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The Big One

"Oooh crap..."

Speed painting test.
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I found it!!! I saw this as a thumbnail on the "What if" youtube channel and they didn't cite you! I've been looking for an artist! It's amazing!

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...god... why now, I jut caught a squid.
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Outstanding work and thanks very much for the watch 
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"...Don't tell me, there's a giant wave behind us?"
"Looks like its gonna consume the boat?"
"Most likely..."
"...Bring it on."
The-Chosen-Juan's avatar
I love the title + caption.
Nothing poetic, just "oh shit".
BRODZ-1992's avatar
You can practically feel the immense of it. 
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I'd love to be reporting that wave for a surfing competition.
Ex. "Kelly Slatter, on a danger level of 1 to 10, give me a number."
"Wow. Rob?"
"Oh, there'll be blood."
"I'm scared, and I'm in the booth!"
Yow!  Love it!!!
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This is somehow terrifying and mesmerizing all at once
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I would love a print of this, especially on canvas.
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The result of a mid-oceanic asteroid impact, I imagine...

Awesome speedpaint job.
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You are very talented.  

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soooo cool °O° ! 
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Scary and beautiful at the same time.  Nice work!
Rich T.
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LOL I learned something from this photo, thank you for the insight XD
davidmation's avatar
Impressive and quite intense
DeadPegasus's avatar
........Well, shit.
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