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Bullet; Pink Oil painting commissions Bullet; Pink   

Email: if interested

What I don't paint: discriminatory things (e.g. racism or mockery of someone's religion, etc), complete nudity and animals

  • Head/bust shot (with plain background): $35 AUD    
examples:   Prosopagnosia [Commission] by groovygillian        Comfort by groovygillian       Clouding of Consciousness by groovygillian    

  • Waist up (with plain background): $40 AUD   


  Image by groovygillian   Witch Hour by groovygillian      Metamorphosis by groovygillian      Image by groovygillian


  • Full body (with plain background): $45 AUD    
examples:    Help the Poet by groovygillian      The Inclusive Form by groovygillian               Speech Therapy by groovygillian            Imaginary Friend by groovygillian


Bullet; Pink Example of a plain background: Bullet; Pink 

Bullet; Pink  Extras: Bullet; Pink 
  • Background: $10 Bullet; Pink 
examples:        Comfort by groovygillian            Here's the hardest part by groovygillian          Paper Thin by groovygillian

  • More than one character: $10/ person
example:        An Odd Interlude by groovygillian

Bullet; Pink  Info Bullet; Pink 

  • Medium: mainly oil paint and sometimes a bit of acrylic in the backgrounds
  • Size: I usually work with 8x10" or 10x12" canvas panel
  • I can work off descriptions or photos 

  • If you're interested please send me a note or an email (
  • Shipping is extra 
  • Payment: I accept paypal only. Prepayments in full.
  • I also upload my work on my Instagram  and
  • Also, I'll email you progress shots of the work ^__^