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Chimereon GiftArt Event

By ground-lion
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The gift art event has been revised!! Please read the new conditions carefully!!
This is a constant event that will be a part of the group from here on out, as a consistent way for people to earn group currency outside of group held events!

f2u sprout icon by plushponRULES f2u sprout icon by plushpon
- Draw another group member's Chimereon to receive Beetoles, the group's currency.
- Drawing your own Chimereon does not count, but they can be included in the image if you want!
- You do not need to own a Chimereon to earn group currency.
- Entry must be at least flat colored.
- No bases/YCH, Commissions, Art trades or Memes.
- You must list the Chimereon's masterlist entry in the description of your artwork or in the submission comment, even if it is hosted outside of DA!
- Seel's Chimereons are not eligible for this particular gift art event, by their request. This is to promote people to draw other people's Chimereons!
- It is not required, but consider drawing gifts for people that do not get them as often.
- Art that has already been submitted as gift art or to an event cannot be submitted again.

The amount of beetoles entries get will depend on what kind of entry it is.
- Busts will earn 1 beetole
- Waist up will earn 2 beetoles
- Full bodies will earn 3 beetoles
- Scenic backgrounds will add +1 beetole
- Animations will add +2 beetoles
- Comics (must be at least three panels) will add +2 beetoles

(In other words, if you made a piece of gift art that had a full body, had three comic panels, had animation, AND had a scenic background in it, you could earn 8 beetoles.)

You can only earn 16 beetoles per month!
There is no cap to how many entries you can submit, as long as you don't go over this beetole limit.

* At least one full body/waist up needs to be of another member's Chimereon
* Comics still have to include at least one full body/waist up.
* Simple blinking animations or two-frame bouncing animations do not count towards animation gift art.
* Chibi styles will be judged in a case-by-case basis at the digression of the moderators.

f2u sprout icon by plushponHOW TO ENTER f2u sprout icon by plushpon
Draw a gift of someone's Chimereon and submit it into the group! You can submit it to the "Chimereon Artwork 2" folder, or you can ping an admin to submit it for you.
Once your drawing is uploaded to DA, submit entries to The Treasury journal:
Please comment with
-Your Name
-Who you drew gifts for
-A link to the gift/s you've drawn

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments!! 

Join the group, membership is open to everyone!

Chimereons are a semi-closed species by ground-lion
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G3Ck0sHobbyist Digital Artist

Do simple animations such as blinking, nodding, and wiggle icons count as animations that earn 2 beetoles for this event?

MegTheArtist16's avatar
MegTheArtist16New Deviant

I’m trying to earn 8 beetoles by combining the comic strip, gift art, full body, and a scenic background into an animation meme. I am using 4 chimereons and was wondering if I could come up with backstories for them to make it easier to incorporate a scenic background. I can give out their numbers from the master list if you would like. I put this question here, but I don’t know if I should also ask the owners of the chimereons if it would be okay to do this.

MochixBeast's avatar
MochixBeastNew Deviant

Hey, is this still open? If so I would love to join.

MegTheArtist16's avatar
MegTheArtist16New Deviant

Not an moderator, but I believe this is always open because if you look in current events the gift art’s end is N/A

ghfhfdbjds's avatar
ghfhfdbjdsHobbyist Writer

What is your definition of a Bust? some people say they're just headshots, but others say they're more like this can someone clear this up for me?

xXxChrisyBugxXx's avatar
xXxChrisyBugxXxStudent Digital Artist

A bust would be about the bottom of the cleavage up (Stated by the name Bust, Busty.)

(to put it frank the bottom of your boobs and up. .<.)

Andi004's avatar
Andi004Hobbyist Digital Artist

Is this open

FGLK's avatar
FGLKHobbyist General Artist

i dont find artwork 2 folder

witchxlynx's avatar
witchxlynxHobbyist General Artist

Does well done traditional art count towards beetols or does it have to be traditional?

ground-lion's avatar
ground-lionHobbyist General Artist

both traditional and digital art count for this! artistic skill doesn't matter at all, you can have any level of artistic skill to earn beetoles ^^

witchxlynx's avatar
witchxlynxHobbyist General Artist

Awesome!!! Thank you!!! Also the last traditional was meant to be digital* slight typo ^^

AshleeFloof's avatar
AshleeFloof Digital Artist

I was wondering if we're allowed to draw ground-lion/seelmaru's chimereons?


kleopatraa15's avatar
kleopatraa15Student Artist

I guess you did'nt read everything....

FISHB0T's avatar

- Seel's Chimereons are not eligible for this particular gift art event, by their request. This is to promote people to draw other people's Chimereons!

ground-lion's avatar
ground-lionHobbyist General ArtistFeatured



AIbiru's avatar
AIbiruHobbyist Digital Artist

Just wondering- if the artwork folder is full, and you draw art still, but wait, does it count as being earned in the month you drew it in, or the month you submit it in?

snowipanda's avatar
snowipandaNew Deviant

cooollll i have no betoles tho

Toasted--Toaster's avatar
Toasted--ToasterHobbyist Digital Artist

Sending 45 betoles Aerokiba

louzo-chan's avatar

how to send work in folder "Chimereon Artwork 2"?

louzo-chan's avatar

i need send a link?

louzo-chan's avatar
sorry but how send my art in there?
Casual-owo's avatar
Casual-owoHobbyist Digital Artist

Sorry for a later reply. The folder is currently full. You’ll need to wait until the treasury reopens(i think) before you can send art to there again. This is my first time doing the gift art thing ^^

SlumberingWaterfalls's avatar
SlumberingWaterfallsHobbyist Artist

so sorry to bug, im a bit lost.

im trying to find where people post their characters for gift art but i cant seem to locate it? sorry if its in a reasonable area and i just glossed over it. u.u

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