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| Illustration_ Martin Grohs
| Created for the Intrinsic Nature - Experiment 12

"Everybody is like a moon - one has a dark side which one shows to nobody."

Please take a look at the


| Credits_ skeleton I, skeleton II, ear, eye, rest is own and self-created

| My second submission for IN12


© Martin Grohs 2012. All rights reserved.
This is not a stock image. This image may not be reproduced in any form without my written permission.
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© 2012 - 2021 grohsARTig
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This piece is stunning. I love the variety within it, and all the tiny details you added that create the overall atmosphere of the piece.

The illusion here of breaking away intrigues me. I love how you've made the black currents smooth, almost like silk, contrast to the blotchy, dilapidated background. It gives a feeling that while the foreground is in tumult, the background has already experienced the dissolving chaos and broken away.

But like I said, the little details are what caught my eye from the start. It's hard to stop looking at this piece once you've seen it, whether the viewer has an appreciation for art of this type or begins to wonder about the dark side in all of us. It's intensely thought-provoking and beautiful, and I congratulate you on such a wonderful work!
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Thank you very much! This is a really nice feedback! And I'm very happy that you think so about this work - my work! :) :squee:
What can I say ?! Just a big THANKS! Thanks for taking the time and thanks for your opinion to my work! Means a lot for me and I appreciate it so much!
And yea I love details very much! So for this you can finde in all my wokrs these elements :) It is one of my main points :) So again thank you very much and have a great day! cheers!
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It was my pleasure! :D I love being able to critique beautiful pieces like yours--keep up the good work! :)
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thanks again! :hug: I really appreciate it!.... btw if you like please liek [link] ;) would be great of you :) regards :)
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Oh yes, slick and disturbing. (:
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Haunting and very true. We all have something like that locked away inside.
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Reminds me of Egypt during the seventh plague. Well done, Maestro!
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Yeah! It's like lightning meets fire meets Egyptian statue (the face in the center definitely looks Egyptian without the headdress =)) meets charcoal beauty!

I would have this as a wall piece. I love this so much. It has all those elements, some ancient feeling (not a bad thing at all) but with a cleverly modern touch. It really gets my history/art juices pumping. So much energy. in this piece.

Much appreciated!
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Amazing. I can only dream of being able to make something like this.
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thank you very much!
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Do you sell royalty-free licenses for use as part of a book cover? I design book covers for several SF authors (and others) and would, of course, provide proper attribution.

If you sell on one of the royalty-free stock repositories, please let me know which ones and your username.

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Thanks for this share
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thanks for your comment! :)
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Totally epic!
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thank you very much!
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thanks a lot! much appreciated!
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This is awesome!
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