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Dancing Mad

[ download for full size ! ]

Kefka's living tower from the game Final Fantasy VI.

Drawing on paper, colorization on Photoshop.
About 30 hours of work.
Made in 2008.
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47ness's avatar
Haha, devilishly clever!

.........i wonder if you could just keep casting Bolt 3 on them to inflict max. damage. :XD:
DurkeDurk's avatar
I really love how you made this steampunk version! great work!
mattmattart's avatar
wow, there's an incredible amount of detail. also, there is a nice sense of movement, wavelike.
BioHazardSystem's avatar
excellent, ouais j'adhere ! a quand le Great white shark de meme ? !!!
héhéhé bonne nuit espece de pingouin !! héhéhé
YoaKeDAX's avatar
Kefka at the top in your style would have looked cool
Xadren's avatar
Very original!
Raskolnikov2007's avatar
Oh .... GOD ... that's cool.

You are very imaginative, indeed. Excellent spin-off concept -- ooh! Derek Oren's version of "Dancing Mad" from Overclocked Remix kicked in just in time on my iTunes! Too cool. Now your art has a soundtrack!
darkside-ky's avatar
Nice interpretation, though I sorta miss the spiritualism of Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso.
ButzboPrud's avatar
Wooow!,congratulations!,,,all i have to say!!
I tried to draw this 'Monument to Non-existance' once ,,,and i got too frustrated at the huge thing,,,
I like this mechanical twist : P.
CleverNamesAreTaken's avatar
I think you just became my personal hero.
AlvaroShiokawa's avatar
wow i love the details you placed on the drawing and hehe, nice one, this living tower, all robotic... in a way because of the towering stature it reminded me of exdeath´s tree from ff5
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