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mother earth

By groundfish
the mother punk will survive...
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I love the skyline mohawk, and I was happily surprised by the global stubble. At first glance of the thumbnail, I thought it was a character similar to Tank Girl; this is definitely right up that alley of awesome. My favorite part would have to be the collar, though. I've seen spiked and studded and jewel collars of all sorts, but this is the first time I've seen screws! I'm tempted to aquire one to match my screw earrings.

If I had to critique this in any way, I'd call into question the size of her shoulder. I can't be sure that it's an anatomy issue, but it's definitely a character issue. Mother punk is expected to be strong, ready to jump to the call of duty, in my opinion. Her shoulders seem timid, unsure, retreating. Not only does her shoulder betray her expected character, but it doesn't match the personality that the head/face/neck portray. I'm, of course, going to fav this due to my love of its colors, textures, and that fabulous collar; however, if you ever wish to revisit this piece later, keep her shoulder in mind.

By the way, I found you through a feature article; I've been browsing quite a few, so I can't recall which exact page. Great work and thank you for sharing this with us! (By the way, I could totally see this printed on a black tshirt.)
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First of all thanks a so mush for the feedback. People dont care to write so much. I'm glad you liked the artwork particularly the collar.
I had this image in mind of mother earth somewhere placed in a distant dystopic future, sick, dying and decaying hence I kept her shoulder weak. I guess it's looking a bit too mismatched now. Maybe a revisit in future or a better idea next time with a better execution. :)
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I totally know what you mean about people not leaving a lot for feedback. I try to make my comments worth writing and even moreso worth reading. Often times, I come up with a story behind them, or at least what springs to mind when I find the picture. I don't do a lot of technical critiques, but I do like to point out concepts and suggestions.

If you go back to this piece, I think the weak shoulder could work if you have her eyes staring upward. She'll look like the victim about to fight back at its attacker, ready to spring back into action. Keep the cigarette please; it shows the extra punch of attitude she'd have, but most wouldn't see normally. Also, the cig signifies that's she's putting her happiness first, instead of worrying about consequences later (in humans, that would include lung cancer, etc.). Another bit to add, if you ever did a full-body picture, would be torn stockings (not fishnets, just sheer black ones) and short, black Doc Marten boots; docs mean business! (I have a pair myself, but mine are plaid. :D)

Again, I want to thank you for this piece, and I thank you even more for discussing this with me.
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i believe i've got a sound adviser in you :)
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i would like to live there.
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Haha. That's so creative.
I love it
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Really good piece.
The shadows are very good.. But I love the concept so much more. :3
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this is just beautiful...i love it..i dont even know what to say its sooo nice
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This is absolutely bad ass! from concept to delivery. Kudos!!
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no comments man on this piece:(this is an great pic,i dont understand why the pokemon bullshit are more appreciated then art like this.
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different strokes of different folks i guess. thanks tho.
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yeah you are welcome:)
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