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Request game rules:

1A. Got a request in mind? Play along! Post your pick of a number (or acronym that seems pleasing) from the acryonym list below.
example post:
Hi Groovy! 
#392 BBB - I would like to see [add name + URL reference pics here], perhaps in this [pose] if possible. 

Just check the other comments down below and you'll get it fast :3!

1B. Also add TWO character (please add references, and outfits or poses you might desire) you want to have, and if SFW or NSFW.

2. I reveal the theme hidden behind the acronym and draw your request following that theme. 

update March 19th 2018

Hi all,

I was on a trip. And I am now back. 
Still lots to draw! I will be also bringing an updated version of the acronym request game, so it is better structured for those who want sfw, ecchi and full nfsw (though dArt may be a bit edgy about that latter one).


End of update

I hope this thing works haha!

Probably not the most uncomplicated original idea - or at all, originality is kinda dead lol...

This "Mystery Acronyms Request Game" here is simple:

Here is a list of acronyms. They stand for a theme. For now, these themes will be unique to THE ONE YOU SELECT =). Ofc, if somebody else or you is interested in one already selected (or you liked the theme), just let me know and I'll if I can make one. You also add TWO character as your request. And I try to make best of the sketching artsy fartsy stuff. 

Why am I doing this? 
Half stupid, Half wanna do stupid stuff that is FUN!
For reals tho', I wanna do sketch bombs (you know, my sketch spams) but with a bit more of theme-orientation. And I would be fun to add some randomness and RNG by you picking for your request. Mh? :)


  1. H!HMB
  2. HISMP
  3. BH
  4. RMBW
  5. LHSH "Long Hair to Short Hair" - Taken by Osprey-Hawk
  7. ONWH
  8. ONMBI
  9. BO
  10. CTL
  11. CSWS</> "Clothes swap,WRONG SIZE!" - Taken by MegauploadRebel (2nd)
  12. BPON
  13. WGTGH "We got tangled girls here!" - Taken by FA-H*
  14. RDHAGA
  15. BSHS
  16. SSTAD
  17. ADSFW
  19. SCRT
  20. IDTH
  21. TCPT
  22. TCAIC
  23. ATCAAC
  24. ODAMB "Oh damn, All Muscle Bomber" - Taken by KuroTheFoxy 
  25. AYAA 
  26. AYAFAS
  27. WHYSMR - Taken by cyanblash 
  28. ELTU
  29. SGS - Taken by Trumi (2nd)
  30. WT-HS???!
  31. BVRFC
  32. VTP
  33. HMPTO!
  34. XRL
  35. BS
  36. IBO
  37. IWUAM
  38. TBL!? - Taken by Microbytes
  39. TNHIW
  40. IDYDHAE!
  41. F!AUAHIT
  42. COMCP
  44. OSL - Taken by troll36
  45. *Omitted this one - Slot is for Swimsuit Requests*Taken by trumi
  46. *Omitted this one - Slot Is for Swimsuit Requests* - Taken by MegauploadRebel 
  47. HSO
  48. WLC
  49. USNUS
  50. BWAC
  51. UWOY
  52. GTY
  55. EIS
  57. MM
  59. UAH
  60. LAL "Low Angle Licking" - Taken by Osprey-Hawk nr2.
  61. SAD "Sides and Derriere" - Taken by Marksmanthestalker
  62. FGS
  63. OGGTS
  65. AGATBM
  66. BNP - Taken by DeviErwin 
  67. LODH
  68. ST
  69. MSGWTS - Taken by Chest-Mountains
  70. SMO - Taken by ZacharyXNYC
  71. MPFHE
  72. NCSF "Naked Cream Soap Foam" - Taken by zkfanart 
  73. TDT - Taken by RolosLover 
  74. AMS
  75. HBDB
  76. AIS
  77. DYLMT18THCCAM??? - Taken by Kailoanna-Kat 
  78. RLPTM
  79. ROB
  80. HITB
  81. PD!TIANZ
  82. AS:WS

Disclaimer/Rules WIP
For now, just one acronym-pick per person until I am through with a few. I am also doing this on my freetime from university, so there will be short-comings. Don't feel discouragedl =), but please wait. Don't spam reminders. I want to give some freebies for all participants. Also, I take the freedom of doing it in pencil or digital form - and ofc, be aware that since these are not commissions, these won't be in perfect high-def state, especially since I will be experimenting. So proportions will be off and stuff may look ugly =).


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
N S F W warning!NSFW warning!NSFW warning!NSFW warning!NSFW warning!NSFW warning!NSFW warning!NSFW warning!NSFW warning!NSFW warning!NSFW warning!NSFW warning!


