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Came to my mind immediately… !!!

Hi Everybody,
slowly but surely I am going to reanimate my internet presence, and I am doing so with one kinda desperate blogpost, which you can check out on , there are even some new drawings included :D

So if you're too lazy to check t out, don't worry, here's the text-part :) So if you got some advice or think you can help in any way, knowing somebody who knows someone, just tell me :)
Haha, maaaan sometimes life is just frigging HARSH, man!
today pretty much my entire world almost crumbeled to pieces, it's weird.
What happened was that the shit artschool I attended for about one year before I escaped and moved away, comes back at me an demands the "rest" of the money of the time there where I was still signed up there, didn't attend, however, because I moved to Berlin :D And moreover it turns out now that they actually have the right to demand that huge dump of money although they know that I paid the tuition with money from a students-credit which was immediately taken from me as soon as i quit to actually go to school.
So to make it short: I went to school until january, was signed up till end of april though but didn't go because I moved to Berlin. The money for studying I got from a students-credit was taken away from me at the end of february the school wants all the tuition until end of april though and they want the money IN TWO FRIGGIN WEEKS, otherwise they will fucking sue me :D

Consequence (since, as some of you might know, artschool is kinda expensive :D ) = I seem to be fucked BIG TIME in practically every hole my body has to offer, well at least it feels that way.

So now I am standing here, with practically nothing, not knowing what my financial future will bring, just barely remembering how awesome I felt yesterday, jeez, life indeed can be hard sometimes.

I guess however, that it just shows me that will have to work even harder and maaaybe if I am able to negotiate about an extension of the period of time the school gives me to pay my "depts" I might be able to actually get the money together before I get fucked even harder :D

So if you're reading this and have some kind of freelance job to offer, just contact me over My portfolio can be found on

Thanks :)
"WOOOOOOOOOOooooooWWWWW" - that was pretty much my reaction today in the moring as I logged in on Deviantart and saw that I had about a trillion new messages, especially since it took some time to figure out why ( To be honest I still feel kinda new to DA, this site is just so HUGE! )

as I noticed that my rocky-froggy deviation got picked for the daily deviation gallery, my woooooooooooooooowwwwwwww got even louder :D

As I see it here :iconsweetychan: suggested my piece, and I want to thank you a TON for doing so, and THANKS for DA for choosing my artwork!!
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uuuuh hell yeah, sincce it's official now, I can as well post it here!

I will be starting to work as a fulltime concept artist in a kickass Studio in Berlin in March! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

Finally after 2 yars of daily self-ass-kickery, a ton of self doubt also created by people who refused to believe in me and what I do, I can finally say that I have reached my first goal in my professinal artistic journey, finally I have started the game and will now be able to make a living with what I love doing most.

It's also crazy how much my life will change from now on. Till now I was used to being a really poor fuck, having barely enough money to eat, living in a tiny tiny appartment with just enough room for a desk and a matress to sleep on lying on the floor. Feels almost kinda odd that all this will change right now, to be honest I almost got used to live that way :D

Life is great! :D

Now it's on, within one month I have to  find a new appartment in Berlin and after having a first look on all the free appartments there are in Berlin I can confidently say that I am seriously kinda overcharged :D

So if anybody here reading this is from Berlin or knows this crazily huge town and ha some advice to offer for somebody like me who has literally been there once in his entire lifetime, feel free to post all your advice for me :)
soooo okay I'm such a dick, promising to contact all of you and then missing out. Things have been busier than what I am used to, to be honest and I just couldn't make it, but NOW finally it's gonna happen.

Again, thanks for all the support everybody, that was reaaaally awesome.
Here is the list of people who featured me on their deviantart frontpage, in the order, I received the notifications.
So what I will do is, that I will sent out 6 Paintings a month (minimum) and contact you guys when "yoor" month has come. So when you look at the following list you can see when I will contact you.
I am sorry if you have to wait longer then you expected but please understand that I am no machnioe, so I cant paint like one, and I really want to put my heart in everyone of these little paintings :)









Again: 6 paintings a month is the minimum, so prepare to get a painting earlier :)
this list should be complete, at least I payed a lot of attention to write everybody down who participadted. IF I happened to oversee somebody, feel free to send me a note :)
Hi guys!

Are you interested in seeing the progress shots of my recent digital concept painting? If you are, go check out my blog :
Oh yes, you read right! "life Painting for poor people" Is happening right nwo on my blog! SO if you're interested in seeing me Painting LIFE, check it out :

Sooooooooooo the first week of "paintings for Promotion" is over now and I thank all of you guys.
So what's next. Within the next week I am going to contact each one of you one by one, so that you can choose one of the paintings I am going to show you.

