules and Aleena shouted before rushing into Sonic’s chamber to his bedside. Aleena shook Sonic’s body, and wailed in despair. Jules laid his hand on Sonic’s forehead. His son was as cold as ice. “He’s cold, and stiff,” Lord Jules said sadly. “Sonic! Sonic!”, Manic and Sonia yelled as they ran over and joined their parents. Manic placed his hand on Sonic’s chest. No heartbeat, no breathing either. Sonia held his hand, which was icy cold. Their eyes welled up with hears, and they buried their faces in Sonic’s blankets, weeping. “Stupid wretched day!”, Lady Aleena cried. “The most horrible day of my life,” Bunnie agreed, wiping her eyes. “My son, my oldest child,” Lord Jules said, “Death has stolen him from us. Please death, give us back Sonic. Take me instead.” Before he could start shedding tears with his wife and other kids, Count Adrian and Amy Rose arrived in the doorway, accompanied by Friar Antoine. “Is the groom ready?”, the coyote asked. “He’s ready to leave…forever,” Lord Jules cried. “My dear friend, and Amy Rose, the night before your wedding, death snatched Sonic. Here he lies, cold, pale, and stiff…” “What?!”, the bride exclaimed before rushing to her groom’s bedside. Tears immediately formed in her eyes. Count Adrian came up behind her, and also saw Sonic’s motionless form. He let out a heavy sigh and gently placed his hands on his daughter’s shoulders. “I’m so sorry, sweetheart.” Amy Rose shouted “Please tell me this is just a bad dream, Daddy!”, then she turned toward her father, and exclaimed “Daddy, please make this day start over, but the right way…”, she buried her face in the red hedgehog’s chest and sobbed uncontrollably. Friar Antoine cleared his throat, getting everyone’s attention. He took a deep breath, and said “Grieving, although natural, won’t change this sudden and sad situation. Our nature tells us to weep, but we should really be joyful for Sonic. His soul is in eternal Paradise, where there isn’t any grief, illness, pain, or loss.” “Even so,” Lord Jules said, “We must now change today’s plans. We’re having a funeral instead of a wedding. The music, feast, flowers, now all will serve the opposite purpose!” “Come now,” Friar Antoine continued, “Dry your tears, and go out while I dress Sonic in his finest outfit. Then prepare to carry this handsome hedgehog’s body to the cathedral, and finally his resting place. Remember though, that while his body rests in the Capulet tomb, his soul still lives joyously in Heaven.” Shadow’s Heartbreak Later that morning, a funeral procession passed through the streets. Sonic was laid on an ornate bier. Friar Antoine followed behind the bier; the coyote was followed by Lord Jules and Lady Aleena, Bunnie, Manic, Sonia, Amy Rose, Count Adrian, and all the remaining Capulet kin, along with the household servants. Musicians played a solemn tune. A few other friars carried burning incense and scented oil in front of the bier carrying Sonic. Citizens stepped to the side and observed the mournful procession, giving their respects. When the funeral procession was coming close to the entrance of Ava Maria Cathedral, unbeknownst to anyone a certain fox was…flying in the sky? Yes! Tails was known to use his two tails to fly (like a helicopter, to the modern world). He had come back from seeing his cousin Shadow. Tails noticed the long, solemn line of mourners, and quickly came down closer. The kit gasped in shock and horror when he saw Sonic laying on the bier. Then he noticed Friar Antoine, the rest of the Capulets, and Bunnie. He recognized all these folks, and the obvious grief in their expressions proved that this was real. He took another look at Sonic’s limp body on the bier, tears forming in his blue eyes. Then Tails turned around and flew back toward Mobua. When the two-tailed fox arrived back at Mobua, he gently landed in front of Shadow’s new residence. But he didn’t go inside. The sorrowful kit leaned against the outside wall and slumped to the ground, tears flowing down his cheeks. A few hours passed, and Tails remained in the same spot, softly weeping and staring into space. But then he jumped when the door opened and Shadow exclaimed “Tails? What are you doing back here?” The fox slowly turned toward his cousin. “I…I…,” the heartbroken kit stuttered. Shadow took his hands and led him inside. “What is it? What happened? Say, have you heard from Sonic?” Tails gulped, then said softly “It’s Sonic. He’s…dead! I saw his body being carried to Ava Maria Cathedral. Friar Antoine and all the Capulets were following the bier carrying Sonic. Oh Shadow…”, then the fox burst out sobbing and buried his face in the hedgehog’s chest. Shadow wrapped his arms around the kit, and slowly stepped back until he bumped into his new bedside. “Sonic…”, he whispered softly, and began staring into space. Tails slowly glanced up, and saw his cousin turning pale and shaking. He slowly stood up and sat beside the hedgie. “My mate Sonic…is dead…”, Shadow stuttered. “I wish it wasn’t so, Shadow!”, the fox cried. The grief-stricken hedgehog stood, and walked toward the window. He stared outside at the sky for a minutes, before nearly shouting “Then I rebel against you, heavens!”, and running outside. Tails hurried after him.
Lady Grell Sutcliff (Black Butler) by AlexisYokoAlexander
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Bayermedicalsolution by Ink-Z
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Hi there!

As your Leader I've been a pretty damn arse in your eyes, haven't done anything for the group due to the fact, that I was in the german type of federal college and prepared my way to go to uni.

During my preparation, I didn't have much time to care for all of my groups and I think that someone else who is more capable to run a group should take my position and lead the group.

I sincerely appolgise to all of you loyal members and watchers of this group.


Please contact me via note if you want to apply for my position and tell me the group you're in.

Yours sincerely,

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