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Commision's and Art
I do traditional art, i know its not the best quality but i try to get it to you on time. I draw things in related to the Dragon Ball Franchise, such as OC's and what not, main character's. And I will even do Vore Commision's. 

Newest Deviations

Xander V.S Tigron by groudon19 Xander V.S Tigron :icongroudon19:groudon19 4 7 Akui's Armor by groudon19 Akui's Armor :icongroudon19:groudon19 5 19
Power of Armageddon
A unlikely union of forces had come together to face of against one that threaten's them all. Akui, Biyo, Ghidran, Sutagon, Balthiere, Surtur Boraura, Sorath, Emirado, Odetta, Diabla, and Kara all face of against the dark demon known as Dyagrah and his malicious physical manifestation's. Both side's held steady, not moving an inch, the tention was dense in the air, it felt almost like a moutain was siting on top of them. Moment's passed, finally Akui roared and charged at his assalent along with his allies, Dyagrah and his manefestation's followed suit. Time seemed to slow as the two force's grew closer to each, each step seemed like miles, each breathe seemed like a gust of wind, it was some of the most intense moment's of their lives. Finally the forces collided with each other, each taking the onitial target, Akui and Dyagrah locked horn's as the other's faced the manefestation's. Just as Biyo took the first punch she realized something, on physical contact they took on the for
:icongroudon19:groudon19 2 11
Akuma Shadow Arcane Dragonoir  by groudon19 Akuma Shadow Arcane Dragonoir :icongroudon19:groudon19 2 0 Oni Character by groudon19 Oni Character :icongroudon19:groudon19 3 0
Sorath's Confession
Dust filled the air, the terrain had be laid to ruin's, the once flurishing lake with water so clear you could see the bottom of it, had all but vanished. On the bank's in a trail of destruction, 2 people kneeled down besides a fallen warrior, the look of sorrow and dispar filled their eye's. The warrior that laid uncouncious from the intesne convertation was a Black Dragon named Akui, all of his energy had be
disposed of and he was know powerless till his strength return's. The two women who kneeled next to him was his best friend Ghidran, and his true love Biyo, Biyo weaped like a new born babe, strucken with greave of what her new mate had to go threw and in the end still did not have releif of his tourment. Ghidran held content, more or so worried about what the future held know that Balthiere had gained a sustatial amount of power that Akui had generated in the battle. Akui twitched and opened his eyes "B..biyo..Ghidran...when did you...",
Biyo enterupted him with a kiss to the li
:icongroudon19:groudon19 1 2
What If....Akui was in Asura's Wrath by groudon19 What If....Akui was in Asura's Wrath :icongroudon19:groudon19 1 7 Yammutika Guardian Goddess Molly by groudon19 Yammutika Guardian Goddess Molly :icongroudon19:groudon19 5 13 Little Bea by groudon19 Little Bea :icongroudon19:groudon19 5 6
Akui's Relation's
Biyo: To Akui there is no other woman that he'd want to be with more than Biyo. To her long flowing green hair, to her red lushes lip, to her soft skin, Akui fall's head over heel's evertime he see's her. He loves her more than anything and would forfite his own life to protect her. He would do anything to spend his life with Biyo, he is abit emberessed to admit this to her but he would like to have a baby with her.
Ghidran: A lovely hostest, she welcomed Akui into her home with kindness and love. He sees her as a best friend, maybe even a sister. He hopes to repay her kindness one day in full.
Dina: The one who discovered him in the begining, and bring's a smile to Akui's face each time she comes by to see him. She know's how to make Akui smile when ever he is down. She is like a neace to him.
Mecha Doran: He sees M.D as a honorable warrior who would give his life to protect Ghidran and their children. He see's him as an allie but is suspicio
:icongroudon19:groudon19 5 53
First Encounter, Akui V.S Balthiere
It was 4:00 A.M. and Biyo and Akui where sitting at the table drinking some freshly made tea, their face's held worry and fear. " your father?...", Biyo asked her new mate as he just stared at his drink. "Yes.....that is what he told me...that it was he who created me, that in doing so would make me his Son..and his plan's for me are as dark and twisted as his min", Akui said and sipped some tea. Biyo looked down, un-sure of what to do, or how to help Akui in this new development, she sighed and drank her tea as well. A few momment's latter Ghidran walked into the room, grogy from her early awakening, "What are you two doing up so early", she asked as she wiped her eyes and leaned on a counter. The two said nothing but only glanced up at Ghidran, she tilted her head, "Did i miss something...". Biyo stood up and walked to her, "Ghidran...we have...alot to tell may need to pull up a seat and have some tea with us", Ghidran merely shrugged and poured herself s
:icongroudon19:groudon19 1 4
Interesting Challenge by groudon19 Interesting Challenge :icongroudon19:groudon19 7 9 COME ON!!!! by groudon19 COME ON!!!! :icongroudon19:groudon19 2 8
Confrontion,The Truth
The sun had arrisen, its blinding light shinned threw the blind's of the room. Akui's eyes stered and he began to awake, he rubed his forhead "Oh man..what happned..", he questioned as he looked around the room. He glanced to his left to see a beutiful woman with long flowing green hair, it was Biyo completly nude. Memories of what happend the night before returned to him and he chuckled,"Oh..right...hehe". He leaned down and kissed her cheek, a small smile grew on her cheek as he smiled back. He quietly stood on the floor in front of his bed, he began to dress himself for the day ahead of him when he heard Biyo mumble something in her sleep, he turned and leaned in to see what she was saying. "Mmm..Akui-Kun...why..why must you leave my side now~", her eyes then opened with a glitter of happiness in them, Akui giggled and kissed her, she kissed him back. "Im sorry my dear, but i must ready myself for the day ahead of me", he said with a smile, she sighed and leaned up and stretched. "O
:icongroudon19:groudon19 2 8
Akui Shogun/Ronan
Full Name: Akui Shogun/Ronan
Nickname: Aku
Alliance: Chaotic Good
Age: 1,972,666
Place of Birth: Doom Dimension's
Current Residence: Crumbling Ruin's/ Yammutika
Gender: Male
Species: Black Dragon
Ghidrah (Friend)Dina (Friend)Biyo (Mate)
Dark Matter Flame: He can project dark matter from his palm's, mouth, and chest. At any level it is extremely deadly to any creature or person so he uses it as a last resort trump card. Darkness Rush: He engulf's himself in dark matter, then he rams his oppoenent's at high speed's causing a severe amount of damage.Super Human Strength and DurabilityFlightRegenerationMartial Art's and Gorrila Warfare
Bio: There is a place where death and dispear rule above all, where no live of any kind can thrive, this place is called the Doom Dimension. But one day,
:icongroudon19:groudon19 4 2
Limit-Breaking Power by groudon19 Limit-Breaking Power :icongroudon19:groudon19 5 5