My gallery contains mostly MATURE CONTENT!!!!!!!!

Nothing truly "messy", but here and there are some naughty stuff. I'm all more about tasteful stuff and obscure female characters. My works are not the best of detail as I am a mad pencil sketcher first and foremost.

I am still contemplating with a SFW account. Or a more "not-so NSFW" account, but then again, it is probably against some dA rule.

All girls, regardless of their original age, are drawn as +21 year olds. I neither want to hear nor see any reports about the opposite. I know what I draw ;P!

The majority of artworks (premost sketches) can be found in the "Sketchbook" area of the Gallery - As well as in the nsfw/sfw sketch dump folder!


//Commission Requests

Note me.

Paypal only
If you like to donate a bit of currency, let me know. I can always give back a small artsy reward nonetheless :)!


The WTF-is-Groove-Doing right now Entry

May - June 2017

Taking on commissions.
Getting random requests of sketchworks done.

Nice links:
Centaur refs:…


Aisha ClanClan - speed sketch batch
Several sketchy takes on one of our favorite catgirls of the 90s.

Not much to comment or really expect from these. Especially for these not being 100% Aisha (Missing tail, blue cheek triangle, long-ass hair braid, claws, wicked-cute looks).

Probably will be re-applying some of these in actual illustrations, like the sitting Aisha one towards the middle.

After doing some research, I'm trying to figure a good "digital sketch" look. So far I probably will learn the path of these two artists:


HotS - Car Salesman Meme feat. Kerrigan
Heroes of the Storm meme.

This is a stupid joke that popped in my mind when Kerrigan's gameplay upgrade was in a preview video some weeks back. The patch has already been released since, and she is actually whooping ass.

Not everybody's flavor, regarding the humor. :D
Kerrigan is so damn fun! She can now hop from enemy to enemy and actually "tank" for a while as she all-ins! You'll die eventually, but not like before where your abilities are on cooldown. Now, her Ravage (imagine like a cat lunge/pounce) can be skilled to get an extra charge per enemy champ. Stuff like that.
Goldie Pheasant - speed sketch batch
The usual, you know =). Next up is to improve on lazy shading. This is tricky if you want to get a bit of the "feathered skin". Maybe too much of an effort. I want to see that we get more of Goldie with sexy outfits. Like open ones that show cleavage and all that stuff that usually would make other women angry for us looking :p. Screw them haha!

Summoning :iconosprey-hawk: and friends! :D
Girl Batch - Sketch Collection 03
Top row: Selfie shot of a group of girls.

Lower left: Jacuzzi-high angle shot

Lower Right: Hmmm, a new OC? She does look like Evangelyne from Wakfu. But I kinda like her curious face xD! Ah you know. Boobs °w°...
Girl Batch - Sketch Collection 02
Another sketch batch. Some will be redone with some more detail and positioning, like the one in the lower right with Callie and Swifty :D!

I still have to throw all the pics together regarding "water splashing on people".


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Project-Fumika Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey thanks for watching me. I like your stuff. 
I hire artists to do a lot of giantess or vore related content. So if you like them, that's great. 
GroovechampDA Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Hi. Glad you like it.
I'm more into the giantess than the vore, but I don't judge by that. I enjoy looking for artwork references, so I really admire your collection :).
Project-Fumika Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I took a look thought your gallery and Journals. But I found nothing about your commission prices. 
GroovechampDA Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Oh. Currently, I'm "off duty" so to speak. This is due to final stuff at the university.
Instead, I'm currently doing a request game to at least keep busy with fun ladies.

My prices ranged between 5 and 30USD as I'm not all too professional/skilled with coloring. The works are more of a "donation" than an actual "commission". I hope to be done with the university this year, but it may extend a bit further.
Elle-Athaliah Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018
Come down to my page!!!
I have some treats that can give your tickles touches
that suites your taste!
You shall thou see the most beautiful ethereal Goddess
that was never seen by anyone!
GroovechampDA Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Sure, why not! 
Watching you :3
Pertenyos Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2018
Thanks for the watch :)
GroovechampDA Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
^-^v cheers!
Swift-Nimblefoot Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Check out this ecaflip lady, Groovey! :)… Pretty nice shapes, love the way the fabric between the boobs is streched.
GroovechampDA Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks dude!
Yeah, I was gonna dl all of neoartcore's stuff. The quality and style is impressive! I should be able to mimic it for future artsy pics with our gals. Thanks for the share!

#sharingiscaring haha
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