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Chimereon Lore 1

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it's hard to believe i had these sketched out like, a year or two ago... and only just now got to finishing/posting it  e_e;   gahh
i never meant for it to take so long to get all this chimereon stuff out, but such is life  :'3

hopefully this helps everyone understand a little more about chimereons, the world they live in, and how they act!
i'll definitely try to get more of these sheets out  <3

please ask questions! or post a comment with some information you're curious about~!

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Chimereons are a semi-closed species by ground-lion
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Are open species if not is there any free version of the species
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It's a closed species.

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I have a question about a cham that I had purchased a while back. Being there is such thing as magic for Chimereons would light magic be a thing? I would suspect that my cham Rigel has some light magic being when I bought him it said the spots on him glow which sounds some what like magic. Does this mean he has a little light magic?

[Chimereon] Rigel by Kiki-CR   Link to auction: [Auction end] Rigel and Leo
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yes for this design glowing and light magic is ok!   ^^
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im sorry for asking this cuz you probably must get these questions a lot but is the species still open? aand if so can i make one?
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Sadly, they are a closed species!
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Who do these chimereons belong to?
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is it possible for a Chimereon to have any advanced prosthetic limbs? like cyborg limbs to replace ones lost, or a megaman-like cannon arm?
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can my myo have the ability to slightly manipulate water(like moving it) or a slight bit of telekinesis magic?(like being able to lift things and move them but only if they are smol
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I had a question - how long is the usual Chimereon lifespan? Is it similar to human lifespans 70-100 years? Or is it different?
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hmm, since each chimereon is based on different animals and therefore shares characteristics with said animal, i'd say it can vary greatly depending on the sub-species!
i'd imagine the smallest lifespan for a chimereon would be around 20~40 years, where the highest lifespans can reach a few hundred
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That's very interesting, thanks.
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What is this thing called "magic"? Does chimereon becomes a psychic type if it knows any magic...? Like, I've never play anything other then Pokèmon... XD
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Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to create a high-anthropomorphic chimereons with a long mane on my head? And yes, can it interact with other species, such as dogs, cats? How much will it cost if I create such a character?)
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what does high-anthropomorphic mean (more the "high" part)?  o.o
if you just mean more anthro than feral, that's totally fine. there is no rule against how to draw them, so whatever is comfortable for you!  :3
manes are fine on a mammalian type chimereon. there is no limit to hairstyles or lengths  ^^
it can interact with any species you want.

making a chimereon like this does not have any cost!
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Awww... Thanks for the answer!)
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lol the one in the middle is screaming in my face "WELCOME TO GRIFFONDOR!"
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wait so do i have to pay to make a chim or can i make one into an oc of mine, free of charge?
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making your first chimereon by following the guidelines is totally free, you don't have to pay anything! if you want to make it based on your OC, you can do that as well  ^^

there is more info here!
Chimereon MYO by ground-lion MYO Guide: FAQ by ground-lion
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wait, so, im comfused. can i have a different color for the horns, flesh, and eyes, as well as up to three colors for the the fur or scales, or do i have to stick to three colours total?
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the 3 colour limit is just for the base colours of the body. so eyes, claws, pawpads can be different colours  :3
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OK sorry for asking so many question I just want a super clear picture of things.
Ok so for my MYO I wanted to have them wearing rather city like clothes BUT I do NOT want them to be civilized my backstory was along the lines of like there parents used to be civil so they brought my MYO Azul some clothes back left again and Azul never saw them again. Is that ok?
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