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Eelectric Heiroglyphics4

Digitally manipulated, Ink, Watercolors, Acrylic Textures, and Films on PSCS2...

And it came to pass that the writtings on the wall cracks like a seed pod only showing us the puzzle of the universe...I have seen this...but you havent...Let us work together to know the truth...
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Wow, that has life.....I feel like I'm looking at a digital age Pollock.
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Please have a look and consider joining the Remodernist Painters' Group [link] (RPG). I really like your work, and I think you'll feel at home with us.
Peace & Love,
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digital art is often times missing the human touch, but some how this isn,t
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Thank you very not a fan of digital arts either thats why i try my best to make these pieces like traditionally done...
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Absolutely breathtaking. I love the colors and formations. Fantastic mood piece. Complex and sumptuous imagery.
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one of my personal favs glad you like it!!!
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Powerful piece. It lives and breaths.
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I like how you made it mostly grren.And those red spots look great on it:)
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Spots of acrylic paint i guess...thankies
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