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What Makes It Tick

What does the Builder want? What does the Builder think? Who knows?
The Builder can want and think what He damn well pleases. Who are we to judge?
I'm here simply so I can figure out what makes these things tick.
Now, look at this. This thing can figure out the difference between a follower and an intruder.
A cog can't think, a cog can't tell the difference between squat. So how does this one know?
So I asked them how but they simply got angry.
"The wisdom of Karras is not for the eyes of the common man" they told me.
Well I intend to find out but that Karras fellow keeps his secrets close to his chest.
I had to join the Mechanists first before they let me any where near one of these things... You should have seen them when they saw my arm.
They were salivating at the prospect of examining it. Looming like a pack of hungry vultures.
I gave them enough to keep them satisfied but eventually, they'll figure out I didn't give them anything useful.
And when they find out I tricked them, I'll be as far away as possible from this place.
But until then, I'll be here solving as much as I can about this technology.
Something about it just doesn't feel right. I don't know what, but something about it is making my skin crawl...
--Ironfist, old Hammerite cathedral--

(Thief2, hammerites, watchers, and mechanists belong to Looking Glass Studio)
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