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I know my gallery is massive. But there is something for everyone!! I have Photography- Macro, Portraits to Vintage Cars, Jewelry/Other Crafts then to drawings and paintings. As an artist, I am scattered everywhere. Through out several mediums at one time. Jumping from one to another, it works for me so I go with the flow <3
My Art Isn't Your Stock Stamp by Smitkins Art is Stamp by ultravioletbat:: dAc Stamp by deviantARTcommunity


First off, I answer all comments, watches & notes. But favorites, I just cannot thank people for them anymore, I get way too many on a daily basis. I appreciate every single one though!!!

What kind of camera do you use?
A SONY DSLR - A390 with 18-55mm lens + a Sigma 70-300mm. A set of Extension tubes and several Macro Filters. Also a Kodak Easyshare- which I still use but only to concert venues or festivals that will not allow me to bring my DSLR unless I have a damn press pass. Plus, its optical zoom is wonderful quality for how old the camera is! No actual macro lens, yet. It's not about the camera, it's about the person using it. Two people can own the same camera but yet they get different results. And THAT is photography! We all have different eyes :]

What programs do you use?
I never shop my fuckin work- right off the bat. I must stress this because I get comments & notes about how my work is shopped. Like my Macro for instance has to be shopped since I don't own a Macro Lens. Naw, I have a technique all my own that I acquired by screwing around and seeing what worked for ME & and MY style. I seriously have never even used photoshop before. I don't even own it. Instead I use Photoscape, It's simple and does all that I require. Such as sharpening, sometimes fixing color curves, darkening to take it truer to how it really was, lovely frames, etc. If shopping is what you like to do, wonderful :] It's just not what I need nor use. So, everything you see in my photos is actually there. NEVER added into the photo afterwards like a lot of people like to assume happens. Which is really annoying when its achieved the old fashion way. Hard work & practice.

How long have you been doing photography?
13 yrs now. I just do what I like and I follow that instinct. I am very thankful for the experience I do have. Practice, patience, passion and experience really are the keys to it really, to everything actually. I don't listen to what others say is the right way to do Photography and the wrong way- because that is a bunch of bullshit. Because we truly have our own vision of what we want our work to be. To say one way is wrong just because it is not YOUR way, is simply not the way to go about Photography. I have learned that you have to be able to stand your own in this business, you must be able to believe in your work in order to stand for it and fight for it. One must develop their own style, in which they feel confident enough to soar without being knocked over by the weak. I never pay attention to what is the "trend" or what is the new "craze" in the Photography world- I shoot what interests me and if others love what my eyes love- well that is beautiful!! I couldn't ask for more!

Have you had any schooling?
No, I am completely self taught, in all the mediums I use. Years and years of nonstop practice and determination to grow as person & an artist as helped my Photography & artwork get to where it is today.

How many tattoos do you have?
I consider this a personal question because even though my tattoos show, they are mine and are very personal to me. I really don't know anymore, once I started connecting them to each other I have lost count. I find this to be an odd question b u t I do get asked it a lot. Simpy put- Instead of small tattoos everywhere, I have full pieces with more on the way. Most of tattoos are hidden 100% of time, I get them for myself anyways, so no one needs to see them but me.

Can I use your photo(s) as a reference for a drawing/painting?
Yes! And you don't need to ask me. All I ask & expect is to get a link to your work, because I would love to see it. This is where this request ends. I do not & will not take custom photos for you. If I did, I require payment.

How do you make your fake blood?
Since I make it myself, I do not share my recipe. It was hard
Work getting the right look, I will not give it out for free. I decided to share this very tastey recipe. Go here to see & read:

Why do you put writing/watermark on your images?
Watermarks protect your work the best. Bottom line. And also, because I have had my work stolen & claimed as another persons work and also I have seen my work on other sites, without my permission. Its my work and I want to protect it the best I can. Art theft is very easy when you put it on the internet. But I like that my work is shared a lot. It means that outside dA my work is liked. Watermark through my images are for Internet purposes only! Clients who buy prints of my work do not get images with watermarks, but anything I upload anywhere, gets a watermark or 3.





Yellow Nights by MarcoHeisler Yellow Nights :iconmarcoheisler:MarcoHeisler 1,343 240 u n l o v e a b l e by gutterface u n l o v e a b l e :icongutterface:gutterface 2,280 119 Camby Startrails by drtongs Camby Startrails :icondrtongs:drtongs 1,704 216 Moon setting over Detroit by DocZ65 Moon setting over Detroit :icondocz65:DocZ65 32 4 Mythical Planet Earth by oO-Rein-Oo Mythical Planet Earth :iconoo-rein-oo:oO-Rein-Oo 1,665 293 autumn feeling ..XX by KariLiimatainen autumn feeling ..XX :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 4,103 325 Desire by SandyManase Desire :iconsandymanase:SandyManase 755 67 Thank You by PirateYanna Thank You :iconpirateyanna:PirateYanna 11 8


Artist | Professional | Varied
United States

I'm Sheri, I am 31 years old. I live in metro Detroit.
I love my family & friends with all my heart.
I'm a punk but with a true heart of gold.
I treat others the way I want to be treated.
I love until given reason not to, very simple things.
Art = blood <3 It runs through me!
Movies are the glue to my survival.
Music is my world. Photography is my life.
My mind operates in images. Hence why my
skin is so excessively modified with tattoos.
I do what I feel, and I say what I mean.

