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A personal vision of a category 6 Kaiju... ^^
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patrick gaspThere are no words. I am terrified. 10/10
Eagleman106's avatar
I love the style of this picture, and is that Leatherback from the movie?

Saurial's avatar
Create full hd vertions of this to use them as wallpaper :c
lucas449's avatar
He looks scary as all hell. Nice job ^_^d
these kind of photo edits sure are popular right now
shadowhole's avatar
THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE!!!I WATCH THAT MOVIE YESTERDAY!!!!this is what you call a coincidence...
Ricky00x's avatar
Where is Godzilla? XD
MrAsianhappydude's avatar
Reminds me of that black dragon from Fairy tail
Artist-Touch's avatar
One Day, we will get Pacific Rim 2.
That is fantastic! Do you have a codename for it? If not, would you be open to suggestions?
TwilightImp626's avatar
Absolutely amazing!  If this was a print, I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat!
1337-sn1p3r's avatar
Is that Hong Kong
xtrabet's avatar
sooooo awesome!!
SethHM's avatar
We're gonna need a bigger Jaeger...
stishly's avatar
awesome, purely awesome 
K1ll3r98's avatar
they will need more Jägers now
Megadump's avatar
Wow, so nice and clear, very detailed... Would make for an excellent desktop wallpaper!  Great work! 
Neibux77's avatar
Really nice, new background :d
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