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// Illustration_ Martin Grohs
// Photography_ Mayer George Vladimirovich

Heartless. My intention was to show what happens to people who might look good and intelligent, but have no heart.
The heart is not only a purely biological our most important organ, but also the mirror of our words.
A person whose heart is open to feel, what the people feel with whom he has to work.
He doesn't defend himself doesn't attack, doesn't feel attacked, wounded, injured, threatened or offended.
Nothing of what others can meet him personally, because he feels what the other moves.
He feels their plight, their pain, distress in his own heart.
To understand this, one has to have heart!

thanks for the feature

Update! - Wallpaper version now available!

© Martin Grohs 2012. All rights reserved.
This is not a stock image. This image may not be reproduced in any form without my written permission.
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if you are inspired by work please credit me for the idea! thanks!
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love the texture.........awesome :)
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no problem mate.....:)
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thanks again! btw if you like please like [link] ;) would be cool of you! and there I've published two new works ;) so would be very grateful about your feedback! thank you! have a great day! regards
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already liked your page ages ago.....keep producing that awesome work man.. :)
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Amazing Ideea :)
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Did you get you inspiration from Bullet for my valentine's cover for the album Fever? Anyways, it's a nice piece of art! :)
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because it is the same stockimage? :D no not really ;) my concept was a other one ;) thanks anyway!
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You're so talented ! It's gorgeous !
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thanks so much!! glad you think so :)
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Again you're hightly welcome.^^
I didn't see your profile. Are you professional ?
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thanks again ;) and yea i'm :)
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I have sometimes graphic design contracts but I'm first a "communication strategy" student.
So I have a lot to learn.^^

Are you free-lance or do you work in agency ?
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ah ok :) I'm a freelancer at the moment. but i will work for a agency again :)
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i like this design
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thank you very much :dance: glad you do :))
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