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daily crimson daggers studystream starting in 20 minutes! come, join, laugh at me!
Gonna try and do a Mastertstudy of a Valentin Serow painting in 10 minutes. Watch me pay for it!
experimenting with and on livestream in 10 minutes. Watch me fail and listen to blue jam! :D Ah und you can say stuff on the chat of course, pretty sweet!
Hi Everyone!

I just want to let everybody know that I am taking comissions from now on. So if you like my work and want to work with me, please feel free to contact me at !!
yay to a rather pointless journalentry! Especially because there are people out there who get that many views in two weeks. But I don't give a fuuuck!! WOOTWOOT, 10000 views not far now :D

I could as well use the occasion to give one more hint to my blog where you can find quite a nice number of fullres PSD files to smeo of my studies and personal works. If you're interested, check it out:

Also for all you social network victims:

follow me on twitter :

aaaand friend me on facebook!! :…

See you soon!

(uh its 9001 pageviews now. way to go! :D )
HI guys,

just wanna let you know that I have just uploaded 5 more PSD files on my blog for you to download, check em out!!

Add me on twitter:

Friend me on faceebook:…

seeeeeee yoouuuuuu :)
Heyyho everyone.

Just a little shoutout to tell you that tehre are two more PSD files on my blog for you to download. That stuff is really sketchy this time so I didn't bother uploading it here, but if you're interested in zooming into some speedpaints, check it out:  actuall… I kept the filesize real big this time so you can zoom in ridiculously close :D

Add me on twitter:

Friend me on facebook!…
Hi guys and gals,

just wanna let you know that I just uploaded some more fullres PSD files for you on my blog, check em out!!

UH yeah and of course, for everyone :

Follow me on twitter!/grobelski

aaand friend me on facebook…

See you around :)
hey guys, just wanna let you know that todays morning study PSD file is available on my blog now , check it out

Have a great saturday! :)
Hey everybody!

Just a little hin/reminder for everyone who didn't notice yet- I ve been uploading a bunch of fullres PSDs of my recent studies lately. Check em out on my blog on and find the mediafire links :)

CHEEEEEEEEEEEEERRS (yeah I don't know bout you but I'm drinking right now.....)
in 30 minutes!!…

come and paint with me!
now now now! Come and join. Draw with me and become as awesome as you deserve to be!! :)…
yoho yoho!

Just wanna inform you that it's livestream time again in one hour. gonna do some more studies! Come, tune in and chat :)…

Also follow me on facebook and twitter to get announcements :)…!/Grobelski
Hey guys!

I am going to do some more livestreaming in two hours!! Gonna do some quick colorstudies, come, watch, chat and join paintings!!…

for those who wonder why I am streaming on livestream and noton ustream anymore: Livestream is just way more comfortable and less buggy for me :)

See yoooooooooou
Hi everybody!

Just a reminder that I am going to livestream today at 9pm gmt+2 and finish my bouguereau study I started in the last stream. Feel free to join and ask questions or draw along with me, and get the fullres pds at the end of the stream :)

see you!!…
Hi everyone!!

Here's the daily livestream reminder! Gonna do some masterstudy today, come, join and improve your skills :)

When? 9pm gmt+2

Hi guys.

We all totally screw up a painting from time to time, I do a LOT. It happens for a load of reasons, but the worst thing you could do is to just give up. You gotta think about the mistakes you made and try again until you get it right!
I screwed up yesterdays livestream paintnig A LOT, that's why I am going to repaint that study I started yesterday.
Did you mess up today as well? Come and join me today at 9p gmt +2 (in two hours) in trying again, maybe we'll get it right this time :D…
Hi everybody!!

Just a short reminder that todays livestream is happening at 21:00 /9pm gmt+2 (three hours from now).
Gonna do some lifepainting so if you wanna join grab something to paint and I'll see yooou :D…
sooooo finally I managed to start my first livestream, which I will be doing daily now. I will announce the streams via facebook and twitter, so if you are intrested to watch or even to participate, feel free to follow me…
http : / /!/Grobelski  (without the spaces, somehow DA gets confused with this url and just posts half of it :D )

To make things even a little more interesting I am going to upload the fullres PSD files of the livestream studies.
Here's the link to todays study…

aaand thats it for today, I'm looking forward seeing some of you guys on the streams :)