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Illustration . Martin Grohs . 2013

This project should be a bit of a challenge and an exercise for me.
4 paintings. 4 portraits. Made in 4 days. Each in 4 hours. For the 4 seasons.

I constantly try to improve my skills and try new techniques.
Especially my digital painting skills.
That's why I've decided to make this project.
These paintings are not finished, that's what I've done n 4 hours.

Hope you like it! Enjoy!
You can find more sketches, wip's and illustrations on my Facebook page!


Thanks :iconimustbedead: for allowing my to use this great photo as reference!

© Martin Grohs. All rights reserved.
This is not a stock image. This image may not be reproduced in any form without my written permission.
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Every time I see your work, I'm totally blown away at how talented you are.
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thank you so much!!
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INCREDIBLE!!!! Wundebar!!!!
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This is wonderful. An amazing piece!
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simsplayer's avatar this real?
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this is a real painting yea :D
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I thought it was a real photo that had been vamped up a bit until I saw the lips. They look like something painted but everything else looks life like. Well done!
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:D yea if you see the details in the link, you can see that everything is painted ;) it is a part of a series ;) check it out too :)
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Wow this is stunning
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Oh wow! I thought this was a picture at first. Amazing work! :wow:
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nope^^thank you!
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Excellent portrait.
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