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The Crystallized Ectoplasm

Twinkle the Crystallized Ectoplasm...i call upon thee to cast yourself between the cells of ribonucleic creatures underneath the very core of consciousness, or suffer the hypothemia of my Breath...

EmptyHead collaboration with

Made for

*james119 gave the collage and the headless figures

=gromyko supplied faces and crystallized the image...

Emptyness are made to be Filled!!!
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© 2007 - 2021 gromyko
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This looks so cool! It's just... I thought for a second that you drew it. o_0;;
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Just effects i made in Photoshop Cs2...thank you
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Great composition. I love the details and texture. Excellent tones and superb atmosphere. Brilliant mood piece.
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moody indeed...a bit Mayan or Inca...
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Hm it works well together considering the electric heiroglyphs that you do. I'm beginning to see a bit better the way these collabs work.
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Thank really into this style senoirs here told me to continue with it...they see a future in these works...thanks again
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I demand a crystal of power!!
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yes...power to the crystals!!!
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Sweet work man. Nice collaboration between you two.
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thanks from the two of us!!!
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Why am I reminded of the Mayans when I see this?
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maybe because of the stair cases...and the simplified and ambiguous creatures...or Roberto Matta...
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Could be.

Either way, I like it.
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look's nice
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thank you my friend...crystals for the new year!!!
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