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If you happen to use twitter, any retweets of this would be GREATLY appreciated.
My entire Youtube channel was demonetized. All details can be found in the link above.

if anyone knows someone that might have answers, or might be able to help, please let me know!!
Hey guys! There were two unpaid designs from the gatcha, so I thought it would be nice to host a free raffle for them  ^^
As the title states, this is for FTO (First Time Owners), so if you have multiple Chimereon designs already, please do not participate in this raffle!
If you have a Free MYO, you can still enter the raffle. Only if you have more than 1 design, please do not enter! Let's give other people a chance to get some chams  :star:

-Reply to the appropriate comment thread below to enter
-Do not enter if you have more than 1 Chimereon design
it's alright if you already made the Free MYO! If that's the only Chimereon design you own, you can participate!
-Only enter ONCE per design.
-Do not use multiple accounts to enter the raffle. Anyone caught doing this will receive a warning.
-This raffle is FREE! You do not need to pay anything to enter, or if you win.
-Winners will be chosen using a random number generator.
-If the same winner is picked twice, I will re-roll.
-These gatcha Chimereons CANNOT be re-sold for the original gatcha price. They can only be gifted or traded.

Gatcha2 012 by ground-lion 3829332105f2be7c52f5ead99c4948e3 by ground-lion

Gatcha2 139 by ground-lion D1b5759db166b3144f0c7ee00c1ab51c by ground-lion
THIS DESIGN WAS WON BY TheAwesomeMibby !! 

Just need to get rid of a few designs! Feel free to offer whatever you want. Please don't be intimiated by the ones with a higher price, if you want to offer a mixture of money/art/etc that's totally fine!!
I just want a lot of these to go to better homes  :3


These are guys I for sure don't have much attachment to anymore.
Please feel free to offer what you want on them!…

I can part with these designs with the right offer, but I may end up not trading.…

Random Designs
These are designs I never developed enough to have their own TH page.
Feel free to offer on them!…

I love these species, but I just don't draw them enough.
I'm more attached to some than others, just make an offer and I'll let you know!…
Was curious if anyone has a Chimereon they maybe don't feel super connected with, or would possibly want to "cash in" for a new MYO slot or something?

I'm mostly curious to see everyone's chams coz there are definitely a few MYOs out there that I *really* love the designs of  :'3

oh feel free to post other chams too they don't have to be MYOs, they can be adopts or gatchas or whatever too  :>

so basically when i apply the shader to my model and stage i get this.... crazy pixelation with the background?? i'm really unsure how to fix it and i've been fiddling around with it for a few hours to no avail. in the process i was able to fix a few things i was unsure of but UHGG  :'D    HALP
i'm such a noob with MMD still but this effects stuff is even more of a headache LOL
6f155a15ed5d06913d88a98330bfae1e (1) by ground-lion

also the model had some effects on it beforehand that i'd like to keep intact, but Raycast removed them all. is there a way to prevent that from happening to certain parts of the model?
Here is an example of what the model and stage looked like before applying Raycast

2e9126c60619077bb1dd8718e3c7f659 by ground-lion

i'm mostly interested in retaining the effects on his jewelry and horns.

gunna ping thietanavenus coz they've been super nice helping with MMD stuff in the past  TuT;;
Snyaby Cash Gatcha! (currently CLOSED) by Queijac Snyaby Snyip Gatcha! (CURRENTLY OPEN) by Queijac

I'm interested in trading Snyabies from either of these two event gatchas!!

Here are the Snyabies I have
Rounded5 (40) - ground-lion by Queijac Spike6 (86) - misdreavus by Queijac Long1 (17) - mikkelsobs by Queijac
Long8 (51) - ground-lion by Queijac Snyangel2 (61) -ground-lion by Queijac Lop7 (75) - ground-lion by Queijac
Long16 (98) - grindzone by Queijac Tendril3 (12) - miri-kun by Queijac Lop5 (52) - miri-kun by Queijac
(in order) Uncommon Rounded, Very Rare Spike, Common Long
Common Long, Legendary Snyangel, Rare Lop
Common Long, Very Rare Tendril, Rare Lop

There are a few of these that I am really in love with and probably won't trade but I'm still willing to look at all offers!!
looking to sell characters ONLY from this folder:…
please do not poke around and link something from a different folder... XD
(not looking to trade anything right now, just want to cut down on what i currently have)

also these:
(removed coz they all sold)

POINTS:points: for any order under $10/1000:points:
PAYPAL for any order above $10
Hi guys! Tomorrow is our big move day, and unfortunately we won't have internet at the new apartment for... heck, almost a full month  ;__;
I'll only have my phone to check messages, so that means I probably won't be able to check DA or upload or respond to messages or anything properly until we have that resolved. I'll try my best to get to messages when I can, but I can't guarantee anything  ;w;

I owe people art from some recent events so I will be writing my work list here as a reminder!!


