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Hey Guys,

I just want to write a little something in here to inform you that you can purchase prints of my artowork from now on. I set up an inprnt account, so if you'd like to get a little something for you walls, go check it out:…

Right now the gallery is still a bit small, if you would like to purchase a specific painting from my gallery as a print, please feel free to write me a not or just let me know in the comments :)

Have a great day everyone!

Heya guys,

just a superquick note to let you know that I have finally updated my website, including the domain.
You can find my work now at

I have also started a little youtube channel where I am going to upload process videos of various stuff I am painting on a daily basis. Some are already up and I am looking forward to play around with it some more in the future. You can check it out heeeere:…

So yea feel free to like and subscribe and all that good internetstuff.

Talk to you soon!
Heyyyyy Devianthumans!!

I am currently available (and to be honest also pretty desperate) for commission work. SO if you like my work and have a project -or know someone who has one- and you want me to work on, please don't hesitate to send me a note or an e-mail straight to 

Also feel free to check out and share my portfoliosite :

thanks guys, and I see you arouuuuuuuund!!
Hellouuu Deviantarthumans!

In my neverending quest of mastering the art of social media I finally have an instagramaccount where I plan to spam ramdom shots of my work/WIPs/sketches and all other kinds of this and thats. So if you use instagram and are interested in all that stuff please feel free to follow meeeeeeee 

see you :)

Heyyyaa everyone!

I'm just jumping in here real quick to inform you guys that I now have a reaaaaaal all fancy facebook artist page. So if you want to stay up to date with everything I'm producing here as far as painting is concerned and if you're into dem facebooks, it would be awesome if you clicked that link and liiiike it :)

and if you are TOTALLY into aaaaaall the social media network shenanigans check out all that stuff as well :D sketchbook thread:…


Hey guys. Since there is quite a nice bunch of you following my artwork over here, I figured it might be a good idea to share with you all the other sites my stuff is lurking around on so that you can follow and contact me over there as well. Here you go :) sketchbook thread:…


whew, so yea go there, follow, repost, share, like, repin, comment the craaaaaap out of all those links :D


Thanks a ton for the Daily Deviation and for making my inbox explode. Hehe jeez these things really help to get the actual size of this community into perspective.
Also if you haven't done it yet, check out my blog for more work and for some Photoshop files for download if you actually want to take a closer look at my work.

AAAAAAAAND of course find me on twitter and facebook and say hi and stay up to date with my blogupdates and all the random stuff I tend to of the time! :D



Again, thanks for all the pageviews and comments. I will try not to disappoint and to keep it interesting in here!!

See you aroooooound!!
Hey guys just quickly jumping in.

Want to know how my last 6 months of the crimson daggers deathlinechallenge went and whats hopefully going to happen next? Check out my blog for the weigh in
hey guys, I'll be streaming live in 15 minutes <3
watch me live doing what is generally called "rendering the shit out of things" in a few minutes
wooooooot finally streaming again. Come watch me paint some personal stuff + some beautiful beautiful music. Will make you come so hard, it's crazy! Live in 15 minutes!!
streaming a screaming dude study in a few moments!!
painting halfnaked sweaty men in like 15 minutes. LIVE!
streaming a study and some gorilla guardians in 10 minutes!
rendering my gorilla guardinans piece for the crimson daggers  bloodsports challenge in about 5 minutes. No talking from my side though gotta focus to get this one done on time :)
streaming in 30 minutes come and jooooin some boring studying <3
streaming some quiiick landscapestudies in 10 minuteeees
streaming in 10
streaming some studies for my crimson daggers bloodsports painting in 15 minutes
Daily crimson daggers livestream in 6 hours, come check it out, painting some moure skullzzzzz