Again: thanks a lot for the support, the feedback was awesome and I am happy to say that my pagecounts per day have doubled and I gained about 50 new watchers, wich is about double as much as I had before "paintings for promotion" :)
HI everybody! Just wanna let you know that I'm giving my blog some more love from now on, and will upload my sketchwork (hopefully)on a daily basis. SO if you're interested in some of my work which I won't show in my Da Gallery, feel invited to Creepyvillage
whew this has been really going OFF. God, I have quite a bunch to paint right now, and I'm really happy to do so. I will write everyone of oyu guys, who promoted me as soon as your week is over. everyone will get a painting, I promise! But be patient! These things take at least 3 weeks drawing timwe till I can sent them to you :)
Thanks a lot for the support, that was awesome!! :D
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Are you ready to get some original oilpaintings for free?

In order to get some online promotion going, to get more people to see my stuff I decided to give away my alla prima Oilpaintings for free to everyone who is willing to promote me on their website/deviantart page and keep the „promotion-text“ with my biography + link to my portfolio up for one entire week.

Here's how it works:

Spent 10 minutes to copy my website-links and information about "Paintings for Promotion" and post in on your website/dA page, sent me the link, keep that up for one week and get an original oilpainting made by me for free!

Just copy and paste these links to your website, DA frontpage or whatnot and tell people that I don't have anything better to do than to give away my oilpaintings :)

My webiste links:

Edit: DAAAAAAAMMNNNNN. That announcement has been up for now about 5 hours and I have had 140 pageviews till now today. My avarage pageviews were about 15/day or abou 40 if I updated new work.
THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE. I am so pumped to paint for all of you guys, just keep it coming!!
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Hi guys,
The last few days I've been thinking about getting a premium membership, just to try it out, but before I do I wanted to ask you guys and gals, what do you think, is it worth it? As far as I see it the main thing for going premium is that you can customize your site a bit, but are there other significant "improvements" compared to a ordinary membership?
I would really appreciate some thoughts from you in teh comments :)
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hi everybody!

Wanna see some sketchy sketchstuff?? Go check out my blog and leave some thoughts if you want :)
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yepp, I just changed my blogurl, the old one just didn't fit it's contend :D So now be welcome on www. creepyvillage . blogspot . com :D
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Interested? Go check out my newest blog entry and leave me a comment, and things will become awesome :D --->
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hi there!

Since I don't want to spam all my little stillifes in my da gallery, I just made another update on my blog. So if You're interested in some lifestudies and some process shots, go check it out :)
Getting into lifestudies again. wanna see my first digital one? Go check it out on my blog!
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In the last few days, for some reason, I heard various artist say that you should not be driven by money if you want to break into the art industry on a professional level. For some reason that made me really think, because right now I am in the situation where I'm pushing sooooo friggin hard to improve my skills in order to be able to kinda "break" into the industry, being able to leave that crappy artschool and finally start to pay some bills with my art.
Of course it was always clear for me that my desire to work in the art industry isn't driven by money or anything like that, but sometimes it is important to just put your thoughts and believes into order, just to have them as clear as day right in front of you, to remember that whole "what is that all about".
SO what is my desire to work in the art industry all about? Is it about money? no, not at all. It's not even really about changing my living situation right now, which I can obviously only do if I get some more money. (on a sidenote: right now I am living together with my girlfriend in a 20m² appartment, having to worry about money every single day and how to spent it so that we'll be able  to have something to eat till the end of the month. To make it short: Probably one would callme  a " really poor fuck" :D). but even being able to change that situation isn't what drives me with my career in art in the first place.

So what is it?

actually it's really simple: I want to work. period. Right now I am pushing myself so hard, trying to improve my skills that practically my whole day is filled with making art, but I want more! I am literally longing to having this exhausting life of a working professional artist, I just want to push myself even harder and harder and harder, working on my absolute maximum potential, working for other people, packing all my intensity into working as hard as I possibly can.
This is what drives me the most, I am pushing it just for the sake of being able to push it even more in my future, hyping up the intensity, learning more and more....not wasting my time in an artschool which doesn't help me at all with anything, just doing art, challenging myself every minute of every day...yes that would be my dreamlife.
Right now there is just so much stuff (mainly that stupid school, I just can't leave before I can pay some bills on my own) which distracts me from working on my full potential, it's just such a waste, seriously.
Well so what's the point in posting this here? I think that attitude is the base, the foundation of the things that we do, so it's just as important as the things we actually do, and sometimes, as I already said, I just need to get these thoughts clearly into my head in order to hype it up even more, to motivate me and last but not least to get even more excited about the things which I will experience in my future life.......god I love that stuff :D
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gooood morning guys and girls, pets and....don't know! Well at least it's moring over here in germany, 7:30am

Just want to tell you that I have just updated my blog with one new piece to watch, and some thoughts to read. be invited to check it the hell out!! :D

Have a good day everybody, WOOT
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yeah you read right:
I just posted a update on my blog. So if you are interested in my progress and the things which go on in my head while I paint, check it out! I'd love to read your comments :)
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