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Hero's return

By Grobelski

New personal Illustration.

I've been playing around a lot with completely new workflows and approaches to painting in general over the last couple of images I posted. While the ones before were pretty much "only" testpieces I wanted to take some of the new stuff I've learned and put it to use in an "actual" and more importantly more complex Illustration.

I am rather pleased with the resuly and hope that you like it as well!

Also this is the last piece before I will be moving from my current place and start a new inhouse position. I want to wait a bit before blabbering it out all over the place, but I am REALLY excited and will tell you more about it once I actually start 

Talk to you soon!

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© 2018 - 2021 Grobelski
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MrPheenox's avatar
do i sense DS vibe? or did the Hero fail on his quest.. and return Arthas from war craft III style? Epic pic.. love your line and roughness.
Mainyuu's avatar
Wow, looks amazing! I really like the lighting.
Readark1's avatar
That's great. No hero is not marked by war, and we can see the horrors shining deep in his eyes ^^
Xerxan's avatar
Makes me think of Nosferatu Zodd
praudli's avatar
It's super awesome 🤯
pointless-jackall's avatar
you are so talented
Pbuckley's avatar
I'm thinking our hero has been "away" for a long time...

I'd prefer to think he has returned for one last act of heroism...

But my cynical side tells me, this is a more ominous arrival.
elemtilas's avatar
Ominous. Understatement of the year award, that!
Pbuckley's avatar
Perhaps Sinister would have been more fitting. But I still hold out hope that this tale is not as dark, as it may first appear.

Anyways, I just prefer the idea of a dead hero rising from the dead for one last hurrah, perhaps to rescue someone or something he cares for. Over the cliche, oh he's evil now, bit.
elemtilas's avatar
Ah, very romantic that, coming back from the dead and all to look after a loved one he left behind! Perseverance. 
Pbuckley's avatar
I like t think so.
elemtilas's avatar
Very dark palette! One wonders which side this hero fights for...
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