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How to Get Your Group in Top Shape! Got a group? Great! Got members? Awesome! Want to keep your current members and attract new ones? Of course you do! Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your group in tip-top shape!

Keep Your Group Info Updated Make sure to keep your group info up to date so that potential members know what your group is all about. Mention what your group does, what kind of content or benefits your group offers, and what’s expected of group members.

Post Journals Regularly Keep your members engaged by posting journals regularly in order to keep content fresh and consistent. Journals are a great way of sharing information as well as continue conversation within the comments.

Personalize Your Group with Widgets There are several ways to personalize your group and make it stand out! Add a poll that members can vote on, feature an important journal that can’t be missed, or showcase which deviants recently visited the group.

Use a Custom Widget for Additional Info If there’s any additional information not covered within your group info or a featured journal, add a custom widget to outline more details and make it directly visible on the front page. Include helpful links or content such as: • Group rules or guidelines • Promote events • Highlight outstanding members within your community • Spotlight artists and their artwork

For More Info Check out our journal on how to get a new group off the ground, or give a boost to an existing group!