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Take good time with an old monster... :)
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Wait till Kong makes an appearance :)
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GOJIRAAAAAA :squee: my fav green monster! =D
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Been looking at this for a while (So much detail) and just noticed the birds around him. Aren't they kinda house sized? i know you made them huge so we can see but still funny. Very good work!
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May I use this in a music mix? I'll give you credit and the video won't be monetized (for obvious reasons).
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totally awesome!!!! the landscape looks so realistic!!! <3
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That silhouette is unmistakable.
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cool Gojira vacations by the yellow river in china, now if he could just get a innertube in his size he'd be all set for the ultimate lazy river ride! =D
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Run it's Godzilla! 🐲🐉Oh well! There goes Tokyo! 🍣🍱🍥👘
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Godzilla!!!! :icongodzillaplz:

(This is very well done! Godzilla is one of my most favorite characters, and yes he is old :D)
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Godzilla - KinGoji [Excited, Clapping] [V.1] Destroy All Monsters - Minilla [Dance] [V.1] Godzilla vs KingKong - Kingoji [Clapping] [V.2] AWESOME!!!
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That mist's amazing how realistic it came out, great work!
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"RRRrrrr" is actually the title of a French comedy movie about stupid prehistorian men (it's funny thugh :p)

I really love the colors and shades you use. The monster (Godzilla right ?) kind of blend in the mountains, although he's like a thoushand feet tall :p
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Aaaaaaaaaahhhh the Robin des Bois... Well... I guess it's a Godzimoute... XD
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I like your take on making him nearly appear like the mountains. Stunning work! Clap 
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Excelent artwork :) I must say however, the scale of the flying birds around the monster is a little bit off
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