-CLOSED- Guest chimereon-Auction by Pand-ASS
Transfer all 4 of these designs to the new base

Contest Rewards
Mx-Dear possible MYO or custom design
Opheleus custom design
jellyraptor custom design
Hey guys! I was in the mood to draw a bunch of Pokemon again, so I wanted to take some requests!
you don't HAVE to make a Ko-Fi donation to make a request, you can just leave a comment requesting a Pokemon for me to draw :heart:

BUT if you want your request to take priority (guarantee I'll draw this Pokemon for you) then you can buy me a coffee on my Ko-Fi page!  :D
Just leave a note with your donation of which Pokemon you'd like me to draw  :heart:

I will not be drawing doubles. I will consider drawing shiny/mega/Alolan forms of ones I have already drawn, though!
Here is a list of all the Pokemon I have ALREADY drawn! Please do not request ones that are in present here  :3
*new characters added*

51d8337e34c9b8590446a73685058913 by ground-lion
>> <<…
I have to sell some OCs and get a few funds back, there are some new ones in the stash and on my TH trade folder. PLEASE ignore the ones that say trade only, i'm trying to just cut down on my current designs and not accept any more! I'd prefer to only sell for points and cash (Paypal) at the moment  ;w;
JUST MONEY$$/and :points: right now sorry!! no trades!
hey guys! MysteryIncArt is looking to swap this chimereon for another design (they prefer mammalian or insectoid)

Cham0001 by ChimereonMasterlist

so if anyone is looking to swap their chimereon for this one, please contact them!
<da:thumb id="711998956"/>

this chimereon's design is actually really special to me so i'd love to see them get a good home!! they are the #1 entry in the chimereon masterlist if owning the first chimereon design means anything to people seeking RARE TREASURES  >;3
they also come with a big batch of artwork the first owner got! please check out the journal by MysteryIncArt for more details  :D
MYO extension due to TyphoonHey everyone!! A few people were asking about an extension to the deadline due to sickness, school/work, etc. I had already been heavily considering it, and since we are also getting a huge Typhoon hitting us tomorrow, I will be enacting it officially!
Since I'm unsure if it will knock out power, internet, etc, I just want to be safe and make the extension to the deadline RIGHT NOW! So please if you were struggling to get an entry ready on time, take advantage of the extension!   ;u;
Currently the deadline is only extended for an additional 24 hours, but depending on the damages from the storm it could be longer. I'll make an update to this journal tomorrow if anything has changed.
Here's the tl;dr version:
What's Happening?
The MYO event is being extended slightly due to extreme weather conditions in my area.
How long is the extension?
24 hours (Oct 23, midnight JST)

Made a new journal entry on the Chimereon group explaining the cause of this extension. I hope this is alright with everyone!!
Please take this opportunity to finish up any last minute entries!  :3

2nd MYO Contest *12hr REMAIN*Hey all, today marks the first day of the 2nd MYO Chimereon contest, where you design a Chimereon! This contest will give everyone a chance to draw and potentially keep their very own Chimereon design. Winning designs will become official and can be used in group events and any other kind of artwork!
★A change has been made this time around where participants can only make Herpian or Mammalian designs (though dream variations are acceptable). This is implemented to keep designs simple and clear up some confusion on the rare traits from the previous contest.
Winning Chimereons will be chosen based on how appealing their design is. A high artistic skill is not necessary to enter or win. If you wish, you may also provide some backstory for your Chimereon! “Appealing” designs do not necessarily need to be complex. Please just have fun designing your Chimereon in a way that speaks to you.
Here are some Chimereon Design guidelines:
Simple MYO Guideline: https://groun

The contest ends on the 22nd, it's already been running a few days!!
Only Herpian and Mammalian are allowed this time  :3

Here is some helpful little graphs and stuff:

2nd Chimereon MYO Contest -CLOSED- by ground-lion Chimereon Types by ground-lion Chimereon Sheet 1 by ground-lion
Basic Chimereon Features by ground-lion Chimereon Size Chart by ground-lion
So I wanted to participate a bit in Goretober, but I'm not really in the mood to draw my own OCs...
I also need some dang POINTS. i have a lot of points now so if people wanted to offer USD$ that's fine too!!