:star: Instagram
:bulletblack: Artwork: @darling13artworks &
:bulletblack: Photography: @yesdarlingphotography

:star: Photography Fb:…
Like it if you want. But only like it if you want to actually follow and
support my work. Not so I can like your page back, that isn't what
I want. I want someone who actually cares about my work to like it.
It's not updated regularly at all. I don't use it often. Idc.

Hello my lovelies!!

I am so very sorry it has been soo long since I have updated my journal- but I have been busy with life in general. From my normal job to my Photography work to personal relationships. Everything has been chaos. But thankfully everything is calming down- a bit.. that is.

In my last journal I mentions future photo jobs, one happened as planned, the wedding. And the other, the Live Birth was squashed when the client had to have an emergency C-section. Which is okay, all that matters is momma and baby are okay. Which is how everything happened. Nothing went wrong and everyone is doing good. She is a mother of two beautiful children, a 2yr old girl and a sweet little boy, so we have talked about doing a shoot soon. One for the new addition and one for his big sister. So she will still get photos taken, but this time of both her loves and I think that works out the best in the end.

The Wedding was beautiful and the Bride, who is a co-worker of mine, she looked so extremely beautiful!! I was very happy to spend the entire day by her side, capturing it all. I have several folders of photos to edit simply because I have been so busy with normal work, that I have to usually wait till I get home from work to work on my other "job" requirements. Lol. After a long day of working retail, I don't want to spend time with my computer, I want to spend time with my bed. Just saying. But I give myself a few more weeks and they will be done and ready for her & his eyes. I cannot wait to see their reactions to my photos :heart: And of course after they view their photos they will pick which ones they like, I move those over to a flash drive and then I print the photo, organize into an album and the deal is done. Lol. Weddings are a lonnnng process, tedious and tiring. Hence why I only do one a year. And I already have a Wedding to shoot next year.

In other "exciting" news, well to me its exciting because I didn't think it was possible to get something like this custom made. I want to branch out and shoot more baby portraits, more so new born to a few months old. I love Children Portraits as a whole, but baby portraits have been pulling on my heart strings for the past year or so. I was talking to a co-worker/friend who happens to be a Photographer as well, we were talking props, and I told her how I wanted a Baby Canopy bed, to be used as a beautiful prop in Baby Portraits. And she informed me her cousin was looking for some side projects to take up some of his free time after her got home from work and she asked him about taking on my Canopy Bed. He ended up being very into it, I drew him up some blue prints and he did his own thing while following my basic needs and wants. And in return, I got a beautiful, beyond perfect custom Baby Canopy bed. I have one more coat to paint, after already painting about 10 coats on this bed. But that is what I get for wanting a textured look to the bed frame itself. Lol. All I can say is that I am beyond thrilled about it and will be using it soon, with two different babies. And even a few animals. It shall be fun. Also, I am hoping this will knock me back into the my photography vibe, that I have been missing/lacking these past 10 months. The move jarred me to the core of who I am, and it has taken me a long time to truly settle.

I am starting a few new projects- so those will be revealed soon enough. Here and there. Hint, it is Nature themed, well actually, they both are. And two different projects.

Anyways, I am going to try, (key word) try very hard to do more updating here. Be it my gallery, journals and even my ID. I need to do that last one, it has truly been too long. Lol. But again I will say, I have dropped the ball. But a lot of personal chaos has happened these past 5 months and not knowing which way is up can be kinda suffocating to deal with. But I am better & calmer.

Now for some eye candy :giggle:

20 lovely pieces that have stuck with me for the last
few weeks, so I wanted to share these gems with you all!! :D

Img 1961-2 by snomanda haze II by Ceecore
365 Challenge Day 284 by Fleur-de-Noel Burn America by IMustBeDead
First autumn leaf by HackingDutchman Lavellan and the Dread Wolf by ApostacyArt
Blue by Feenmond Untitled by lordschaft
Backyard Exploring by kmarieg Is this ufo by KariLiimatainen
Eye of Sauron by FineLiquidArt Red hat by Akxiv
untitled by wolf-minori ooOooOOooo by marrgit
Butterfly by foxphotograpghy .Multiverse. by SynWav
Autumn behind the gates... by inDeevid toiles by Aldeb77
Birch Trees in Fall Forest by DeLumine Body Part Series II by Soot-Sprite-1995

