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Gloster Meteor X

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A tailless variant of the Gloster Meteor fighter jet. The aircraft was inspired by the Horten Ho 229 Strategic Fighter that the Horten Bros. developed. Its main role is to execute ground attacks on convoys, bases, and airfields if the Soviet Union ever goes to war. Around 1000 of these planes were built and used until 2007 when Sweden retired the very last batch of Meteor X’s.

For now, I will be designing fictional vehicles and concept art. As always, stay fresh, stay safe, and stay at home.
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I always wondered what would have happened if someone actually bothered to build their own version of the Gotha Ho229.

If you're looking for ideas, maybe a true supersonic Supermarine jet fighter of the mid-1960s; maybe a British equivalent of the F100 or the F8U?

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I had an idea of making a Flying Wing version of the F-4 Phantom. I drew it yesterday, and the results were somehow awkward.
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I like it very cool .