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September 21, 2019
Love by Grivetart
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I just finished to watch the two seasons of Handmaid's Tale... A blast... One of the most intelligent, painful and necessary show I ever watched. I've been deeply moved by Emily (Ofglen) and her story, (I will not spoil anything), this artwork is not a fanart or a tribute. It's a statement of what I defend, a poem to all my friends who's has ever been persecuted or misjudged. Hate never win, we always kiss on ruins of bad memories. I love you all.
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Fantastic work ! It's wonderful !
bevelhead's avatar

Excellent piece of work; congrats on the DD!

Just incredible <3
Victim753's avatar
I would like to think its Chloe and Max 🤗
Words fail me, as such I will just leave this. 👍
SciTwiShimmer's avatar
There aren't enough words to describe how much I love this artwork, simply phenomenal job! 
GacktoSanLover's avatar
Amazing work, love this as my new wallpaper :D the color contrast is beautiful!
ianvicknair's avatar
how did you do these boats?
RebekahKroeplin's avatar
This almost looks like the last seen in Rogue One!  Gosh what incredible detail you've managed in such an expansive piece.
Superb artwork!

I'm glad I'm following you. :)
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Because I'm a ship nerd, what ocean liners did you use to model the ships in the background?  I'm guessing the ship on the left is the SS United States and the ship on the right is the Queen Mary?
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That's a powerful message here, and this piece is SO FREAKING DETAILED OMG ITS AWESOME HOW DO YOU DO THAT ??? THE WATER, THE SUN, SO GORGEOUS
Grivetart's avatar
Thank you very much!!! :D Glad you liked it! :) I started with a 3D base made with Cinema 4D and I added some textures and painted a lot of details, I found an amazing ref for the women and I painted it in the comp.

Love Wireframe by Grivetart
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Wow, yeah you're right to use 3D bases, very helpful ! But still a long work to go, :wow:
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Very good work !
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Thank you very munch! :)
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Wow this is dope!
Grivetart's avatar
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that cool, cool mood, cool ships, cool!
Grivetart's avatar
Thank you!!!! :)
Arkarti's avatar
the atmosphere and lighting is excellent! I love it ♥
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