Sorry for another long ass journal entry but thank you to whoever read it all. I really appreciate it :heart: And thank you so, so much again to all my watchers, old & new. I am so very grateful for the support, continued to brand new. Nothing warms my heart in such a special way. I really wish I could explain it better, but atm words aren't my friends but no worries, one day I will explain it perfectly. Lately, with how work has been, words don't exist. But mouth vomit sounding like drunken slurs do indeed :lmao: :thanks: :heart:

  • Listening to: Nothing, atm. Soon it will be s o m e t h i n g.
  • Reading: Nothing.
  • Watching: Swamp Murders.
  • Playing: Nothing.
  • Eating: Already ate.
  • Drinking: Iceee Water.


About Me

I have been an artist since the day I was born.
My work goes where my mood takes me, so I often
Jump from medium to medium… from ink to photo,
To beading, painting to sewing, everything is an interest.
I’m extremely passionate, organized & my visions are clear.
I listen to my heart, my purpose in life is to create and at
The end of the day I do it all for myself. Because it makes
Me happy and it’s my therapy in a world that is fuckin crazy.

I am completely and 100% self taught. Years of practice & love. I am not a professional by normal standards even though my friends and family will say otherwise. All I have are years of experience under my belt, so most of the time I know what I am doing. I know what I can do and I know what I can’t do. Plus, I know My style and I am confident within it that I don’t feel the need to prove myself or my catalogue of work to anyone. I am still learning New things every day, so I don’t think I am better then anyone.

So far I think I am doing pretty good for myself. I've worked on a few low key college films & commercials and then Hostel Part 3. Now I have some lovely contacts in movies and music, which is a plus. Even though I don’t do a lot of make-up anymore, it’s still a passion. I haven’t forgotten it completely, it’s what got my foot in the door. I have been selling my Photography & Other/All artwork for 3 yrs now. It’s a very freeing thing to be able to sell what makes my heart beat. And others love it enough to buy it, I'm thankful!

I never wanted to be an artist, I always just was one.

Extra Info

:bulletred: Even though my name on dA is GrotesqueDarling13, this is not my business name. I never changed it because this is who I am known as on the net, people know it and can google it easy to find my work. My business name for my Photography is Yes Darling Photography© and the name I sell all my other Artwork by is GrotesqueDarling13 or GD13.

:bulletred: I consider myself to be close to professional standards with mostly all the mediums I work in/with because of all the experience I have had on my own and in the business for companies and paying customers. I have explored every inch, absorbing and learning, getting better over time. I take my work seriously but I know how to have fun, whatever the subject may be. It's way more then a love or a passion, it's who I am, it's a need for my internal happiness.. to recharge my batteries.

:bulletred: I have a lot of pride & respect for my own work because I know where I started and the long journey I took to be where I am today. It wasn't easy by any means. But the past 10yrs has all been worth it. Getting as much practice & experience as possible is very important. Most of my time goes to my Photography and other Artwork. I'm an Artist by birth, not choice. It flows out from me naturally and at the end of the day I do it for myself, not to make money off of it. If that's your only reason for starting, Photography isn't for you. I have made money from my Photography before, from friends, strangers, companies, writers, etc. But even if I didn't, I'd still capture this world around me. It keeps me content, I like to capture e v e r y t h i n g & creating pretty things suit my interests.

Which quote is fitting for your life atm?? 

20 deviants said "Ignorance is the worst of all human diseases."
19 deviants said "Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows."
11 deviants said "We are stars wrapped in skin, the light you are seeking has always been within."
10 deviants said "That feeling in your heart will guide you in the right direction, always."
8 deviants said Two or more :]
7 deviants said "If you see a human being humiliated in front of you and you don't feel humiliated too.. go & question your humanity."
3 deviants said "Once destroyed, Natures beauty cannot be repurchased- at any price." -Ansel Adams.
3 deviants said None of them, I will comment a better one.

Fuck YOUR Facebook!!

You are all very welcome for the faves & comments!! I love to support my fellow artists and their work. It helps us to grow. Feedback is very important!!!

But don't go and ruin it by...
BEGGING me to go like your facebook. I will like it if I actually like your work. I won't like it just because you are on my profile begging me to. I find this to be rude after all I did was FAVE a single goddamn piece. Please do not be that way. Accept the reality of my "No, thank you" and move on.

I don't like being spammed about liking peoples facebooks. This is deviantART and all people seem to care about is facebook. I don't prefer facebook over dA. I have a facebook, a business one and a personal one and they are not my life. I have a growing business without the help of facebook. So, if facebook is your thing to the point you spam people to like your page, with hollow meaningless likes because you yourself had to tell them to like it, then go you. Keep it to yourself is all I am asking.
Dont Invite me to like your facebook STAMP by SheilaMBrinson


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