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a little number of You might know about my Patreon-ambitions in the past ( ). Back in the time I had high expectations and wanted to deliver a lot of content, wich I *thought* it might be interesting for the public, but it turned out, that maybe I offered too much special-interest-stuff? The failure still gnaws at me. I love the idea of Patreons, my start in this adventure was bumpy, but I want to make it better with a little relaunch in the near future and this time I'm asking for Your help! :) It would be awesome when You can let me know, what kind of service is the most interesting for You of an artist on patreon? Maybe You're already a Patreon for another artist, what is he delivering that You spend some tip for?

I'm really curious about it...:)...


_ Karsten
Thanks to Nate, who sent me a hint that some of my stuff is getting sold on Society6. Again. So I decided to open a shop there by myself and offer some things: :) (Smile) Of course I can't upload commissioned work, but when You interested in something of my gallery, feel free to give it a try? :)


- Karsten

Hi Folks!

Maybe this is interesting for You and I hope to motivate some people for a visit or a like on my new Facebook-Site, wich is just dedicated for my stuff! :D I want to get a little bit more serious and maybe that's a good idea?

I'll post the same images like here on DA, but to make it a little bit more attractive, I've added a few sketches, drawings and undone concepts on the FB-site. They are not postet before anywhere, maybe worth a look? I will be VERY thankful for every visitor, buddy and/or comment! :)

Grobi on Facebook

Best greetings and thank You for reading!

- Karsten :)

BTW. This FB-Site'll not compete with my Patreon-Site. I work at a little relaunch for this service, but there's another special stuff to do. More soon! :) a very, very good friend of mine and new on DA! She's not a professional, but would be certainly happy about some Watchers. :) Give her a try? Clap

best greetings!

- Karsten
Hey all! I've updated my instagram-profile finally and I'll support it from now on with all the stuff. Maybe it's interesting or just more comfortable for You? I would be very, very happy, when we can meet us there, too! :) Please take a visit...

best greetings!

- Karsten
(this fits better in the journal, I think...)
It happened this night, I watched Spielbergs "Duel" in TV, checked some informations about this movie later in the net and then wanted to go to sleep. Quick check on my Twitter-site and there was a sweet surprise with a bunch of new messages. "Oh, maybe Rockstar posted some GTA-fanart...", I guessed. Scrolled down and saw, that Bryce! Dallas! Howard! retweeted one of my illustrations! I'm still shocked. :D (Big Grin)

Hello everyone! :)

Visitors ask me from time to time about commissions and I think now it's a good time to make it "offical", more transparent and I just have to organize it somehow. Yes, I do commissions - when I have some time! ;) So this is my first commission-sheet and I hope it answers the most important questions.

Some details

- Commissions are digital only
- To order just send me a note. Please include as much references and descriptions possible.
- Payment method: PAYPAL
- I can refuse a offer when I feel uncomfortable with it
- just one character - for the beginning. (I'll change it later when I have less work besides this commissions)
- When the commission is finished, You will recive a uncompressed .jpg file in high-resolution
- This commissions will be done between my normal jobs, so it can take some time. You may need some patience, because of no deadlines
- Commissions can be shown in my portfolio
- Once an order is confirmed, I'll send a sketch for your approval then finalize everything once it is approved
- all prices are not fixed! It always depends at the effort in the end
- Linearts / Flat Colors can be prefered when I've much to do, because they are faster to realize
- Patreon-Members will get 25% discount

What I like to do

- Pin-Ups
- Fanarts
- etc. Just take a look in my gallery ;)

What I don't like to do

- Don't know yet. Ask me, when it's not my business, I'll let You know.


- Lineart / Flat colors
Trailer-Images by Grobi-Grafik Female Hitman by Grobi-Grafik Commissions by Grobi-Grafik

- Headshot about 5$
- Halfbody about 15$
- Fullbody about 30$

- Digital Painting
Alyx by Grobi-Grafik Kit by Grobi-Grafik Rambo Fin by Grobi-Grafik Primal26 by Grobi-Grafik Happy Birthday Mr  Spielberg By Grobi Grafik-das6f by Grobi-GrafikGamora And Rocket By Grobi Grafik-das6g1r by Grobi-Grafik

- Portrait about 20$
- Halfbody about 30$
- Fullbody about 40$


I hope, this Slot-thing works and delivers some more transparency and fairness.

- free
Ok, folks. That Patreon-thing isn't that much interesting? I have a *BRANDNEW* idea! :o (Eek) 

TWITTER! Woohooooo! 

I did something wrong. :(

I started my Patreon-Site two days ago with a mistake and I hope to make it more interesting now.

I wrote about promises, my plans and my "want to dos", but there was no content yet to serve You something right from the start. Now it's different!

There is already an example-cartoon about videogames, but now there is the announced sexy stuff, too! :) I've updated some of my illustrations with more skin to give a taste about the upcoming stuff. Patrons'll get the uncencored  pictures, of course, here:

Enough "spam" for now. Sorry, when You're troubled about my two latest advertisings...

Ok, let's try something new!  

I've set up a Patreon-page for my work! :) I thought about it some time, because it's some responsibility to deliver exclusive stuff every month, but I think it's a good time now. I do fan- and femarts of videogames for a long time now, some people like my images - so let's try something new! :) I'm really excited...

I would be very, VERY happy when You take a look at...

Let me note, why it could be interesting:

Patreons will get informations and commentaries from the first scetch of next upcoming images. They see the final pictures three days before the public and get the illustrations in high resolution – they can do what they want with them! (please no commercial use, of course ;) ). Patreons will be always informed with work-in-progress-pictures and be able to get options for more opportunities, cheaper commissions for example. There will be polls for upcoming motives etc. I want to try out a lot of things in the future, but let's start carefully.  

Two special goodies for Patreon

On Patreon I'll post more sexy PinUps! I plan to do two different types of fan- or femarts. The normal version and a "hot version". Both motives, poses, paintings etc. will be the same, but the clothes change and I'll do it tastefully. It depends on the character, if there can be nudity or more cleavage. I generally love the portraited/interpreted game-characters and I don't want to make any doubtful things with them.

And I want to start another little project: making cartoons again! Something like the „Payday 2“-cartoon for example. It should start with a one panel-cartoon every second week and acting in the videogames-universe, of course. Just on Patreon. Give me Your opinions and ideas, what the cartoons should contain. When we reach the goal, there'll be a cartoon every week.  

I hope, it's sounds interesting. It's the first time for me start a public thing like that and I would be very, very thankful for support. Not just financal. Let me know, wich features might be useful for You? What could we do in the future? Is the Pledge-System okay? I'm really curious about Your feedback!


- Karsten :)