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a corvette

It is a picture of a Corvette at a car show in Texas.

A picture is a collection of light information. This picture has been edited where color is concerned to loosely emulate two-strip technicolor, which is an outdated method of collecting light information.

A Corvette is a kind of car. It is made by general motors out of metal and fiberglass and regular glass and trees and petroleum products.

A car show is where people park cars where other people are sure to see them. Sometimes people get trophies for having such nice cars. I don't know if this car's owner was given a trophy.

Texas is a whole other country.
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texas is so not a whole other country.

it's LIKE a whole other country.
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n0 eet a hole otha cuntry.

(>.> I'm being a smartass.:3 I do know how to spell... :3)