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Star Guardian Ahri

By Grooooovy
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Dragonkingmark's avatar
SG Ahri looks gorgeous! great work!
tuckfxspeed's avatar
This is so beautiful! You did an amazing job!!
DaveSheepek's avatar
DaveSheepekHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh, it´s a cute Fox Lady =D ^^
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Well now this looks fantastic! Totally cool looking style you got here^^ Oh I'd love to see some action scenes from know...if you want too of course~
PhalanNimue's avatar
PhalanNimueHobbyist Digital Artist
in my opinion these characters are still a copy of sailor moon
also nice art it's very well done
CraftJensin's avatar
CraftJensinHobbyist Artist
There's a lot of magical girl based characters.

I think Usagi set the bar for the genre 
PhalanNimue's avatar
PhalanNimueHobbyist Digital Artist
i should not have said copied i know that they are inspired by sailor moon and some other magical girl anime but in my opinion there just to close in looks and name if your going to create something that's inspired by something else they should've made them have a bigger difference 

and by name i mean the whole star guardian thing being way to similar to what the sailor scouts are mainly saying in name and looks

tho i should not be quick to judge i don't know too much about them
CraftJensin's avatar
CraftJensinHobbyist Artist
I don't know much either, but then again when I saw Star Guardian Lux I thought it was Chibiusa
shazzz999's avatar
Gorgeous. particularly the super-bunny. S
NiWo21k's avatar
Great work :)
Love how you were able to get this cute but serious look :)
SketchkidUchiha's avatar
SketchkidUchihaHobbyist Filmographer
Awesome Art work!
SteveMillersArt's avatar
SteveMillersArtProfessional Digital Artist
cool. nice job!
VampireKnightHaruka's avatar
VampireKnightHarukaHobbyist Photographer
Sweet and cute look for her!
Shockwave1111's avatar
id wreck that five ways to sunday 

also the chicks pretty hot too
dimipim's avatar
it looks so good! Great job!
goatink's avatar
goatinkHobbyist Digital Artist
super cute and lovely, great work :D
heromomo's avatar
nice work
ShienaArts's avatar
ShienaArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
That’s magnificent! 
Unseeming's avatar
UnseemingStudent Traditional Artist
Awesome work! Love it!
NitroEvex's avatar
NitroEvexStudent Digital Artist
It's really a great job! keep it upPikachu Loves It Plz 
Bestasus's avatar
BestasusHobbyist Traditional Artist
All the yes^^
Muffins1984's avatar
Muffins1984Hobbyist General Artist
Awsome artwork and cute little sidekick^^.
Joakaha's avatar
JoakahaHobbyist General Artist
So cute! :D
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