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February 17, 2014
Colors are mindblowing, the scene itself is totally sick. Steam Rebellion by Grivetart
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Steam Rebellion

A new story, full of anachronism, but maybe a very interesting story... :)

Photoshop + Cinema 4D

For the "Step by Step" video:

[EDIT]: Wohoooo! Thanks for the DD!! :D

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Roklar's avatar
Just... wow.
GresleyPacific60103's avatar
From what I can see, and what I know (which is a lot) the engine looks like either a mogul type or an American type (2-6-0 or 4-4-0). Either way its a US wood burner, circa 1875.
DeadReckoningArt's avatar
Stunning work. Definitely watching you!! The use of complimentary colors made this stand out so well.
Jacob-Cross's avatar
struck3Xbylightning's avatar
That is some seriously cool looking tech!

Congratulations on the DD!
i8candy's avatar
This is incredible! The coloring job you did is really amazing~!
InterstellarWolf's avatar
This is so amazing :D Like staring into another world :o
AxelsHardcoreArt's avatar
Impressive! I love your art, it so fascinating. I don't think I'd have the time, or patience for that matter, to practice making something like this.
Kudos to you, sir. I admire you and your art.
blakmanta's avatar
Stunning picture.
Love the contrast between old and new.
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G-swig's avatar
The institution doesn't stand a chance against steam, water is very what're so it was just a matter of time until it realized we were using it in secret labs. I heard that once a guy actually drank a whole water
G-swig's avatar
delta7Xx's avatar
wow... and i dont even like the idea of steam mixing with sifi, but even i recognize ow damn good this is.
Beholdentolove's avatar
Wow, utter beauty!!!
Enoa79's avatar
Beautiful work. Very well done.
love it liek a game
jainswapnil52's avatar
that train done fucked up!!!!
IoanNemos's avatar
The-Stormbringer's avatar
Is this based off an actual story, or just an art concept? Either way, it's awesome!
jonrea's avatar
Awesome scene :)
Ukiunay16's avatar
I am blinded by the beauty of this masterpiece.OMG 
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Great piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing....
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