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Welcome to the Grid - Arbiter



Went a little overboard with the lights

Arbiter - Halo Series

As always comments are welcomed
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Gta 5 online has a new update, deadline update which looks like tron
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very nice indeed!!!
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HNNNGNNGN!! This would be awesome!! xD!!
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as CLU lookd out over the balcony,he observed the recently arrived heroes with a smirk"hello gentlemen.i gathered you here for one sole will fight in teams of two,and one team will be pitted against another,in a fight to the death.ladies,gentlemen,i hope you're the grid."he replied with proudness in his voice,as holes opened up underneath the heroes,and they were sucked in,to be armored in grid regulation suits.
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if they came to hear me beg......
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"then they will be disappointed."
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great scene , i miss the arbiter in halo 4, he was a good partner for the chief
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i agree,hopefully they'll put him back in for the fifth game.(fyi,they set up the ending of halo 4 to continue the franchise,so i know there's going to be a fifth)let's just cross our fingers and pray that it's not going to become another sc-fi version of COD,like H4 many noobs.*shudders*they...they came out of the trees.they took charlie man,they took charlie!
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well they confirmed a second trilogy, my money would be on the precursors becoming important somewhere between 5 and 6, if not probably acting as cliffhanger for potential further games

in some ways i'm glad they said it would be a trilogy , and that means ( at least i hope) that the story has somewhere to go to

i would be disapointed if the story is too short, i know a the campaign was supposed to be longer , but lots got cut, from what i gather the Spartan ops were supposed to make up for that slightly, but its not the same
longer campaigns are a must in my opinion
(but then i enjoy long unwinding story lines like you get in Fallout and other RPGs, and i know not all FPS gamers want long plot's , but personally i like to see halo as something with story not just a mindless shooter)
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precursors?what're you-oh!the forerunners.yeah,i see what you mean,but precursors = the jak trilogy and beyond,while forerunners = halo. i was somewhat confused.

i agree fullheartedly.not many halo games have that great a campaign any more,and i find myself playing halo 2 more than any of the newer,it's RVB's cool mate,i agree.skyrim and the other elder scrolls games got it right,but they left out the ability to monkey around with objects,like you could in fallout 3.(if you have done it before,you know what i'm talking about)man,i missed that when i made the move to skyrim.
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well i'm not fully informed on all the details, but there are many indications that the prehistoric humans , who rivaled the forerunners technological status, and are thought by some to be the true heirs to the 'mantle' , these prehistoric humans had access to precursor neural physics technology of 'unbending filaments' a method of linking distant planets and systems , so they hit tier 0 on the scale of technological advancement

so it would be interesting to see what they can bring to the story with precursor technology
its pretty much confirmed that current humans in halo are no way near their ancient selves , so theres plenty of advancement they can make to raise up once more

i don't get much use of halo 2 much anymore, well not since i got aniversary which was a lot of fun ( glad they kept the old graphics for nostalgia purposes)
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I can see this working together actually! With the sleek covenant designs and such it really fits in together with the grid like patterns in Tron :D

Very Nice, Very Cool!
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How does that even work?

I don't mean tha in a bad way though... I love the way somehow it looks like it does work.:D
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wait isn't red bad in tron ? but overall AWESOME
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If Arbiter is red, it doesn't matter. He is Heretic, Hero.
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well can't disagree with that
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