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me playing ukulele

ahhhhh i am SO ready for bed. I had to finish before saving because of some stupid problem~
anyway, when I finished I was all, "aw poop, it doesn't look very much like me. . . ." it kinda does, I recently got a purple ukulele, and have learned a maximum of TWO songs :la: . im so proud of my self *wipes away imaginary tear
anyway, that splotch under my nose is SUPPOSED to be there. I happen to have a birthmark shaped like a bloody nose. (or a lopsided Idaho) very unfortunate.
It turns purple when I'm cold. :P
(I am wearing my favorite clothes in the picture, and right now :P)
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Yep, that's the REEEAL song! =)
Let me introduce you Rocky Leon - Quit your whining! ^ ^ [link] v=Vlwfq5A1skg&feature=related

Aaaw, keep trying, i can't stand to hear how do you sounds.
Really! =)
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that guy looks soooo entertaining (wow his ukulele must be OLD, it had finger marks where it paved off the paint~!)
cool beans song :P but I doubt I'm that good QUITE yet. :la: :love:
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Wow, really?
i didn't noticed it, hehe.
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The suuun is shiining and a
Grass is greeeeen, so
Quit your whining
And begin meeeaaan! :sing:
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Haaaahahahhaha is that a real song???
(I tried to write one to a song I wrote, but I don't know how to figure out chords. sad day~)
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thank you ~^_^~

(ha, I just realized *amid my emotion of happiness* that I forgot to do my toes. :P)
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Awww...I love it :D It is soo amazing O.O And you're so beautiful :)
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OOPSY, hahah look below this comment and you'll see my reply :P
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Oh wow, that's so cute! :] I love the pose so much and your ukelele is adorable. Nice outfit, too!

Sorry to hear about your birthmark, though. At least you're a great artist! ; w;
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thank you!!!
haha I remember in elementary school, kindergarteners would come up and say "you have a juice stain/bloody nose"
thank you so very muchly!
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Dawww, I see. ; w; But you're welcome!
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