SO I've sorta made this list which is a mishmash of other Goretober prompts. I kinda picked my favorite themes (or tweaked/added) ones I'd personally like to work with.
I'm also a bit more interested in cool characters/theme mashups to draw so the point amounts are up to you to offer!! Also like, I just want to have fun and stuff so if you wanted to offer something other than points that's fine too (like if you have a cool OC or wanna offer art or something, i'm pretty open!!)
✧✧✧ I will take freedom with the characters and the themes, so please keep that in mind!! ✧✧✧ if you have thoughts or ideas though, I am all ears.  :D
I will choose one person per theme.

My prefs:
Points/$$ > OCs > Art

((THESE WILL BE CANDY GORE//LIGHT GORE THEMED. more surreal/cute/colourful/happy.)) These will be marked once they are claimed!

1. Body Horror
2. Medical Display Chart **claimed by confettiwater 

Mature Content

Goretober 2: Medical Chart by ground-lion

3. Sparkly Nosebleed/Excessive Blood
4. Flower/Plant Growth **claimed by PrincePompadour  Goretober 4: Plant Growth by ground-lion
5. Candy Cannibalism
6. Syringes
7. Oozing Liquid/Melting
8. Extra limbs/eyes
9. Organs in Jars
10. Crystallization
11. Surgery/Dissection **claimed by PrinceButt  

Mature Content

Goretober 11: Dissection by ground-lion

12. Amputation
13. Head Wound/Jelly Brains
14. Stitches/Quilt Patch
15. Food Platter/Slices **claimed by cristais  Goretober 15: Food Platter by ground-lion
16. Gore-Kebab**claimed by zigzaggin-goon 

Mature Content

Goretober 16: Gore-Kebab by ground-lion

18. Gut Spill** claimed by Bugfreaky  

Mature Content

Goretober 18: Gutspill by ground-lion

19. Bruised & Bandaged Up

Your Point/$$ Offer:
Other Offer?
Which theme Interests you?
Character Reference:

I will reply to the ones that interest me, please do not send any points until I accept your offer!! :heart:
Twitchy Leg: Unsolved
I'm not sure how else to describe it other than the model's leg starts twitching/glitching towards the end of the video. Everything seems fine until about 0:50 in and then the leg just starts spazzing!

New Issues: SOLVED! I'm still having issues with the previous problem mentioned below, so if anyone has an idea for that I'm still all ears!

But I'm trying to do a different video too for Marine Dreamin'. it seems I have two different motion downloads and each one has its own flaw (it's probably an easy fix though???)
One of them starts a bit delayed so it's not synced up properly with the music
the other one seems to glue the model's feet to the ground lol

if you know an easy solution for one or both of these please let me know!! I'm still a total noob so if there's some easy tutorials you know that would help solve this i'd greatly appreciate it!
I tried finding one for the foot issue but ended up getting a lot of... fetish stuff  o__O;;;

Previous Issue: Unsolved

So I'm trying to make a video using this motion:

I was able to successfully download it but it seems to be missing the facial animations/motion. All the videos I see that use this motion seem to have the facial motion as well so I'm not sure what I've missed 8(
If anyone has an idea, maybe I just did something wrong, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Hey guys, if you follow my Twitter you might have read that the last few days I had to be hospitalized for a minor surgery. I was unable to update my Patreon or Seelpeel this week, which takes a big chunk out of my monthly income. If anyone wants to help out a little bit, I made a Ko-fi page where you can send me a little support!!

💚 💚

Every little bit helps me out so much and is extremely appreciated ;u;
Hey everyone, go check out this hot new species that has a MYO contest going on right now!!

Humantis Myo Event + Raffle closed! by sapphicool
They are an awesome humanoid mantis species and they are just SO CUTE AND AMAZING plus it's bugs you can't get much cooler than that. Go enter!! get a cool mantid ~!!
Hey guys, in case you didn't know I've started making/posting process videos/speed paints to my Youtube channel! I've updated a few submissions that now have links to their speed paint videos, so if you see those pop up again in your notifications, that's why!  :D

Here is my Channel for anyone that just wants to poke around and look at some junk:…

first of all check out my AWESOME NEW ICON that deer-mafia made for me omg i love it so much CRIES, what a beautiful Clair  <33   ;u;

Second of all I've started my first preorder form for a Clair Dakimakura (body pillow), if you're interested please check it out!  :D

(warning: there are a few NSFW image links in the document. Please ignore those if you are not 18+!)
The Clair daki is however 100% SFW and really great for cuddling.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes!! I have been receiving many and it has all been making me smile throughout the day. You all are great and I really appreciate it  <333
Today has been nice and relaxing for me and my roommate spoiled me with many nice foods and treats   X3

You all rock, thanks again  <3