chaos first bikini (color) by edjarit-117 chaos first bikini (color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 315 18 chaos bride 2 (color vr2) by edjarit-117 chaos bride 2 (color vr2) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 308 13 chaos first bikini 2(color) by edjarit-117 chaos first bikini 2(color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 237 15 daidalos sexy (color) by edjarit-117 daidalos sexy (color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 302 17 sexy tomoyo(color) by edjarit-117 sexy tomoyo(color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 137 6 harpy lingerie (color) by edjarit-117 harpy lingerie (color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 141 10 sora sexy lingerie (color) by edjarit-117 sora sexy lingerie (color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 143 2 neko arlet 2 (ocsno)(color) by edjarit-117 neko arlet 2 (ocsno)(color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 155 10 sexy trina (harpy) (color) by edjarit-117 sexy trina (harpy) (color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 179 7 sexy sora (color) by edjarit-117 sexy sora (color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 144 3 natural aomi (oc sno color) by edjarit-117 natural aomi (oc sno color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 172 9 sora embarrassed 2 (color) by edjarit-117 sora embarrassed 2 (color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 162 9 daidalos sexy 2 (color) by edjarit-117 daidalos sexy 2 (color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 155 6 arlet in bikini 3 (color comission) by edjarit-117 arlet in bikini 3 (color comission) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 186 9 sexy arlet (oc sno) (color) by edjarit-117
Mature content
sexy arlet (oc sno) (color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 268 21
sexy hiyori (color) by edjarit-117
Mature content
sexy hiyori (color) :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 319 18



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Hi im a Yong artist from alabama, I like DBZ, Pokemon, Digimon, AOT, Akeme Ga Kill and stuff like that.



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To those who use the program Xnalara, could I get the link to it and some other program to so I can make the models move, I might be downloading it today...hopefully.  But if I do...can I get some help with using it. The people I know who are experts on it are the following down below, especially the last since she knows how to make her own models...please help a newbie out!!

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